Raw broth of organic superfoods

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Raw and organic broth for instant preparations, with 15 ingredients.
Economic bag of 150 g.

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Raw and organic broth: simple use for instant benefits

THE mix you won't be able to live without.

We are used to adding different spices and condiments to our preparations to enhance, change, twist the taste of the fruits and vegetables we cook. Croc'enVie offers us here a completely original powdered raw broth, full of flavors and which slips easily everywhere. With its fifteen ingredients selected for the excellence of their nutritional properties, this mixture is a nutritional and taste bomb.

The 150 g bag can last you a long time, since a small amount is enough for an instant effect.

It is true that we do not always know with what to combine these different ingredients when they are alone, this broth is a perfect answer that enables you to slip a small amount of each of these superfoods, simply into your meals. In addition, their combination generates a beneficial food synergy for your body.

This preparation is handcrafted in Brittany, in compliance with the rules of living foods, with organic products only. Dehydration at low temperature (<42°) preserves the active principles of all these ingredients.

This broth is a bunch of energy, vitamins and minerals and of course, taste.

Rich in Iodine, Proteins, Fibers, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron.

Gluten-free and vegan.

🟤 How to use it?

Mix a teaspoon in a cup of warm water to obtain an instant broth.

Incorporate it into a raw or cooked dish after cooking, sprinkle it on your vegetables, incorporate it into your salad dressings, soups, vegetable pâté...

We advise you not to cook in order to preserve the active ingredients.

One bag is suitable for 30 broths (25 cl) or individual culinary preparations.

🟤 Zoom in on some of the ingredients

Reishi: adaptogenic mushroom from Asia, used in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia. It strengthens the body in general and adapts to the needs of the body in order to keep its balance intact.

Maca: this small tuber is grown in the Andes, it resists particularly well to extreme conditions. It is known for its positive effects on female and male fertility.

Galanga: it is a root of the ginger family, which is also used in the same way. A real panacea, it would have many virtues including an anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effect.

Nettle leaves: we no longer present nettle, used in herbal tea or powder for its excellent nutritional value. Iron, proteins, antioxidants, calcium, potassium, silica... it is known to treat anemia, acne, eczema or kidney stones. It relieves painful menstruation and the prostate, in short it is a plant to keep in your cupboard for all occasions.

Miso hatcho: obtained from fermented soybeans, it is the strongest miso. It is fermented for very long months, which gives it an intense umami flavor and a high concentration of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Ginger and turmeric: prepared by Croc'enVie from fresh ginger and turmeric, dehydrated for a long time at 42°C to preserve their properties and nutrients, then reduced to powder. Used together, the synergy of their active ingredients multiplies their respective benefits: antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Activation of buckwheat: the buckwheat seeds have been sprouted before being dehydrated at low temperature (=activated). In this way they can be eaten raw. Germination also activates their nutritional potential which is used in the formation of the plant, the activated seed then provides amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, etc. in quantities. Much more than when it was “assleep".

Hemp proteins: very complete vegetable proteins which bring together the 8 essential amino acids and give a little nutty taste.

The raw broth is rich in Iodine, Protein, Fibre, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron. But that's not all !

Buckwheat contains very good quality proteins, it is also richer in arginine, aspartic acid and lysine, with levels almost three times higher than those of other cereals . Protein makes up 10% to 12% of its dry weight, placing it just above wheat.

Antioxidant: It contains phenolic compounds in large numbers, including caffeic acid, ferulic acid, hydrobenzoic acid, and coumaric acid. They are involved in the prevention of cancers and certain cardiovascular diseases. It also contains six flavonoids, including rutin, the majority in buckwheat seed, is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and could relieve the symptoms of venous insufficiency (including varicose veins and heavy legs).

Buckwheat is a source of nutrients of all kinds: copper, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, B1, B3, B9 vitamins... It actively participates in the proper functioning of our body's mechanisms!

Nettle: a small plant with high concentrations, it has almost twice as much iron as beef and a high protein content. It has the advantage of containing "combos" of vitamins and minerals, i.e. combinations which increase assimilation by the body: calcium + boron (boron is a trace element which facilitates the fixing of calcium in the body), iron + C vitamin (iron is fixed thanks to C vitamin).

