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Smart Sprouter Online Selling Biovie
Invent automatic sprouter
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Easygreen automatic filling

Leasing Easygreen Light automatic sprouter

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Easygreen Light leasing, germinate your seeds in peace, stop when you want!

For the rental service, you cannot buy other Biovie products at the same time.


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All your sprouted seeds easily and faster than with a conventional sprouter, even in your absence

Testimonials received on sprouters and sprouted seeds overlap on certain points:

- difficulty to change the eating habits

- lack of time or rigor to manage a sprouter on a regular basis

- a priori incompatible personal organization (absences during the week, travels, etc.)

- particular difficulties in germinating certain sensitive seeds (sunflower, buckwheat, etc.)

- problems of too high temperature (in summer for example)

- presence of midges, moulds... leading to the abandonment of sprouted seeds.

The Easygreen solves all these problems in no time! With a minimum of attention, you get maximum results. The operating principle is detailed below, for fresh and delicious sprouts every day on your plate.

Some advantages of the Easygreen Light sprouter: light, fully removable, fully dishwasher-safe or manually washable, economical and more efficient mister, direct access to the seeds in a few days.

CAUTION : the manual is not delivered with the sprouter, you can find:

> download the SET UP GUIDE here <                > The FULL USER'S GUIDE here <

                  couverture manuel complet de l'easygreencouverture du guide de démarrage easygreen

🌱 Operating principle

The Easygreen sprouter maintains the humidity within the growth chamber: misting and regular aeration of the seeds guarantee unequaled freshness compared to a manual sprouter. No other sprouter ensures the aeration of the seeds and the evacuation of the heat linked to the phenomenon of growth.

The programming is carried out using a mechanical timer which ensures between 5 to 8 daily misting cycles, lasting 15 to 20 minutes. In total, this represents a daily water consumption of between 2 and 3 liters, much lower than the quantities of water used to manually rinse the same quantity of seeds. The consumption of the device in operation (2 to 3 hours per 24 hours) is 18 watts.

🌱 Daily use

What is left to do:

- to monitor the water level in the tank, knowing that if you forget the mist generator will continue to operate without damage, it will then only provide ventilation.

- to consume the seeds that have germinated and replace them with dry seeds.

- to clean your Easygreen once a week using a cloth, and 2 or 3 times a year for more thorough cleaning. Note that the Easygreen has an automatic cleaning cycle that can be implemented with white vinegar. See the full manual for more information.

🌱 Advantages of the Easygreen

- no more seed soaking, no more watering, monitoring is reduced to a minimum.

- it is possible to grow certain seeds that are difficult to succeed in a manual sprouter: unhulled sunflower, unhulled buckwheat, etc.

- the Easygreen continues to operate during your absences, holidays, trips: there is no longer any interruption in the production of your sprouts.

- this device has been designed to easily start a daily production of sprouted seeds, just replace the seeds consumed and put the tray back in place.

- all the seeds benefit from perfectly clean and pure water, which is not the case with other automatic sprouters "recycling" the water and the enzyme inhibitors rejected by the seeds.

- reasonable water consumption: 2 to 3 liters per day by choosing 8 daily cycles.

- The Easygreen has undergone many improvements since its creation, making it very efficient and economical to use.

Biovie has been importing it for a long time and has serious experience in advice and after-sales service issues.

🌱 To rent the Easygreen

Please purchase ONLY the rental in your basket, if you need to make other purchases, please place another order.

Easygreen has been sold for 20 years in 32 countries around the world, including a scientific base located in Antarctica. It is probably the best existing automatic sprouter in the world.

Times are changing and so are the ways of consuming. To make access to quality food easier, Biovie has decided to rent out the sprouter for €25/month, with the option to buy it if you are satisfied with it.

So you can test its use without commitment and without fear of seeing it ending up lying around in a closet. Whether you are nomadic, curious without ever having dared to take the plunge, hampered by the purchase price or by the simple fact of owning this sprouter, renting is a real springboard for getting started!

By renting the Easygreen you make an important gesture to improve the quality of your daily diet, you will consume food produced in your own kitchen, of unequaled freshness and vitality.

🌱 To stop the leasing

You can stop the leasing by buying the Easygreen: all you have to do is pay the difference between your monthly payments and the purchase price of the germinator. Sprouted seeds are yours forever!

