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Organic dry fruits and sprouted seeds mix

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Mix of soaked then dehydrated (=activated) seeds, pre-sprouted nuts, and dried fruits, organic. Resealable 200g bag.

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Essene seeds and dried fruits mix - Gaïa

Seed lovers in all their forms, but too busy to soak them? Or maybe sprouted seeds are part of your daily routine, but it becomes complicated to consume them while traveling, at the office, or elsewhere? Gaia mixes are here to offer the ultimate solution!

Crunchy, naturally sweetened by Corinthian raisins and pieces of dates, rich in proteins, it also contains a good dose of magnesium and iron. The Essene mix with dried fruits is the perfect topping for your breakfasts but can sneak in everywhere, even as a snack in case of a little hunger.

🌰 Activation, what's it for?

It involves soaking dried fruits and seeds: this awakens all the enzymatic activity that was dormant to start their germination and thus make the vitamins and minerals they contain bioavailable. The form of proteins, lipids, etc., becomes simpler, and therefore our body assimilates it better. Activation also helps to eliminate phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors they contain: these compounds can interfere with digestion and reduce the absorption of trace elements by our digestive system. However, seeds activated at home can only be kept in the refrigerator for a few days. Therefore, we offer you dehydrated activated seeds at a low temperature: the combination of the power of activation, optimal preservation, and a crunchy texture.

> Stored lipids are broken down into easily assimilable fatty acids
> Stored proteins are broken down into immediately bioavailable amino acids
> Complex stored sugars are broken down into simple sugars easy to assimilate

🌰 Focus on all these good ingredients

- Sprouted buckwheat: buckwheat (or "black wheat") is not a cereal! It's the seed of a flowering plant, in the sorrel family (Polygonaceae). It is remineralizing and gluten-free.

- Sprouted sunflower seeds: did you know? They are from the same family as Jerusalem artichokes, and their similar tastes are quite well associated. These little seeds contain essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, which promotes heart protection.

- Corinthian raisins: originating from Greece (hence their name), they are now cultivated in several regions of the world. Small, seedless, and especially deeply sweet, this black grape is a staple in cooking and pastry. It is a source of fiber and antioxidants, containing a good amount of potassium and calcium.

- Dried dates: they provide the necessary energy to enjoy your day and promote digestion. Plus, they're delicious!

- Pre-sprouted almonds: no need to introduce this nut with multiple benefits. Pre-sprouting makes the almonds more digestible and slightly alters their taste, making them closer to fresh almonds. They are alkalizing.

- Pre-sprouted hazelnuts: the perfect combination of taste and well-being. An excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (such as antioxidant vitamin E), and minerals that keep our body functioning daily.

Process : soaking and then dehydrating at 42°C for 6h to 72h depending on the raw material.

🌰 Essene, what does it mean?

Gaia is the specialist in "Essene breads," have you ever heard of them? These breads, made from a millennia-old recipe, are formed from sprouted seeds and cereals (like wheat or barley), then ground, shaped into small loaves, and finally dehydrated. A super raw and highly nutritious bread!

This recipe would come from the Essenes: a religious people who lived in the 1st or 2nd century AD around the Dead Sea. They lived very close to nature, in simplicity, and were vegetarians. They dehydrated their breads in the sun and had already understood the full power of sprouting. This seed mix fits into this natural dietary mode.

Benefits of activating nuts and seeds:

Enzyme inhibitors are substances that prevent seeds from growing or germinating before the environmental conditions are optimal. This extends the shelf life of nuts, beans, and various seeds for several months or even years. However, when we consume them, these inhibitors also impact our digestive system by hindering certain enzymatic reactions.

At birth, we all have a certain amount of enzymes, but over time, this amount decreases, thus reducing our digestive capacity. An ideal solution is to regularly provide our body with new enzymes, which will work in synergy with the other components of the digestive process. Otherwise, soaking nuts and seeds in order to consume them raw helps to preserve this enzymatic capital.

Phytic acid has the particularity of binding to essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper, thereby hindering their absorption by the body. Moreover, it can compromise the bioavailability of proteins and complicate digestion. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate phytic acid through soaking to promote better absorption of these compounds essential to our well-being.

Another point: activation signals the seed to produce vitamins and minerals in order to grow and transform into a plant. Thus, a seed that begins to sprout often contains more essential trace elements than a "dormant" seed.
You eat less (in quantity) for the same nutritional intake! Isn't that extraordinary?

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Gaia is a pioneer in the history of sprouted seeds in France. It is known for its Essene breads (which you've probably seen on the shelves of organic supermarkets): small loaves made from sprouted seeds that are then ground and dehydrated. Of French origin, without yeast, salt, or added sugar, and gluten-free, they are the only ones to offer this forgotten yet highly nutritious food!

Since 1992, their production workshops have been located in Graulhet, in the Tarn region (Occitanie), and operate 100% organically. At that time, organic was still a niche market, and like Biovie, Gaia was founded with the clear understanding that practices respectful of the Earth and humanity are beneficial to all living beings. Today, production remains artisanal, and the team of 8 passionate individuals continues to transmit its strong values around locality, organic production, germination, and indulgence.

Their range has expanded, with vegan and gluten-free desserts, legume meal pancakes, snack pancakes with chocolate or figs, for example, in short, a plethora of flavors to discover that all have the same base: carefully selected cereals, sprouted and transformed with care.


- Ingredients: Sprouted buckwheat* 44%, sprouted sunflower seeds* 15%, Corinthian raisins* 15%, dried dates* 15%, pre-sprouted almonds* 7%, pre-sprouted hazelnuts* 4%.
* From organic farming

- Storage: to be stored at room temperature (25 °C max). After opening, close the zip tightly and consume within 1 month; you can keep it in the refrigerator for better preservation of the texture.

- DMD: 7 months after production date.

- Packaging: Resealable zip bag.

- Nutritional values:

tableau des valeurs nutritionnelles mélange essene fruits

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