Easygreen Sol autonomous sprouter

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Autonomous sprouter, made in France. Bio-based material (wood, sugarcane, chalk) and recyclable.

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 Easygreen Sol: the solution for incorporating more sprouted seeds into your daily life

The long-awaited innovation: the autonomous, quiet, low-tech, eco-friendly, portable sprouter that grows your sprouted seeds for you.

Have you ever tried or thought about sprouting your seeds at home, but without success? Don't worry, the common obstacles are very widespread:
- difficulties in changing eating habits
- lack of time or discipline to manage a sprouter regularly (forgetting to rinse, etc.)
- a personal schedule that seems incompatible (absences during the week, travel, etc.)
- presence of midges or mold... leading to the abandonment of sprouted seeds.

The Easygreen Sol solves all these problems in no time! An autonomous sprouter that takes care of watering regularly, allowing air flow, and growing your seeds wherever you are. Here is a short 1 minute and 43 second report by FR3 Pays Gardois:

🌱 Advantages of the Easygreen Sol

✓ 4 to 5 days of autonomy with 5L of water. Go away for the weekend and find fresh sprouts when you return.
✓ Low-tech: the timer operates using ingeniously applied physical principles. No energy needed.
Eco-friendly: bio-based and recyclable material (through standard recycling bins).
✓ Lightweight, detachable, and portable, to use in any location.
✓ No more soaking seeds, no more watering, monitoring is reduced to a minimum.
✓ Versatile: it can sprout a large variety of seeds, including mucilaginous ones, wheatgrass, barley, and young shoots.
✓ Ultra-local: consume what you produce in your kitchen. Develop your food autonomy.
✓ Local: 100% French, made in Nîmes in the Gard.

🌱 Principle of operation

The Easygreen Sol sprouter is the result of 5 years of research; it uses various physical principles, including the siphon effect.
Under the 5L reservoir is a small tank that slowly fills up, in about 4 to 5 hours. Once this tank is full, gravity allows it to drain all at once in 5 seconds into the center of the distribution tray. The water is then evenly distributed across the tray through all the holes, and rain falls on the sprouted seeds placed below.

The multiple perforated holes in the enclosure allow for the seeds to be aerated and for light to pass through for good shoot development.
The rinse and watering water is directed to the drainage tray and exits through the provided hose.
The animation below explains everything:

🌱 Use and functioning

Using it is very simple, there are just a few tips to know: they are all explained in detail in the manual provided with the sprouter.

1. Spread the seeds in a thin layer on the germination tray. The strips provided allow you to make 4 compartments on this tray. The compartments can be filled on different days for continuous sprouted seed production.

2. Fill the reservoir with clear and filtered water. The quality of the water is crucial for the optimal growth of the seeds.

3. Choose the timer: cap 1 for normal operation, cap 7 for slower operation (more spaced-out watering). The secret of the sprouter lies in this small cap that lets through the exact amount of water needed for regular watering over several days.

4. Close the lid.

And come back in 3 days to harvest your precious little sprouts!

Please note: you will need a container to collect the drained water. It should be placed at least 40 cm below the autonomous sprouter.
A 3rd cap is provided to completely stop the system.
We recommend using eco-friendly coffee filters as a growth medium for optimal sprouting (the filters will retain moisture).

For more information, watch Eric's demo:

🌱 Having an Easygreen

Easygreen is a brand created in 1996 with over 25 years of expertise. Based on unparalleled experience in germination and the ingenuity of Sol Azulay, the engineer behind these innovations and a friend of Eric Viard, it was only natural that Biovie took over Easygreen's activities upon Sol's retirement and became the sole manufacturer of Easygreen sprouters.

By purchasing the Easygreen, you are making an important move to improve the quality of your daily diet; you will consume foods produced in your own kitchen, with unmatched freshness and vitality. Sprouted seeds contain numerous nutrients and very interesting substances like polyphenols, powerful antioxidants and cellular protectors. For example, sprouted broccoli seeds contain 100 times more sulforaphane than broccoli!

For regular consumers of sprouted seeds, it's also quite a savings! With small packages ranging from €2.50 to €5 in the fresh produce sections of organic stores, the bill can quickly add up. By purchasing your packets of dry seeds, you can save up to 10 times the weekly amount of your consumption.

With an autonomous sprouter that will operate on its own, you will have in your home a playful, abundant, and economical source of organic superfoods on a daily basis.

🌱 Comparison with classic sprouters

Are you used to seeing plastic tray sprouters, terracotta ones, or even glass jars? The Easygreen Sol revolutionizes the sprouter market with its ease of use and 3 to 4 days of autonomy.
Its main advantage: no need for pre-soaking the seeds, no daily rinsing. (Except for large seeds—larger than a mung bean—which do require pre-soaking)

Furthermore, its eco-friendly design has a very low impact on the environment, and its recyclable material offers a zero-waste end-of-life.

🌱 Comparison Easygreen Sol VS Easygreen Light

So does the Easygreen Light become outdated? Not at all! The two sprouters from the Easygreen brand have different uses but share the same goal: to make it easier for you to produce sprouted seeds at home. Here's a summary of the main differences:

comparaison easygreen light et sol

Some additional notes:
The germination area is twice as large for the LIGHT sprouter compared to the SOL. When used to their maximum capacity, we therefore recommend the Light for higher consumption (for a family, for example) and the Sol for more occasional use, such as for a single person or a couple.

Regarding the substrate: it is not necessary in either of the two sprouters (except for mucilaginous seeds). However, a coffee filter is recommended as a substrate for optimal germination in the Sol sprouter.

With the Easygreen Light, you have direct access to the seeds and easier handling thanks to the trays. With the Easygreen Sol, there is no direct access to the sprouted seeds; you will first have to remove the water reservoir.

Lastly, the Sol is the only sprouter made of recyclable biomaterial, without a single drop of petroleum.

height = 30 cm
full width = 28 cm
sprouting tray width = 25,5 cm

Weight: 2,6 Kg

Full description of the package:

1 x Drainage tray
1 x Drain pipe
1 x Sprouting tray
1 x Sprouting container
1 x Water distribution tray
1 x Water tank
3 x Caps
2 x Division strips
1 x Lid
1 x Instructions


- The sprouting tray should be regularly cleaned with clean water and organic detergent.
- Twice a month, check the holes of the teats on the distribution tray and, if necessary, unclog them using a toothpick, a small nail, or a needle after looking at it against a bright light source.
- Regularly rinse the water tank with clear water to clean it. Scrub it to prevent the formation of lime deposits.
- Every month, clean the drain pipe with a bottle brush and hot water.

We do not currently recommend using a dishwasher, as we have not yet conducted tests. However, there are no technical contraindications to its use, and there should be no problem for parts that are not essential to the sprouter's operation (we advise against it for the reservoir and the distribution tray).

About Water:

The growth inhibitors present in the seeds are natural defense substances against diseases and insects. These inhibitors are released into the water when the seeds are watered. If you reuse this water, you are re-watering your seeds with inhibitors. It's important to keep in mind that your sprouted seeds contain 80% water. As such, it is crucial to use high-quality water. All rinse water used by Easygreen is permanently drained out of the sprouter and is not reused.

Focus on the biomaterial:

Invented and created in France by the company Futuramat, the biomaterial in which the Easygreen Sol is made combines the plant & the mineral: made up of biopolymers of plant origin (including wood, which gives it its color) combined with mineral fillers (simple chalk), without any petrochemical-origin resources. These compounds exhibit great rigidity while offering a specific, high-quality touch.
> Food contact quality.

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