organic spirulina powder 1kg
organic spirulina powder 1kg
organic spirulina powder 1kg
organic spirulina powder 1kg

Certified Spirulina Powder 500g

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Spirulina from ORGANIC aquaculture 500g

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Microalgae Spirulina certified by Ecocert

Internationally competitive price

We do not present anymore the spirulina: this super-food is, since the last few years, on the radar for its nutritional and immune-stimulating benefits. Spirulina is actually a microbial organism (cyanobacteria), without an individualized nucleus. It appeared on Earth 3.5 million years ago!

It is distinguished by its high content in minerals and trace elements (iron, zinc, selenium), but also in vitamins (A, B, D, E). Rich in iron and B12 vitamin, it is very popular for vegetarians and vegans. It contains 60 to 70 % amino acids, 3 times more than lean meat! It is also full of iron, copper, zinc, and magnesium, which further enhances the immunity and improve the strength and endurance of the body. A real anti-fatigue weapon.

The antioxidants, which are contained in large quantities in it (its blue pigment, phycocyanin, and mostly beta-carotene) strengthens the hemoglobin. Many studies have shown that white blood cells (T lymphocytes, macrophages, B cells, killer cells) are thus increased by the intake of spirulina! It also has the ability to reduce the levels of blood lipids.

Spirulina also promotes weight loss and helps to reduce the blood sugar level: an undeniable anti-diabetes help! Rich in chlorophyll, it is also an excellent detoxifier of the body, especially the liver, which improves digestion and regulates the bacterial flora.

Its content of E vitamin enables it to fight against oxidative stress, with visible effects on the radiance of the face and skin regeneration, as well as on the hair and nails growth and strength.

Daily consumption recommended : 3g. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Our organic spirulina is available in eco-packs of 1kg and 500g and can be preserved for 2 years.

Keep out of the reach of children and away from light.

Should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Why Biovie's spirulina is dried by spray drying?

The work of Hélène Desmorieux, PhD student and researcher at LAGEP, a laboratory under the common management of the University Claude Bernard 1 in Lyon and the CNRS, show that the best drying method for the nutrients preservation of the spirulina is the spray drying, recognized by Ecocert. This method by nebulizer allows the rapid dehydratation of the algae and the preservation of their nutritional qualities. (Freeze drying is a superior method, but never used in practice for spirulina). The method of drying by convection on shelves, as commonly practiced in small handmade companies in France have drawbacks related to the implementation time of the drying. 

Biovie long sought a serious and internationally competitive supplier of spirulina, certified by Ecocert – shipped by boat – with the goal to offer spirulina at an affordable price for all and make it a super-food for daily consumption. We are proud to be among the least expensive in France.

We found a producer who produces Ecocert spirulina in a semi-arid area of the Mongolian steppe, on a continental shelf at 3000 meters of altitude, receiving more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year, providing ideal production conditions.. The production area is located away from large urban and industrial centres, roads and enjoys a very pure atmosphere in altitude.

The production areas are located in a greenhouse to protect the crops from insects, micro-particles suspended in the air, as well as dust carried by the wind. 

The generous sunshine ensures an appropriate temperature in the greenhouses, with a large day/night thermal amplitude favourable to the growth of microalgae. 

Nutritional analysis for 3g of Spirulina


for 3g

Energy: 44kJ/3g

Protein: >1.8g/3g

Fat: 0.25g/3g

Carbs: 0.45g/3g

B12: >5mcg/3g

B2: 0.2mg/3g

B3: 0.17mg/3g

B6: 0.5mg/3g

D: >7.2IU/3g

C: >0.04mg/3g

Carotenoids: >13.6mg/3g

Beta-Carotene: >5mg/3g

A provitamin: 16600UI/3g

Chlorophyll: 35.7mg/3g

A chlorophyll: 26mg/3g

Phycocyanin: > 12.8%

Iron: 2.5 mg/3g

Iodine: 54.5 mcg/3g

Magnesium: 8.2 mg/3g

- DMD: 3 years after the date of production

Delivery: by standard carriers.

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