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Organic papayas + passion fruit - from Spain, by 5 kilos

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Organic Papaya 3 kilos + Organic Passion Fruits 2 kilos - grown in Spain.

Shipments on Tuesday, July 11th.

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South of Spain origin


Exceptional: mixed boxes of papayas and passion fruits!
Papayas and passion fruits (Maracuja) harvested at physiological maturity by our partner Iulian located on the Spanish Tropical Coast. To be able to withstand transport, the fruits are delivered still firm and will be ready to be consumed a few days after receipt.

Papayas 3kg + Passion 2kg in the same package. No separation possible.

Preservation: at room temperature to speed up the achievement of full maturity, 15 days in the fridge minimum otherwise. Mixing fridge and room temperature is ideal.

The benefits of papaya:

Rich in fiber and low in calories: fibers are essential for good digestion and correct transit. Papaya is a low-calorie fruit that will healthily curb small hunger pangs and promote satiety.

Rich in vitamins and minerals: C vitamin, A vitamin, BR vitamin (pantothenic acid), B9 vitamin (folate), E vitamin, potassium... Like most fruits, it reboots your body with all these essential nutrients.

Rich in water: which makes it a very good summer fruit, which will hydrate your body from the inside.

Papain: this enzyme was discovered in papaya (as its name suggests!), its main function is to break down proteins into amino acids, which greatly aids digestion. This enzyme is indicated in relieving heartburn, bloating and gastrointestinal disorders.

Lycopene: it's a pigment that belongs to the family of antioxidants. It gives a red color and therefore is present in greater quantity in well-ripened papayas. Its antioxidant action helps to protect against cancers and the harmful effects of free radicals. Its action is also supported by other antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin.

Limits inflammation: the C vitamin it contains as well as the carotenoids and certain enzymes play an anti-inflammatory role. Papaya can therefore be indicated in a diet that limits inflammation, especially joint inflammation.

Good to know: the black seeds are edible!

Andalousia direct industry

We can't do more direct from this Andalusian producer in Granada! Iulian Perseca has taken over the family business for 5 years now. 2 generations have followed one another to cultivate the fields of avocados, mangoes and chirimoyas in organic farming, sublimated by the sun of the south of Spain.


The packaging of the combo is 5 kilos: 3kg of papayas + 2kg of passion fruits. All carriers can be selected, we have excluded drop-off at relay points. No delivery in Switzerland.

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