professional blender mixmeup mixer biovie
professional blender mixmeup mixer biovie
professional blender mixmeup blender Biovie
professional blender mixmeup mixer biovie
professional blender mixmeup mixer biovie
professional blender mixmeup mixer biovie
professional blender mixmeup blender Biovie
professional blender mixmeup mixer biovie

Professional blender MixMeUp

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NEW DESIGN: white base, blade support in nickel, blades made in Japan.
Blender MixMeUp, special living food.


Including €0.65 for ecotax

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NEW: white base (instead of black), stronger nickel rotation axis (instead of aluminum)

Our blender comes with a new, brighter color, white. We also worked with our supplier to change the metal composition of the part that secures the blades. We were not completely satisfied with the quality of the aluminum and thanks to this change, there is even less risk of breakage on this part. For an invincible professional blender!

1800 watts effective professional blender,
2200 watts technologically advanced, 35,000 rpm at variable speed

Since 2005, I have used, one after the other, daily different models of blenders for our living foods’ preparations without finding a strong and affordable model. Different devices with different qualities and prices gave up the ghost at home after several months of intensive use.

I am regularly asked for advice about a blender, but until now, I didn't find anything satisfying concerning the price-quality ratio. I come from a middle-class family, and I believe raw food should not be reserved to a wealthy elite.

Having a living food diet since 2005, I use the blender MixMeUp that I have developed with a manufacturer with whom we worked for more than six months making various small improvements which to me seem essential for living food (but you can also use it for cocktails!), in my experiential point of view, about the use of blenders in the family.

This blender from Biovie brand has not been the subject of any mass marketing campaigns, in which the cost would have impacted the sale price. We imported a whole container of 1000 devices. As, we now work directly with the manufacturer, without any intermediary, which explains this price without sacrificing the quality as this is where our general commercial focus is.

Here are the features of this professional blender:

- Power and rotation speed similar to the top of the range blenders: 1800 watts for 35,000 rpm: compare with other models!

- 1 very strong 2.5 liters bowl in TRITAN, guaranteed 2 years (BPA free).

- No electronics: all controls are robust and mechanical, and the variation speed regulates itself with a potentiometer. "Soft start" command included in a transparent manner: automatic soft-start.

- 6 blades to ensure the formation of a dynamic vortex in the preparations.

- Metal/metal connection between the axis of rotation and the blades.

- Metallic supporting shoe.

- Simplified disassembly of the blades thanks to a provided key for thorough cleaning.

- Only put the bowl on its support, no rotation, nothing to set off. Security: if the bowl is no longer on its support, the motor stops.

- Quieter model than the large retailers blenders or top of the range blenders.

- Size: 20 x 23 x 52cm

- Stability with its 5kgs weight.

- Automatic protection fuse against overheating.

- Sound level: 60 to 80 decibels depending on rotation speed

- Comes with a pusher and a blade-remover.

- 2 years warranty

Because we all can make mistakes and break, damage or loose a piece, we wanted to provide you with spare parts at affordable prices and this, in the long term, these are spare parts, not a pack of everything, which costs half the price of the blender. We have the complete blender in "kit" of spare parts, even the electrical card, but especially blades and bowls.

So you can buy separately a blade, a bowl, a button, a blade-remover, one foot of the engine block, the blade support, etc. if you damage or if you loose them.

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Blender mix me up

Simple et efficace, trés facile d'utilisation. Le materiel a l'air robuste. Je suis trés satisfaite!

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