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des produits sains. rien d’autre.

Nous vérifions personnellement la provenance et la qualité des produits BIO car nous sommes les premiers à les utiliser au quotidien.

Nous préconisons un minimum d’intermédiaire entre le producteur et le consommateur pour vous proposer des prix intéressants.

Nous favorisons le commerce équitable et les petites fermes locales des pays producteurs, toujours dans le but de préserver l’environnement.

Last news

Virginie Cupif

Marine plasma. Thyroid problem:! With a drink in the morning and in the evening, no more problems Free and in good health just 2 times a day. Thank you both for this opportunity that makes health less expensive, knowing that with the medical sector a lot

Dominique Garcia

I have ordered, among other things, fresh coconuts on several occasions, they are all absolutely delicious, a pure treat. I recommend without hesitation biovie, quality and seriousness.

lucie vantard

Excellent quality products, clear communication, always careful packages. I like Biovie because the offer is very complete, you will find information on the products, their origin, how to prepare them. I recommend that you experience it yourself.


great product (seawater) and strong packaging. The 3L pack was able to fit into the letterbox.

Chloé Japel

I have already ordered coconuts, dehydrated barley juice, castor oil, marine plasma ... The products are of high quality, with a clear description on the site of the manufacturing methods and origins. Thank you :)