You can also decide to interrupt your subscription by requesting a return slip from Then simply put all the elements of the Easygreen Light back in the original box and send it back to us.

🌱 Comparison Easygreen VS other automatic sprouters

Other more economical sprouters exist on the French and European market. The Easygreen differs from them on 5 essential points which determine the success of your sprouted seeds. If you are considering buying another system, find out about these points:

  1) the Easygreen does not use a fragile pump operating under pressure but a mister which sucks up the water by a natural spiral movement, thus improving the subtle quality of the water.

The motor (18 watts) of the mist generator is placed well above the tank and therefore does not heat the water contained in it by contact. In addition, the principle of misting lowers the temperature of the water if it is high, which allows the seeds to be refreshed. The warmer or hotter the irrigation water, the more the development of mold or rot is favored.

  2) The Easygreen uses fresh water with each watering and not recycled water. Seeds release enzyme inhibitors upon germination and it is essential that these unwanted substances can be flushed out and not recirculated.

  3) Sprouts are aired 6-8 times a day. The ventilation of the seeds is a fundamental point, it allows them to breathe in the best conditions and to evacuate the heat released by the germination process. Lack of ventilation promotes the appearance of mold.

  4) the Easygreen has an automatic enclosure cleaning system

  5) The roots of the sprouts stay confined in the easy-to-clean removable trays, and do not sneak into unexpected places.

Biovie is a global manufacturer of Easygreen

Device guaranteed for 2 years

Dimensions: 56 x 43 x 18 cm

Weight: 5,9 kg

Contents of the package:

1x EasyGreen™ sprouter
1x Lid
1x Mist generator
1x Air filter
1x Vinyl draining tube
1x Instructions manual in English
1x Timer
5x Medium trays
2x Water tank caps
1x External draining cap
1x Draining connector


1. OPTIMUM VENTILATION: the seeds produce heat during germination. They need to be ventilated and refreshed to avoid the development of mold or bacteria. EasyGreen uses a patented technology which allows the application of fresh air and water droplets on the surface of seeds, thus ensuring their ventilation and watering. In reality, the seeds require little water but large quantities of air. The traditional sprouters bring a lot of water, but do not enable a regular renewal of the air in the growth enclosure.
2. OPTIMUM GROWTH: the growth inhibitors present in the seeds are substances of natural defense against diseases and insects. These inhibitors are released into the water when the seeds are watered. If you re-use this water, you re-water your seeds with inhibitors. EasyGreen uses a water that is clean, energized and fresh. It is important to have in mind that your sprouted seeds contain 80% water. In this respect, it is important to use a water of quality. Any rinse water used by the EasyGreen is permanently drained out of the sprouter and does not serve anymore.
3. PRECISE ADJUSTMENTS: to control the humidity is essential for the strength of your sprouted seeds. Easygreen uses a timer of 96 positions, which enables the user to adjust with subtlety its sprouter according to the local climate.
4. NUTRITIVE SOLUTION: the Easygreen tank enables people who wish, to add organic nutritional solutions, such as kelp algae liquid for example, at the end of growth of the wheatgrass, when the root web of the seeds is sufficiently developed. You can choose to grow your wheatgrass with or without support.
5. EASY CLEANING: the tank may also periodically receives solutions like crystal vinegar or hydrogen peroxide for a complete, automatically made cleaning and disinfection.
6. SIMPLICITY: the conventional sprouters often require a pre-soaking of the seeds. With the Easygreen, just drop your dried seeds on the trays, the sprouter takes care of everything: soaking, rinsing, misting, oxygenating, ventilation and rinse water draining are made in a simple and automatic manner.
7. WATER SUBTLETY: Easygreen uses a technology of water dynamization and oxygenation by conducting necessary water samples by a venturi effect. The water rises in a funnel-shaped, hyperbolic chimney by forming a vortex. Beyond the qualitative aspect, this process, combined with the fineness of the mist (droplets of 6 microns) ensure a faster germination of 15% to 40% compared to the conventional methods. 
8. EARTH: the trays can receive a substrate if you wish, for your wheat grass or sunflower crops for example.
9. Easygreen is versatile and enables you to germinate seeds, young sprouts, or barley or wheat grass. 

With regard to the principle of water dynamization by vortex (whirlpool) used by the Easygreen, you can watch this video "the water masters" (2/2), broadcasted on ARTE tv channel, which refers to the work of the scientist Victor Schauberger: 

The water masters:
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