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Organic fresh nori seaweed
Reference: NORIFR

Organic fresh nori seaweed

Reference: NORIFR

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Organic fresh nori seaweed, in bulk of 1kg.


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Organic fresh nori seaweed, in packaging of 1kg.

Organic fresh nori seaweed, in bulk of 1kg.

Well-known in Japanese cuisine and especially for the preparation of maki rolls, the nori (porphyra purpurea) is a indispensable element of the living food! This wild algae is the most widely consumed in the world.

The nori is as thin as a veil, of a beautiful dark purple colour. Its dried leaves will enable you to prepare, in all simplicity, creative and pleasant rolls. Cut in flakes, it salts and decorates your dishes while providing them a concentration of energy. The seaweed is also consumed fresh in tartares, salads, as seasoning... Its sweet and smoky, subtly fragrance reminds the fungus.

Its characteristics:

  • Its exceptional content in proteins (45%) surpasses the one of soy, meat and eggs. This is the second richer algae in proteins, just after the spirulina!
  • Its powerful intake of A, B2, B9, B12, C and K vitamins but also in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) ensures your  immune and nervous well-being. It is particularly rich in B12 vitamin (29mg per 100g).
  • Its richness in iron, zinc, copper and manganese contributes to the oxygenation of the body, strengthening the immune system and to the synthesis of collagen for soft, hydrated tissues and a glowing skin.
  • The nori also contains glutamine and taurine, which ensure the integrity of the intestinal wall and nervous relaxation, and also helps to decrease the cholesterol levels.

Consumed after two desalting baths. Impossible to poison yourself with seaweeds preserved in salt! The only thing which can happen is the fact that the algae becomes soft more quickly in contact with preservation the salt and it can become more crumbly after a few months.

Desalting: your algae are preserved in salt. Take the desired amount of algae to eat directly as a salad or in another recipe. Soak briefly in water for a first desalination. Rinse, and then discard the water. Let then soak for a minute in enough water amount. Rinse. If the algae does have a too salty taste, rinse a third time.

Conservation : 6 months in the fridge.

The algae shipment is carried out in just-in-time production in the middle of the week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and more rarely on Monday, and therefore, a few extra days of your or-der processing are necessary depending on the day we receive them, compared to the normal 48h delivery. We are delivered two times per week and we avoid shipments on Monday because the car-rier don't deliver us on Monday and Friday in order to avoid the algae to lie around in the sorting office on weekends. They support easily several days outside the fridge at the transport level, we do our best to ensure that they will be delivered in 48 hours. Make sure you be able to be present at the reception of your parcel. You will receive an email on the departure day of your parcel and your tracking number the next day.

The algae can slightly give some water back during the transportation despite a double-wrapping zip. This rarely happens, but if your carton arrives wet, it is not a major problem, please accept your package and contact me by email to take stock of it. In 10 years we have always found amicable agreements, but the refusal of fresh goods means that the goods are lost and we want to prevent these cases.

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