Nettle leaf is often used to relieve arthritis and rheumatism but also to calm hay fever (allergic rhinitis). WHO also recommends nettle to prevent and treat problems around the bladder (like kidney stones for example).

Galangal: this root has anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and even toning properties. Mainly it helps to bring down fever, acts on the digestive system (activates digestion, relieves stomach aches and treats diarrhea) and it reduces dental pain or pain related to inflammation. It is also used to relieve irritation of the throat or of the skin. Galangal has promising effects regarding the treatment of certain cancers and could be a good neuroprotector.

Hemp is rich in protein: we find 2x more in a portion of seeds than in an egg! The two main proteins in hemp seed are edestin and albumin. Both of these high quality storage proteins are easily digested and contain good amounts of all essential amino acids (which most plant proteins don't).

Rich in B1, B6, B9 vitamins & source of E vitamin. Rich in Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Potassium.

A real nutritional nugget! This antioxidant cocktail fights, among other things, against stress, fatigue and hypertension. The high potassium content makes it an alkalizing food.

Hemp is a source of omega 3 and 6. These fatty acids are not produced by the body and must therefore be assimilated through food. They are essential for the proper functioning of our brain, our retina and our entire nervous system.

Spices invigorate, fortify, stimulate. The feeling of warmth stimulates the body, gives a boost in the event of temporary fatigue and will boost our immune defences. The powerful antioxidant effect of the ginger + turmeric combo strengthens the cells of our body and fights against the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

This combo is also anti-inflammatory: it could therefore relieve the pain associated with small benign inflammations such as for people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago, uveitis and other chronic diseases.

These spices used in Ayurveda for centuries, contain many other uses that contribute to the overall well-being of our body.


Based in Brittany, in Ploemeur, Armand puts all his energy into producing super healthy and super good raw food. He tries to source his ingredients in Brittany (like seaweed, hemp or spirulina) and works with local partners for products that come from afar. It is therefore natural that an exclusive collaboration was made with Biovie. Armand explains his journey:

“I became interested in living foods early in my life, in my twenties, after reading the book: Essenne Way: Biogenic Living by Edmond Szekely.

At that time I practiced yoga intensely and I aspired to understand the principles of a harmonious diet. I was passionate about seed activation and germination.

After several Ayurvedic stays in South India, I became particularly interested in the regenerative potential of the organism. Following health problems of members of my family, I looked for solutions to help them reform their diet. From this experience came the motivation to create raw food compositions to facilitate the transition to a living diet; keystone for a return to health.

There are many ways to benefit from good nutritional intake, I wanted to bring together the main recommendations and simplify their use thanks to preparations concentrated in nutrients and active ingredients. I create blends that allow you to simply create instant preparations to combine with raw fruits and vegetables, facilitating the transition to a living diet.

My 7 years of experience as a restaurateur enabled me to acquire the skills to create a food production laboratory. I develop my recipes with high standards, the search for taste and texture are obviously at the very heart of my approach.

I regularly lead workshops in my laboratory on vegetable milks, sprouted seeds, lacto-fermentation. »

We recommend that you stop by his place if you are near Ploemeur!

Packaging: bag with resealable zip, 150 g.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil*, sprouted buckwheat*, Miso hatcho*(8%), raw parsnip*, Guérande fleur de sel, hemp proteins*(4%), spirulina*(4%), reishi ganoderma*(4%), raw maca*(4%), algae from Brittany*(4%), raw turmeric*(4%), nettle leaves*(4%), apple cider vinegar*, galangal*, raw ginger*.

*ingredients from organic farming

Rich in fiber and protein, preservative-free.

DMD: 12 months after production

Storage: store in the tightly closed bag or in an airtight container, away from light and heat.

Nutritional values for 100 g % RDA
Energy 430 kcal / 1730 kJ  
Proteins 21 g  
Lipids 30,8 g  
whose saturated fats 4,7 g  
Carbohydrates 20,5 g  
whose sugars 0,7 g  
Fibers 9 g 35%
Salt 6,6 g  
Iodin 1102 µg 734%
Iron 6,1 mg 55%
Magnesium 167 mg 35%
Zinc 3 mg 32%

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance (for 100g of broth)

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