Projet de traduction collective

Nous formons un groupe de bénévoles  en vue de traduire collectivement "For the Love of Children" de Anna Wahlgren.

Anna Wahlgren, maman de neuf enfants, est l'auteure du livre Au Dodo les Petits et du best seller "For the Love of Children" vendu à 1 million d'exemplaire dans le monde. Il a déjà était traduit du suédois en 9 langues.

Sa traduction en anglais a pris 12 ans, c'est le temps qu'il a fallu pour traduire fidèlement l'essence même de la transmission d'Anna sur sa vision des besoins de l'enfant.

Anna Walhgren

Nous avons à coeur qu'il existe aussi en français !

C'est pourquoi, avec l'aide précieuse de Sara Bussenot (traductrice de Au Dodo les Petits) nous désirons former un groupe de bénévoles afin de traduire à partir de la version anglaise l'intégralité de FTLOC.

Vous désirez ardemment participer à ce projet collectif? traduire quelques pages et contribuer ainsi? Nous soutenir financièrement pour la coordination et l'impression du livre? 

Vous pouvez nous contacter en écrivant à sav.biovie @ et en nous indiquant parmi les sections en vert de a - el laquelle vous intéresse. Les sections en rouge sont déjà attribuées.

Mise à jour le 15 septembre 2017 :



a-Foreword 11
b-To My Dear Children 14
c-IntroductIon: The Gift of Love 16
d-Pregnancy 23
e-How Do You Know You Are Pregnant? 23
f-A Human Being Is Made 25
g-How Should You Live? 27
h-Giving Birth: an Olympic Marathon. Start Training! 34
j-A Man Pregnant? 41

k-The delivery 46
l-It’s Time! 46
m-The Opening Phase: Paving the Way 49
n-The Expulsion Phase: A Child is Born 51
o-The Afterbirth: The Tree of Life 53
p-Afterwards 54
q-The fIrst week – and on 57

s-Breastfeeding 59
t-Home! 63
u-What Do You Need? 63
v-What Do You Do? 66 à 72 jusqu'à She will go out like a light and sleep like a log.  
v-What Do You Do? 72 à 78 depuis You may be wondering when  
w-Dad 78
x-Giving birth alone 82



y-Introduction: The Best Laid Plans… 87
z-Caring for a newborn 95
aa-Food 101
ab-If Something Goes Wrong: the Newborn Refuses to Eat 114
ac-Sleep 118
ad-If Something Goes Wrong: the Newborn Refuses to Sleep 130
ae-Psychological Well-Being 138
af-If Something Goes Wrong: the Newborn is Unhappy 149
ag-Development. Babies are Born unfnished 170
ah If Something Goes Wrong: the Child is Not Normal 177 
ai-Every Child’s Every Cry is a Question 182
aj-If Something Goes Wrong: Colic? 188
ak-Three weeks 195
al-A Little Memo 195
am-The First Bath 197
an-The Pacifer – If, When and For How Long? 200

ao-Two months 201
ap-Daily Life 201
aq-A Little Memo 206

al-Little Hugo, Two and a Half Months 206


am-Never, humanheart… 223
an-Abcs for little PeoPle: Love,
ao-Routines, Participation 223
ap-three and four months 226
aq-Innovations in the Routines:

ar-Solid Food 229
as-Sleeping Through the Night 232
at-Solitary Play in the Mornings 237

au-Social Participation Systematized 242
av-A Day with Sophie, Four Months 246
aw-Has Daily Life Gone Off the Rails? 253
ax-A Routine Memo 261
ay-Five and six months 262
az-A Star is Born 265
ba-Novelties in the Routines: Out of the Bedroom 269
bb-Away with the Pacifer 271
bc-Bathing in the Bathtub 272
bd-More Food – and How 275
be-The sIX-month-old researcher,
bf-Worker and flIrt

bg-The Researcher 281
bh-The Worker 285
bi-The Flirt 290
bj-The crawler 294
bk-Preparations 294
bl-Three Golden Rules 298
bm-Eight and nIne months 311

bn-Eight-Month Anxiety: Born to the Self 311
bo-Marry Your Child or Prepare the Child for a Life Without You? 316
bp-Toilet Training? 325  
bq-EleVen months to one year 331



br-Maintaining Good Habits 331
bs-IntroductIon: From My Life.

bt-Theories for Comfort 352
bu-The cycle of lIfe: somethIng about deVeloPment 363
bv-SomethIng about PersonalIty 371
bw-One year: The Good Life 384
bx-A Safe Haven 389
by-Two years: Master of All He Surveys 391

bz-The Two-Year-Old and Life 396
ca-The terrIble twos: “I Want to, I Don’t Want to!” 398
cb-Comfort 427
cc-Help! Ruby Refuses to Get Dressed! 428
cd-Three years: The Comedian 431
ce-A Fleeting Moment in the Sun 435

cf-Four years: On the Run 437
cg-The Smile of a Summer Day 441
ch-FiVe years: The Lily of Peace 443
ci-Speak Gently to Mother 448
cj-Six years: It’s a Hard Life 450
ck-The Child and the Good Heart 453

cl-SeVen years: The School Child 455
cm-Of Pimps and Poetry 459

cn-Eight years: The Magician 461
co-Mental Gymnastics: An Exercise in SelfImprovement 465
cp-Nine years: The Seeker 467
cq-The Jaws of the Black Dog 471
cr-Ten years: A Life on Track 472
cs-The Classic Question 476

ct-EleVen years: The Trickster 478
cu-Change 482
cv-TwelVe years: The Relationship Researcher 484
cw-Warmth 489

cx-ThIrteen years: The Importance of Being Earnest 491
cy-Days Filled with Laughter 497
cz-Fourteen years: Loneliness 498

da-The Light 502
db-FIfteen years: An adult? 504
dc-It’s Our Children that Make Us Truly Rich 513

dd-Sixteen years: Integrity 515
de-A Song to a Son 521  

df-Boys will be boys… won’t they? somethIng about seX roles 522
dg-Of Boys and Human Beings 522
dh-A Little Boy Learns Ground Service 527



di-How to do It – If you want to 532
dj-Norms, Models and Consequences 541
dk-The Curse of Guilt 553
dl-What You Must Not Do 556
dm-Respect 562
dn-On Being Spoiled 564
do-Limits 567
dp-Punishment 570
dq-Masturbation and Sex 574
dr-Trust 578
ds-Your Adult Word is Law 580
dt-The Voice of Conviction 582
dr-Children’s violence 591
ds-In Our Hearts We Cry 595
dt-Problems? food 599
du-Problems? keePIng busy 618
dv-Little Joyce and her Mother 629
dw-Problems? sleeP 635
dx-Marie and Samuel, six weeks old – an E-Mail Correspondence 648
dy-The safari. An allegory 656
dz-It takes two to tango 662
ea-Who do you Love the Most? 674
eb-Siblings 675
ec-No, No Jealousy! 677
ed-A Little Advice for Everyday Life 694
ee-Mean Zeke 695
ef-The Gift 707

eg-StorIes for lonely souls 709
eh-The Little Tailor 709
ei-Two Lives for Karl 711
ej-In Remembrance of a Lost Childhood 715
ek-A fInal word: To My Beloved Children 717
el-The earth 719