Cold pressed virgin hemp oil
Cold pressed virgin hemp oil
Biovie yssé vegetable oil range
Cold pressed virgin hemp oil
Cold pressed virgin hemp oil
Biovie yssé vegetable oil range

250mL organic virgin hemp seed oil

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250 mL organic certified first cold-pressed hemp seed oil

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Virgin hemp seed oil from French organic farming

This hemp seed oil is of the best possible quality: organic, French and first cold pressing, it is a method that preserves the bio-compounds present in the seeds and therefore keeps their taste and benefits.

We obtain an oil of green color with a herbaceous smell, its characteristic hemp seed taste is distinct and subtly approaches the raw hazelnut, which makes it an ideal seasoning, even alone on your salads. It can also be used to flavor raw cakes or give an original taste to your dishes. But be careful it is very fragile so it should not be cooked or fried!

Hemp seed oil is also used in cosmetics, skin and hair care.

Cocorico, France is the leading European producer of hemp. It is a virtuous and responsible sector, both by the agronomic properties of the hemp plant (it stores a lot of CO2 and improves the soils) and by its many uses. Indeed, almost all of the plant is used in many fields: building (ecological construction based on hemp fiber), bio-sourced plastic (car pieces), horticultural mulching, cosmetics, textiles, and of course food.

The oil does not contain psychoactive substance.

Its properties:

• Son principal atout réside dans son équilibre parfait entre oméga-3 et oméga-6. La plupart des matières grasses végétales que l'on consomme nous apportent bien trop d'oméga-6 et pas assez d'oméga-3. Ce déséquilibre entraine un terrain propice aux inflammations de toutes sortes et aux problèmes cardio-vasculaires.

• Its main advantage lies in its perfect balance between omega-3 and omega-6. Most of the plant-based fats we consume provide us with far too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3. This imbalance leads to a favorable terrain for all kinds of inflammations and cardiovascular problems.

Composition in fatty acids hemp seed oil is the ideal balance for the human body, being 2 to 3 omega-6 for 1 omega-3.

• The E vitamin it contains strengthens the normal functioning of our cardiovascular and cognitive systems. This vitamin prevents brain cell degeneration.

• Hemp seed oil is also known for its positive action on emotional balance and helps compensate for the harmful effects of stress and anxiety.

• When applied to the skin, it is the ally of skin problem and especially to counter eczema. It makes an ideal barrier against free radicals and protect therefore mature skin from the appearance of wrinkles.

• Its light texture does not leave a film of fat on the skin, test it in massage oil (with essential oils) for example and appreciate its nourishing, firming and regenerating effects.

• On the hair, it is also pleasant to use. As a mask or in the composition of homemade shampoo, hemp oil nourishes the hair fiber, brings it shine and volume. A few drops on the scalp to activate the hair fiber and to enrich the skin of the skull.

Biovie is very proud of this new collaboration with Yssé. It is a small plant oil factory from Brittany, which gets its supplies mainly from local sectors and presses its organic seeds on a small scale, in an artisanal way, with a mastery of all the stages of the process.

Origin of seeds: France and mainly Grand Ouest.

Yssé exchanges with organic actors in the sector in order to have a match between the crops and the needs, and works in partnership with groups of organic farmers for the financing of studies in order to relocate certain crops in Brittany. In terms of traceability, for hemp and flax, Yssé can go back to the number of the plot from the organic farmer.

Manufacturing process in 1st cold pressing with a French-made screw press.

The artisanal production enables to:

  • adjust the production according to the needs in order to limit stocks
  • adjust the production parameters according to each seed in order to make the best produc-tions without having the obligation of production rate

The storage tanks are equipped with a floating cap system (system identical to the wine preserva-tion) in order to limit oxidation during storage.

In order to guarantee the best quality, the oil is packaged very quickly after pressing. Filling is done with nitrogen injection in order to reduce oxidation during the can storage.

Seeds and oils are analyzed by an external laboratory according to a control plan (microbiology, my-cotoxin, heavy metals, acidity, fat content, allergen, dioxin, pah...). The fatty acid profiles (including omega-3 and 6) are made on each type of seed according to the control plan. This enables us to con-firm the values indicated on the labels.

Biovie offers the "super oils" of flax and hemp seeds from Yssé.

- DMD: 24 months after the date of production

Packaging: for the packaging, Yssé uses recyclable tinplate cans made in France.

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