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so natural freeze dried fruit
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Freeze-dried durian from Thailand - 200g

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Freeze-dried durian, 200g

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Ripe picked and freeze-dried durian

We are pleased to offer you durian, of Monthong variety, harvested when ripe, in Thailand and freeze-dried in small pieces in a resealable bag of 200g.

Thailand's durian is said to be the best in the world. Monthong is the most popular variety in Thailand and the world in general. This famous quality is known for its irregular shape, large size and slightly sweet pale yellow flesh.

Durian is considered the king of fruits in Asia, its taste is inimitable and it is a great substitute for candy for children. We worked for over a year on this project, and this fruit, common in Asia, is offered here exclusively in Europe.

Discover its surprising taste!

Durian is a real treat for the taste buds! Source of carbohydrates, it brings energy and tone to your body. Its glycemic index is however lower than the one of bananas for example, thanks to the presence of fibers.

The potassium contained in durian acts on the nervous transmission system and muscle contraction. It is therefore important for a healthy heart.

One serving = 50 g of freeze-dried durian

Nutritional value for 100 g % RNI* for 1 serving
Energy 422 kcal  
Proteins  8,04 g  
Lipids  7,76 g 5%
including saturated fats 3,19 g 8%
Carbohydrates 80,1 g 15%
including sugar 68,4 g  
Fibers 6,09 g 11%
Salt < 0,01 g  
Calcium 11,6 mg 0%
Iron 0,84 mg 2%
Potassium 1,86 g 20%

*Recommended Nutritional Intakes, base for an adult (2000 calories per day). As part of a balanced diet.

Directly from Thailand

Thailand is the best growing region for durian.

The trees are cultivated in the traditional way because they have a very special care. The fruits being very heavy it is necessary to supervise closely the branches so that they do not give way and to support them if necessary by means of stakes. The ground should be given special attention and should also be covered to keep it moist at all times. Everything is achieved through human intervention.

The fruits are certified as "pesticide residue free", quite simply because there is no need for them during cultivation.

Packaging: 200 g resealable kraft bag.

DMD: 18 months after production date

Storage: Store in a dry place. Once opened, durian can regain some moisture and become less crunchy over time.

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Great product

Freeze dried durian is the reason why I ordered here. The dried slices taste great and after two packs I still had no bad pieces. Thanks :-)

Thank you for your product review on our website. We always welcome feedback and we are happy that you like your product.

Shop owner reply on 20 Feb. 2023

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