SPROUTED SEEDS, how to start?

SPROUTED SEEDS, how to start?

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Sprouted seeds are hypernutritious foods with high alkaliating and remineralizing power. Szekely speaks about biogenic foods: capable of molecular synthesis, they activate in us processes of detoxination, regeneration and self-healing.

Indeed, the germination is a truly magical process for digestion and immunity: sprouted seeds are real enzyme concentrates! These enzymes will predigest proteins, essential fatty acids and ingested carbohydrates and increase the value of amino acids, minerals and trace elements. There is up to 20 times more proteins and 4 times more iron in the sprouted seeds than in the beef meat! Similarly, germination increases the quality and assimilation of vitamins: C vitamin and B group vitamins are multiplied by 6 on average. So we speak of "survival food". Consuming the equivalent of a tablespoon per meal thus ensures better degradation and assimilation of nutrients, with a global anti-inflammatory action. Their fibers and antioxidants still have a hypoglycemiant and protective effect of the cardiovascular system.

A few rules to start

Most seeds grow without substratum, in contact with a smooth surface, for example in a glass jar with a pierced lid or in a hemp bag: the container must let air and water pass through. It will be necessary to rinse them morning and evening with filtered water. It is recommended to wait for the shoots to be 1.5 cm long before consuming them (on average 5 days of germination). To stop germination, just place the seeds in the refrigerator, in a jar enabling the circulation of the air (pierced or closed by a piece of jute cloth). For hygiene purposes, the seeds can not be stored more than 3 days in a cool place. Handle them with clean utensils or hands to avoid bacteria proliferation! Make sure the seeds do not dry and rinse them with clear water before consumption.

The Easygreen sprouter enables you to grow the most difficult seeds in peace and quiet. It works without monitoring: soaking, watering. It takes care of everything! You just have to watch the water level... and harvest. Even in your absence, the seeds benefit from pure and dynamized water, and the device is very easy to wash. No more risks of drying or molding: this small interior garden gives you year-round fresh and nutritious foods with unrivalled purity.

Our 17 varieties of organic seeds have been selected for their large germinative capacity. They are available in wholesale economic format.

Some leads to choose:

  • The sound investments, very easy to germinate: alfalfa, red clover, mungo bean, fenugrec
  • For children, athletes and increased needs of proteins and minerals: barley, quinoa, sunflower, alfalfa, clover, chia
  • For detox: broccoli, rocket, radish, young shoots of buckwheat
  • To relieve digestion and reduce blood sugar levels: fenugrec, mungo bean, green pea, chia
  • To strengthen immunity and respiratory system: mustard, broccoli

Be careful, some seeds, known as "mucilaginous" cannot germinate on a smooth surface and require the use of a substratum. This is the case of mustard, rocket, basil and chia. Small germination mats in natural hemp, shaped for the sprouter, will enable you to grow them in peace.

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