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8 varieties dates tasting box

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Gift box for year-end celebrations: 8 varieties of exceptional dates. Untreated. 420g.

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A sweet box perfect for the holidays 🎄

We offer you a limited edition for the end of the year, this tasting box of dates from our partner Jurassic Fruit. 8 varieties selected for their taste qualities, from small farms in Tunisia and the Middle East, the cradle of these sweet nuggets.

This box is an ethical gift to place in the center of your holiday table, it is also a dessert to share at the end of a meal or simply the means to discover varieties of dates that you have not yet had the opportunity to taste before.

🌴 Medjool date from Israel, Datte Medjool d’Israel, certified organic.
Very large caliber (23-27g): jumbo choice quality (the largest and with the most skin stuck to the flesh, therefore softer). Fleshy, juicy and succulent.

Juicy Wanan dates, tender Sukkari and Segae from Saudi Arabia, certified organic.
Extra varieties, with a more or less intense caramel taste. Not found elsewhere than in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of dates.

Deglet Nour date from Tunisia, certified organic.
Trendy, top quality. All the heat of the sun concentrated in this translucent date.

Untreated tender Barhi and tender Helalhi dates from Iran (not certified organic).
Beautifully delicious.

Why are our dates from Iran not certified organic?

Obtaining an organic certification is extremely complicated and expensive in Iran. Only a handful of farmers with huge export farms have managed to obtain the label.

Jurassic Fruit works with two people they know personally. They founded the Organization for Agriculture and Sustainable Development in Iran. This organization aims to help small producers to live better by promoting their high quality product. It organizes the logistics on site.

Our date producers not only do not use any product or chemical fertilizer in their plantation - but it even goes beyond that: the land of these palm groves has never received the slightest pesticide, as is the case with palm groves of all the region.

Even if they do not have a certificate, these dates are of a quality that can hardly be found elsewhere, even organic.

The dates are raw, with nothing added, they are a healthy alternative to Christmas sweets with just as much taste pleasure!

Rich in carbohydrates indeed, but low in fat: dates contain different forms of natural sugars, fructose, dextrose, sucrose, maltose. They bring energy to our body in addition to that exquisite sweet taste. The glycemic index of dates is said to be moderate. In contrast, dates contain almost no fat (0.25g/100g). By consuming 3 to 4 dates a day, you give the vitality your body needs while limiting the intake of refined sugars.

Rich in fibers: to keep the intestines healthy and the most optimal digestion possible, fiber is our best ally. With their 57% insoluble fibers, dates help promote bowel movement and avoid minor inconveniences such as constipation.

A concentrate of trace elements: dates are nutritional nuggets, they contain a wide variety of elements essential to the proper functioning of the body. Rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, zinc or even iron.

And of course vitamins: C, E, B2 and B3, but also A1, B1, B5, B6 and K.

Thanks to these compounds you maintain your good bone health, you stimulate the performance of your brain, you maintain a stable blood pressure (which fights against strokes for example) and you limit the appearance of iron deficiencies, one of the more common in women these days.

Antioxidant: like most fruits and vegetables, dates contain anti-oxidants, especially carotenoids, which help fight against free radicals. These radicals accelerate the aging of our body and promote the development of certain degenerative diseases and cancers. Dates are one of those foods that protect you and do you good in this regard.

The little extra? Very good news for pregnant women: consuming dates at the end of pregnancy would reduce labor time during childbirth and reduce pain. A study showed that women who ate dates in the 4 weeks before giving birth had less use of oxytocin and that their uterus was better prepared/expanded for birth.

Without forgetting the direct effect on mental health when tasting such succulent and lively sweets, joy invades us!


Jurassic Fruit was launched in 2014 by 3 fruit passionnate, health-loving friends. With their small team, they source good sun-drenched fruits from small organic farms that bring both pleasure and vitality.

On their online store you will only find fruits picked at physiological maturity (instead of being artificially ripened), certified organic or wild or without chemistry or when the certification is too restrictive, "non-certified organic" fruits. They come from small producers who, thanks to the customers, live with dignity and can continue to produce differently.

Switch the subtitles on and learn more about their approach in video:

“We source freshly picked, nutrient-dense organic fruit from trusted growers. Fruit that brings sunshine and health to your life!”

Political aspect of the provenance of dates

The first objective of Jurassic Fruits is to offer high quality fruit, produced in a responsible and virtuous way, in a short distribution channel and with the fairest price for everyone. Their aim is to increase the share of fruit consumed in each household without depleting natural resources. For this they source in the main producing countries of these fruits.

At Biovie we are aligned with them: we support small local producers, we do not support their political system.

 - tender Helalhi (Iran, untreated)
 - tender Mazafati (Iran)*
 - Segae (Saudi Arabia)*
 - juicy Wanan (Saudi Arabia)*
 - Deglet Nour (Tunisia)*
 - Jumbo Premium Medjool (Israel)*
 - tender Sukkari (Saudi Arabia)*
 - tender Barhi (Iran, untreated)

*from organic farming

Weight: 0,42 kg

DMD: May 2023

Storage: in the fridge, in the closed box.

Delivery in Metropolitan France and border countries only, home delivery, NO relay point.

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