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Our healthy products. Nothing else.

We personally verify the origin and quality of the ORGANIC products because we are the first to use them on a daily basis.

We encourage a minimum of intermediaries between the producer and the consumer to offer you attractive prices.

We promote fair trade and small local farms of the producing countries, always with the aim of preserving the environment.

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Why Biovie?

A real portal for living and organic food, our goal is to provide quality products, organic when possible, while sharing knowledge and know-how around this art of living. In addition to supporting those who already practice it, what we want is also to accompany those who are new to this transition, as well as all those who want to know how to go about becoming a raw food eater part-time or full time. Our goal is to allow everyone to introduce more super foods into their diet, more living things and more plants.

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What are our commitments?

Biovie wants to be a militant company at the service of the living. Our company proudly embodies its values throughout its chain of activity, while promoting them to the general public.

Quality: We guarantee optimum quality for each of our products. This is our priority. The majority carry the organic label or respect ethical processes when organic is not possible or does not yet exist (example: freeze-dried durian does not exist organically).

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Authenticity: We are the first consumers of the products we sell and the first users of the devices that we manufacture such as the Easygreen germinator, the MixMeUp blender, the JuiceMeUp juicer or that we import such as the Sahara dehydrator. This is the guarantee of offering items whose qualities have been assessed and verified by ourselves and whose strengths and weaknesses we know personally.

Traceability: We systematically meet physically each of the producers and manufacturers of our products, when the health situation allows. We spend several months a year traveling to meet our suppliers. Thus, we personally control their origin and their production conditions, in order to offer them to you with confidence, and this, in addition to our organic certification at Ecocert.

Fair trade: By reducing intermediaries, we guarantee the fairest price, from producer to consumer. When we can, we favor French or European products, and when we import, we favor fair trade (as for tigernuts or coconuts) and/or we check the production conditions ourselves.

Organic farming and agronomy: Eric is an ISTOM agronomist (tropical agronomy). ISTOM was founded in 1907 and is present in almost every country in the world. Eric has also chosen to work in organic farming internationally since 1993 and has field expertise in the tropics as in France of the weak points of the organic sectors that he strives to take into account.

Ethics: We ensure personally or through third-party programs that our products are obtained in dignified working conditions for employees.

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Eco-responsible approach: We pay particular attention to ensure that our activity has the least possible environmental impact. From the mode of transport to product packaging, our choices are guided by respect for the environment. However, some aspects of our business can still be improved, such as the use of recycled plastic materials, for example, or we come up against the non-existence of biosourced or recycled plastics approved for contact with food. We nevertheless strive to improve our processes and are receptive to constructive criticism.

Listening: It is by remaining attentive to your needs that we constantly adapt our offer. For example, by making references available on our shop according to your suggestions, or by adapting their packaging volume according to your comments. Some of our products have been suggested to us by paediatricians, therapists or clients. Do not hesitate to make us a suggestion!

Innovation: When a product remains difficult to find when there is a demand, we are not afraid to create new channels. We have done this, especially for the Juice Me Up juicer with truly innovative features, fresh coconuts that did not exist organically before, tigernuts or even whole aloe vera leaves that we were the first to introduce in France.

Committed publisher: To print our books as committed publishers, we have chosen for 15 years the most ecological and social printing company in France, Pure Impression. It uses vegetable-based inks, runs on solar energy, practices equal pay for men and women and uses electric vehicles for over a decade.

What are our specialties?

Biovie's core business has been beating for 15 years around algae, microalgae, and sprouting seeds. We specialize in low-temperature dehydrated organic and ethical foods and superfoods sold with the minimum of intermediaries in their rawest possible form, the least processed possible and in large packaging in order to allow our customers to save money. Our sea water is available in 20 liter boxes for example, our seeds to germinate in 5 kilo bags. We are designers and manufacturers of appliances used in living foods, such as sprouters, blenders and juice extractors. We offer low-tech tools (automatic sprouter working without energy, bocup for vacuum packing) in the kitchen area. Experts in the field of living food, we are publishers, authors for other publishers, speakers, trainers and we also intervene in mainstream radio programs for the general public. Biovie also references organic quality products fermented, raw or dehydrated at low temperature.

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