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Organic passion fruits from Spain - 3 kgs

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Organic passion fruits (maracujas) - 3 kilograms

Direct delivery from the producer. Shipping costs will be automatically added to your cart = €10.95 regardless of the number of crates ordered. Mixing and matching is possible on all crates of fresh fruits.

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South of Spain origin


Shipped directly from the supplier for more speed, freshness, and fewer transportation damages! Shipping costs are automatically added to your cart. The price remains the same regardless of the number of boxes ordered.

Passion fruits, also known as maracujas, originate from South America. They are highly appreciated for their remarkable sweet-tart flavor. The fruit trees grow in the lands of Andalusia, under the sun, with exceptional expertise for sustainable and responsible cultivation. We aim to offer you this organic quality directly from the producer!

Harvested at physiological maturity by our partner Iulian, located on the Spanish Costa Tropical. To withstand transportation, the fruits are delivered while still firm and will be ready to eat a few days after receipt. Once ripe, you can store them in the fridge for up to 15 days.

Passion fruit is a nutritional powerhouse. It is very rich in numerous nutrients, and we often consume only a small amount per day, which brings its extraordinary levels back to normal in our daily diet.

Its benefits:

Rich in phosphorus for the protection of bones and teeth.

Rich in iron, to combat anemia and the resulting fatigue.

It is a source of C vitamin, which is very interesting from a nutritional point of view because this vitamin improves the absorption of iron by the body! A 100% natural winning combo.

Good balance between carbohydrates (10%) and fiber (7%), which allows for the gradual release of sugars into the blood and promotes good intestinal transit.

Very low in lipids.

Rich in a multitude of vitamins, including A vitamin (26%) and C vitamin (23%), which protect your eyes, highly solicited in our modern societies. Its content of B5 (11%), B6 (11%), and B9 (31%) vitamins is also noteworthy.

Antioxidant thanks to its anthocyanins, it participates in the protection of the body against free radicals and may reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Andalousia direct sector

We can't get any more direct than this from our producer in Spain, in Granada! Iulian Perseca has been running the family business since 2018. Two generations have succeeded each other to cultivate fields of avocados, mangoes, and cherimoyas using organic farming methods, producing excellent quality fruits enhanced by the southern Spanish sun.

The packaging for the passion fruits is 3 kilograms. The shipment is sent directly from Malaga, from the producer, via GLS.

If you order boxes of fruits and other products, one package will depart from Marseille and another from Malaga.
If you only order one box of fruits, including shipping, no additional shipping costs will be added to your order.

No pickup points available. No delivery to Switzerland.

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