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raw cashew biovie
raw cashew biovie 1 kg
raw cashew biovie
raw cashew biovie 1 kg

Fairtrade raw cashew nuts

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1kg fairtrade raw cashew nuts

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Fairtrade raw cashew nuts in partnership with Maison-Chance

Cashew is the fruit of a tree, the cashew tree, native to the Amazon basin. Discovered in 1578 by Portuguese settlers, it is gradually established in Africa, Asia and India, currently the world's largest producer of cashew nuts. The cashew nut is also the best-selling nut, ahead of common nuts and almonds!

Cashew nut is increasingly used in vegan or raw cooking for its many applications and mild taste. Let the nuts soak for a few hours, then mix them to get a cashew cream: a base for raw cheeses, custard, crême fraîche substitute, etc. Whole, it brings crunch in salads, curries, pad thai,... In the kitchen or as a snack at any time of the day, cashew nut has become an essential part of our diet.

CAUTION: the taste is slightly different from traditional cashews and their texture is softer. It's normal, they are raw ;)

Present inside a shell, much like an almond, the cashew nut is usually dried in the sun and then heated with steam or in the oven to be more easily peeled. This cooking step is never mentioned and few people know about this process. Biovie has therefore decided to develop a sector of cashew nuts shelled directly after drying, in order to obtain a nut with intact nutritional properties.

We must be the only ones in Europe, with Orkos and Jurrassic Fruits to offer this quality of cashew nut. It is a still unknown and meticulous skill that has been successfully developed by Tim from Maison-Chance organization in Vietnam, as you can see in the video below.

Maison-Chance is a springboard for physically disabled people, orphans, street children and disadvantaged people in Vietnam. It provides accommodation, adequate medical care, schooling and vocational training, as well as a place where disadvantaged children and persons with disabilities can study and work. For more than 25 years, the association has been developing to expand the field of possibilities, especially in agriculture, IT, bakery and to welcome more beneficiaries. By buying our raw cashew nuts, you promote the reintegration of these people in difficult social situations.

Its properties:

• A source of magnesium, cashew nuts contribute to bone development, dental health and strengthen the immune system. Magnesium also has a role in energy metabolism and contributes to the proper functioning of our brain by taking part in the transmission of nerve impulses. It can even help decrease the frequency of migraines.

• The cashew nut is an ally in the protection and regeneration of the tissues of our body. Its copper and phosphorus contents are directly involved in the formation of collagen (protein for tissue structure and repair), hemoglobin and cell membranes.

About 3/4 of the calories of the cashew nut are lipids. But rest assured! They are monounsaturated fatty acids, in other words "good fats" that help lower bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. They therefore help maintain good cardiovascular health.

It has been proven that "classic" cashews (undergoing a cooking stage) contain 2 times less vitamins B1, vitamin E and beta-carotene than raw nuts. Biovie cashew nuts are therefore 2 times richer in essential vitamins and vitality! 

Discover through this video-reportage the process of processing cashew nuts in a "classic" way and the one developed with Maison-Chance:

We are proud to say that our cashew nuts come directly from the producer, without transit between different countries before arriving at your home, and by buying them you are supporting the work of Tim, from the NGO Maison Chance, who gives a decent work to people in social difficulty and who works every day to help the Vietnamese to emancipate themselves.

- DMD: 6 months after the date of production

Storage: in order to keep their crunchy texture, it is best to place them in an airtight glass jar in the refrigerator. Left out in the air, these raw cashews will soften quickly.

PackagingIn the package, there is a desiccant bag containing iron, activated carbon and zeolite. This bag is necessary to extend the cashew nut life by absorbing moisture and it is completely safe.

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