Organic Barley Grass Powder
Organic Barley Grass Powder
Fields barley juice vegan
Organic Barley Grass Powder
Organic Barley Grass Powder
Organic Barley Grass Powder
Fields barley juice vegan
Organic Barley Grass Powder

Dried organic barley grass

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Barley grass, dehydrated < 42°C, 500g

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Low temperature dried barley grass, Ecocert certified.

Barley grass juice dehydrated at low temperature, organic quality, produced in agroforestry (association of field crops and trees).

Recommended dosage: between 5g and 15g per day, to be diluted in a fruit or vegetable juice (equivalent to one or two teaspoons).

Barley grass by Michel Dogna

Since the biblical times, we have praised the amazing virtues of chlorophyll and green grasses juice. The doubts about future times lead us to organize returns to the roots, which, as far as they proofed their effectiveness through centuries, have been however forgotten. Barley grass juice is a real magic product. Dr Schnabel estimated that 1kg of fresh barley grass was equal in overall nutritional value to 22 kg of common vegetables.

In 7 days, it is possible to elaborate a juice capable of regaining your vital energy and to solve or improve most of the common health problems. But, you will have to invest in a small routine work in order to take care of the daily grass production and to obtain a juice extractor.

Ann Wigmore was an American of 75 years old, who used barley grass since 30 years. Her health at this time had been so transformed in a few weeks that she had the idea to give this juice out to invalid and elderly people in the neighbourhood as an experiment. The results exceeded all expectations. In a few weeks, the invalid people were able to get off their bed and the others became more active than they have never been since many years.

Since then, Ann Wigmore, has created the Hippocrates Foundation as well as Ann Wigmore Institute, which spread the therapeutic use of sprouted seeds and barley grass juices.

A few years ago, upon the request of the Indian Prime Minister, Morarji Desai, Ann Wigmore, in collaboration with Dr Datey, went in Indian sanitary camps and gave barley grass out to hundreds of sick men, women and children suffering from malnutrition. About ten articles reporting the incredible pourcentage of recoveries were published . But there has never been echo of it in France. 20 to 30 ml per day of juice is enough to bring what is necessary to the ones who live 100%, to athletes and to the ones who would like to be relieved from pains or ordinary diseases. No need of a garden or balcony to grow the barley and the daily cost of production is ridiculous.


In 1930, Dr Zin proved that a shot of chlorophyll inscreases the level of red blood cells in animals whose hemoglobin level was normal.

Scientists loke Hughs and Lather from Liverpool University went further in 1936. They caused anemia to animals with daily blood tests to bring their hemoglobin level to half its normality and separated them in 3 groups : the first one was witnesses, the second one fed with raw chlorophyll, the third one with synthetic chlorophyll. The second group got its blood formula back in 2 weeks, so 2 times faster than usual. But the group treated with synthetic chlorophyll didn't get any benefits. The scientific report concludes : « it seems that the animal organism is capable to convert the chlorophyll (raw or refined) in hemoglobin. »


Nobody can contest that plant leaves convert the sun rays in energy, which will then be stored by fibers. Yet, people who eat meat and dairy products make do with the absorption of « second hand » solar energy. (according to Ann Wigmore).

  • An anti-mutagen effect

Dr Yoshihide Hajwara and his Japanese team proved that the enzymes and amino-acids in grass juice desactivate the cancerigens effects of benzopyrene in grilled meats – as well as the poisons in exhaust emissions.

A recent experiment of Dr Chiu-Nan from Texas University agrees with it. Aditionnally, Dr Lai showed that barley grass juice has also an anti-anaplasic power (which reduces tumors) without the toxicity of officials drugs.

  • An antipollution effect

Included in a diet, it appears that 25ml of grass juice protects against the whole pollution with a few particularly efficient enzymes, which stimulate the immune system. It is the SOD (superoxyde dismutase), protease, amylase and catalase enzymes.

  • A blood cleansing effect

Barley grass juice purifies the blood by digesting the cells toxins with an input of bioflavonoïds, animo-acids and particular enzymes. Thereby, products like cadmium, strontium, mercury, polyvinyl chloride can be eliminated.

A few years ago, someone called Barbara Moore, 56 years old, rose a record by travelling by foot San Francisco - New York in days. It represents 16 to 18 hours of walk per day at a rate of 8 to 9 kilometers per hour. Her food was mainly composed of herbs that she picked along her way. Journalists welcomed her in New York on the 46th day. In the same way, she had realized 1500 kilometers in England, reducing to nothing the belief according to the fact we need meat and cooked food to be strong and resistant.

  • An anti-radioactivity effect

This danger awaits us everywhere and a lot of us really think about it. We have observed the protective effect of barley grass against the radiations, even the highest ones, on guinea pigs, which received lethal doses of ionizing rays.

  • A regenerative effect of blood

30% of pubescent American women could be suffering of iron-deficiency anemia. Chlorophyll has largely proved its effectiveness for this problem. In his publication «  Chlorophyll magic from living plant life », Dr Bernard Jensen mentions cases where he saw the level of red blood cells multiplied by two in a few days, simply with baths containing chlorophyll.

