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Blend for golden latte with adaptogenic ashwagandha, organic, 200g. Soothes body and mind.

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Blend of superfoods for organic turmeric & ashwagandha golden latte

Do you know the Golden Latte or Golden Milk, this hot drink full of virtues? This Ayurvedic drink has been known for millennia in India but is currently experiencing its period of glory in Europe, where it can be found in many coffee shops.

This body-warming turmeric, cinnamon and spice infusion is acclaimed for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Its name comes from its beautiful yellow color brought by turmeric. It is traditionally served in milk to soften the power of the spices and give it a soft and creamy texture.

We were won over by the balance of tastes of this golden milk, like a slightly spicy turmeric chai, and its naturally powerful composition for the body.

🟡 A cleverly researched blend of superfoods

The Golden Mellow blend is composed of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and pepper for the spices, lucuma to bring a slightly sweet touch and finally Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic plant used in Ayurveda for over 4000 years.

Contains no additives, sugars or preservatives. All the ingredients are organic, dehydrated at low temperature or freeze-dried to keep the maximum of their benefits intact.

This mixture was developed by nutritionists, their goal being to achieve the most beneficial combination of active ingredients possible. Golden Mellow is recommended for its calming and de-stressing effect. However, it does not promote sleep directly, so you can drink it in the morning without the risk of feeling tired. You will be relaxed!

🟡 A easy-to-prepare drink

Add a spoon of the mixture to your smoothies, fruit and/or vegetable juices or to hot or cold water depending on the season. Its spicy taste allows you to use it in savory dishes too! Try it instead of your usual curry, in a soup, a wok, a hummus, in homemade crackers... You will wake up your taste buds.

To make the traditional golden milk, here is the recipe:

- 2 teaspoons of Golden Mellow

- 250 ml plant-based milk

- 1 spoon of honey, agave syrup or natural sweetener

Preparation :

1. Heat the milk in a small saucepan.

2. Turn off the heat and add the Golden Mellow, stir.

3. Put in a mug (sweeten if necessary) and enjoy!

🟡 Did you say adaptogenic?

Adaptogenic plants are recognized by Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines, the best known in Europe being Ginseng. These are plants that globally regulate the functions of the body, without treating a particular organ or pathology.

Several characteristics define them:

- non-specific response = they react to all stress factors, whatever they may be (biological, chemical, physical);

- general effect = does not target a particular organ or physiological function;

- normalizing action = increase in the body's homeostatic capacities, its resistance to stress;

- versatile actions = involve different biological mechanisms.

Find a full article about adaptogenics here.

To give you an idea of what it looks like in a cup, here is a video presentation:

The Golden Mellow powdered superfood mix is ​​said to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and inflammation.

Turmeric: its anti-inflammatory action is no longer debated. Thanks to curcumin, a powerful antioxidant, turmeric is indicated for small inflammations, digestion problems, joints, gingivitis and could prevent certain types of cancers (lung, colon, liver or even stomach). 

Its effects are multiplied thanks to black pepper! It is the ideal combo to fight against inflammation, pain, bacteria and infections. Pepper increases the absorption of curcumin by the body and acts in synergy to reveal the potential of these 2 spices with excellent nutritional properties.

Ginger: its "heat" stimulates the body, it gives a boost in case of temporary fatigue and will boost our immune defences. Its powerful antioxidant effect strengthens the cells of our body and fights against the harmful effects of oxidative stress. It also has anti-inflammatory active ingredients, it is indicated in the case of painful periods, to relieve cramps and headaches, to soothe sore throats for example.

On another level, it is also an aphrodisiac!

Lucuma: it is a small fruit with yellow flesh that only grows in the Andes. It has a sweet taste with a low glycemic index (25), it is moreover for its sweetening power that it is used most often.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, we mainly find B, C vitamins and A provitamin (beta-carotene), which will promote vision, memory and skin health.

Ashwagandha: originally from India, its roots are used in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia, it is also nicknamed "Indian ginseng". "Withania somnifera" (its botanical name) contains withaferin A, a scientifically studied molecule that shows promise as an anti-cancer drug. Studies already prove anti-tumor, adaptogenic, anti-stress, anti-spasmodic, immuno-modulatory, neuroprotective, cardioprotective and anti-cancer activities.

Various studies have been conducted on the effects of ashwagandha:

- reduces the level of cortisol, therefore stress and reduces insomnia,

- has a positive effect on anxiety, without side effects,

- can help improve hypothyroidism by increasing thyroid stimulating hormone (or TSH) levels,

- regulates the hormonal system (cortisol and adrenaline), supports the adrenal glands which produce them,

- it would help to gain muscle mass and reduce fat, especially in men,

- it would also be an aphrodisiac.


A concentrate of benefits!


Kristel & Michael, the founders of Your Super, met in their teens on a tennis court. A professional tennis player, Michael was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. To help him bear the effects of chemotherapy, Kristel, who has become his companion, looks for the superfoods known throughout the world (maca, barley and wheat grass, chia, spirulina...) and begins to prepare her own mixtures to reboost his body and help his immune defenses to fight the disease.

Michael was surprised to feel energized, happier and clear-headed. He then begins to do research and discovers how food can have an effect on the body, but also that ancestral cultures have known about these superfoods for a very long time! His mission is to educate as many people as possible on these important health topics.

For her part, Kristel continues to develop mixtures for her family and loved ones, for various health problems, with the help of her orthonutritionist aunt. Convinced by the visible results on her and her loved ones, she decides to share her findings with the whole world and wants to prove that small lifestyle changes can make all the difference - like enjoying a super drink every morning. ;)


Offering quality products yes, but above all, doing so while respecting the planet, the people who grow them and helping them to develop! Kristel & Michael have made it their mission to respect total transparency in their production chain: they source their ingredients themselves, they know exactly where they come from, how they are produced and try to have a positive impact on the local communities. They use only organic and sustainably grown products for their blends.

An external laboratory is responsible for carrying out microbiological, heavy metal and pesticide analyses, in order to guarantee impeccable quality.

In addition, they are committed to making Your Super a philanthropic society: 1 million euros is donated each year to associations that fight against hunger in the world, that support the emancipation of women, reforestation, the access to water and help children in difficulty.=
BCORP LOGO   Your Super is B CORP certified, the highest distinction for social and environmental companies.

"We believe everyone deserves to be happy and healthy"

- Ingredients: Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Cinnamon, Lucuma, Pepper.

*All ingredients are from organic farming

- Origin: India, except the lucuma which comes from Peru. Produced in Germany.

- DMD: 2 years after the production date.

- Packaging: kraft box with aluminum protection, recyclable.

- Storage: at room temperature, in a cool, dry place, away from light. Close the jar tightly after each use.

Nutritional values (for 100g)
Energy 299.3 kcal
Fats 2.2 g
whose saturated fats 1.1 g
Carbohydrates 69.4 g
whose sugars 5.0 g
Fibers 27,8 g
Proteins 6,9 g
Salt 0,04 g
K vitamin 14.3 ug / 19%*
Calcium 255.4 mg / 32%*
Iron 23.8 mg / 170%*
Potassium 1171.5 mg / 59%*
* % of recommended daily intake for an adult
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