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Our Concepts of Life

BIOVIE, life food for everyone

Our mission, Our values, Our history.

Biovie, the strength of the living food

A true portal of living food and organic, our goal is to provide high quality products, while sharing knowledge and know-how around this art of living. In addition to supporting those who already practice it, what we want is also to accompany those who begin in this transition, as well as all those who want to know how to take it to become crudivore.

Make live foods accessible to the largest number

At Biovie, you will find a variety of healthy products at an attractive price on our online store. But also concrete means in different formats, to understand why and how to consume them. We want everyone to learn or develop skills and new habits easily to get there. Whether you want to incorporate more raw foods into your food hygiene, or a 100% raw diet. Because you have to start somewhere!

We refuse to think that living food is reserved for connoisseurs and those who have a marginal way of life. Or that the organic is only accessible to those who have the means.

Yes, what we want is also breaking the ideas received! By providing both raw and processed products, resources and training for all. And above all, at more affordable prices than you can think. Here you can:

- Ordering live and organic products at the fairest price and;

- Educating you through background articles on our blog, several articles published per week;

- Follow live cooking courses online;

- Ordering crusine books or consult live food recipes on our blog and;

- Register for training on living diet, fasting or batch cooking and;

- equip your kitchen or garden with equipment to put in practice raw food and;

- Everything about methods to integrate more plant based foods and transform your diet step by step, part or completely.

Human and the environment: a set of values for the living

Biovie wants to be a family-run company active in the service of the living. Our company proudly embodies its values throughout its chain of activity, while bringing them to the general public.

Quality: We guarantee optimal quality for each of our products. This is our priority. The majority are holders of the organic label or respect ethical processes when organic is not possible or does not exist (example: lyophilized durian does not yet exist in organic).

Authenticity: We are the first consumers of the products we sell and the first users of the devices we manufacture like the germ Easygreen, the blender Mixed or we import like the dehydrator Sahara. This is the guarantee of proposing articles whose qualities have been evaluated and verified by ourselves and which we personally know of the strengths and weaknesses.

Traceability: We systematically meet each producer and manufacturer of our products when the health situation allows it. We spend several months a year in displacement. Thus, we personally control their origin and production conditions, in order to offer them with confidence, in addition to our organic certification at Ecocert.

Fair trade: By reducing intermediaries, we guarantee the fairest rate from producer to consumer. When we can focus on French or European products, and when we make imports, we prefer fair trade and/or we even check the conditions of production. To the extent possible we ensure that the economic added value creates on the processing or packaging of our products remains in the country of origin. For example, we are lyophilizing our fruit harvested at maturity in Thailand instead of importing and lyophilizing them in France.

Organic agriculture and tropical agronomy: Eric, the founder of Biovie, is an agronomist engineer ISTOM (tropical agronomy). ISTOM is a unique agronomy school in the world, it was founded in 1907 and is represented in almost all the countries of the planet. Eric, by conviction, chose to work in international organic farming more than 30 years ago. Having worked in different continents and cultures in tropical areas and in France, he knows the strengths and weaknesses of the organic-sectors and is attached to take them into account in his activity. Since the first year of his studies in 1993, he has worked only in permaculture, organic farming or biodynamic agriculture.

Ethics: We personally or through third-party programs ensure that our products are obtained in working conditions worthy of employees.

Eco-responsible : Since 2007 we have been paying particular attention to the fact that our activity has the least possible environmental impact. From the type of transport, the choice of recycled or biosoured plastic materials to the packaging of the least impacting products, our choices are guided by the respect of the environment. However, some aspects of our activity remain perfectable, such as the use of recycled plastics, for example, or we are faced with the lack of organic or recycled plastics suitable for food grade contact. However, we ensure that we improve our processes and are responsive to constructive criticism.

Listen to our customers: It is by staying attentive to your needs that we constantly adjust our offer. For example, by making references available on our shop according to your suggestions, or by adapting their packaging volume according to your remarks. Some of our products were suggested by paediatricians, therapists, doctors or customers. Feel free to make a suggestion!

Innovation: When a product remains difficult to find when there is a demand, we are not afraid to create new channels. We have done so, especially for them fresh coconut, the weld or the whole aloe vera leaves that we were the first to implant in France.

Reponsable editor: In order to print our books as publishers, we have chosen for 15 years the most ecological and social print shop in France, Pure Impression. It uses plant inks, works with solar energy, performs a man-woman parity pay and uses electric vehicles.

Innovative manufacturer:
We are always looking for the most ecological solution possible to manufacture our devices, favoring recycled plastics, organic plastics on vegetable base with mineral or vegetable load or plastics combining both solutions when possible for food contact.

Origins of Biovie

At the origin of Biovie, there is Eric Viard, of Dutch / Franch origin, graduated in tropical agronomy, passionate about humanitarian travel. Eric has also worked for ten years in France in a regional sector for the development of organic farming, in direct contact with farmers. Convinced of the obvious benefits of living food, which he himself withnessed the effects on his health, energy, sleep and well-being, he is motivated by the desire to make known and share his benefits.

In the early 2000s, every part of this observation: on the one hand, there is a large audience that has a growing interest in the organic and living diet. On the other hand, a huge lack of concrete supports to meet the need for information and resources.

It is this problem that an idea has germinated: translate and edit the book Heathful Cuisine. The book is initially written and published in the United States by the couple Dr. Brian and Anna Maria Clément, Director of the Hippocratic Health Institute in Florida.

After the organization of training courses in public living food with Dr Brian Clement in France in 2005 and 2006, the company Biovie was born in 2007 of this project. It is to finance this first publication, that Eric starts the online marketing of automatic sprouters EasyGreen, an american brand created in 1996 today fully onwned by Biovie. Eric shared this entrepreneurial adventure during various episodes on the Nutriradio chain.

Two years later, the book Cuisine Vivante pour une santé optimale is published in 5,000 copies. The online business activity is growing and diversifying, until the meeting with his wife Aurélie in 2015, she herself is responsible in an organic store at that time.

Around this common interest, the alliance of these two complementary personalities enriches the company. Aurélie is graduated from the Fine Arts and in family contact with the world of bio and ecology since her early childhood. She brings her artistic and creative expertise to the society. The arrival of Aurelie allows the strong development of the society over the past five years, with the recruitment of a team of a dozen people and a 2 million € yearly sales. Biovie is expanding its vision, creating many new partnerships around the world, until now becoming the major player in living food in Europe.

Eric and Aurélie Viard

Major actor of living and organic food

Our commitment is confirmed every day with the confidence of our customers and partners. Thanks to them, the company Biovie continues to flourish alongside them:

- More than 78,000 loyalty clients;

- more than 200 references on our online store, including 50 health references;

- 1 million fresh organic coconuts sold;

- suppliers in more than 15 countries;

- french and international partnerships with specialists in living food, alternative medicines, fasting and natural well-being;

- 12 books published in the Editions Biovie, and others in preparation;

- 70,000 copies of the book Life in abundance of Irene Grosjean

- the trust of great brands to distribute our works through the Dilisco network, Fnac or Cultura

- 40,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel with more than 150 videos;

- partnerships with national references to discover on our partner page

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