Furthermore, barley grass juice brings a protective oxygenation of blood allowing a notorious defense against anaerobic illnesses. It is an excellent remedy against all phenomena of cellular asphyxia by under oxygenation, vectors of premature aging and degenerescence. Let's remember the remarkable similarity of chlorophyll with hemoglobin where the iron ion is replaced by a magnesium ion.

  • A regenerative and stimulating effect on the liver

This effect has been confirmed by Dr Wattenburg from Minnesota University and Dr Charles Schnabel, who worked on chicken groups.

  • A deodorant and deconstipating effect

Chlorophyll reduces intestinal gases. Regarding odours, the experiment of Dr Morishita and Hotta, Japanese scientists, is enlightening: volunteers, who ate garlic, absorbed then 3 to 12 g of chlorophyll. After 20 minutes, we couldn't find any odour in their breath.


• Dr Rafsky and Krieger reported multiple healings of chronic ulcerative colitis with chlorophyll enemas.

• In July 1940, the American Journal of Surgery published a report written by Dr Benjamine Gurskin in Temple University, mentioning 1200 cases of sick people to who they gave chlorophyll. The illnesses went from internal infections and deep ulcerations to skin diseases and gingivitis. We acknowledge in this report that chlorophyll is a powerful and efficient remedy, which always brings an improvement or a total recovery.

• Dr Carol Wright, professor of dermatology in Temple University of Philadelphia, used a chlorophyll ointment to fight skin diseases and observeda particular effectiveness in chronic ulcerations of impetigo.

• Dr W.S. Morgan, also from Philadelphia University, observed, for his part,  a nearly immediate action against skin itches and the burning sensation.

• Dr Judkin from Paris Hospital of Illinois announced achievements in cases of dental pyorrhea by injecting chlorophyll directly in the gums (clever since it is an anaerobic illness). In less than 30 days, the gums were completely recovered and remained in their state.


First of all, it is important to remove everything, which weakens the immune defense system: tensions at home or at work, cooked and industrial foods. It is impossible to heal if we are not aware of our level of calmness and of what we eat.

Then, it is a matter to get rid of accumulated poisonous residues.

Preliminary studies allowed to identify a number of substances present in barley grass juice, which are amazing anticancer factors.

One of them, called ABSCISIC ACID, is a plant hormone, which prevent the seeds germination until the conditions of the environment are favorable. During tests applied on animals, we oberved that this hormone, even given in small quantity, is « fatal » for all form of cancer and eliminate tumors very quickly.

The second active substance against cancer is B17 VITAMIN, highly present in barley grass juice. Dr Ernst Krebs, a famous biochemist researcher, can confirm that the modern diet contains 400 times less B17 vitamin than the diet of aboriginal people where the repercussion of cancer is nearly non-existent.

Madam Eydie Mae, condemned by official medicine with a breast cancer in advanced stage, went into remission in less than a year with grass juice. She, then, wrote a publication called « How I conquered cancer naturally ».


In USA, we currently count 50 millions of obese people and it's still inscrasing.

Dr Howell, specialist of enzymes, mentions in his book « Enzyme Nutrition » that obese people present a deficiency in some breaker of fat molecule enzymes. The effectiveness of fresh living juices, and especially barley grass juice, decreases many complex theories about the way to loose weight rapidly.

At Hippocrates Institute (USA), the weight loss of the clients – per week – goes from 2 to 7kgs. On the contrary, the same diet can help skinny people to gain 1 to 2kgs per week. This is explained by the purification of the intestinal mucus and a relaxation of the nervous system, the whole allowing a better absorption.


A few years ago, in USA, we added sodium fluoride (product used as rat poison) in water. Dr Thomas from Bloomfield Laboratories at High Bridge (New Jersey) was appointed to do the following experiment: he added a small quantity of barley grass juice in a water container and tested later the products present in the water including sodium fluoride.

Surprise: the toxic fluoride combined itself with calcium phosphate to form an alkaline formula capable to harden teeth and bones. Under the catalyst effect of grass juice, the poison was transformed in remedy. In consequence, add grass juice in water in order to make it healthier.

If our decently consumable food stocks would empty, it would be reinsuring to know that 25ml of barley grass juice per day is sufficient to maintain us alive and in good health. 

All diseases without exception, especially the ones classified as incurable, should be accompanied with barley grass.



The advantage of this fast compared to normal water intake fast is the fact that we keep energy – which allows to continue a normal activity. The standard quantity to recommend for a fast is 30 to 120ml of juice, 3 times a day.

There is no dangerous quantity but it should be noted that more we increase the quantity of juice, more the eliminatory crises can be violent or annoying, and there is no reason to torture ourselves to improve our health.

Biovie imports directly this barley grass from Mongolia

Packaging: doypack of 500g. 

- DMD: 2 years after the date of production

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