50 years old and + organic oil - 50 cL

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Blend of 6 cold-pressed oils, adapted to the needs of the fifty years old persons and more. Certified organic farming, 500 mL.

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50 + organic oil: good for memory, heart and cholesterol regulation

Throughout our lives, our needs change. It is important to vary our diet and to provide nutrients that are less well assimilated and/or produced over time.

After 50 years, physical fatigue is more felt, we feel our cognitive abilities less efficient and it is at this time that the small inconveniences and diseases declare themselves: heart problems, cholesterol, painful joints, memory which decreases, the skin which loosens itself...

To preserve our health capital and go through these changes with ease, Quintesens has associated 6 oils that combine all the essential fatty acids. Designed with nutritionists to fill deficiencies in omega-3, E vitamin and DHA, this oil acts in synergy on the protection of the cells, the regulation of cholesterol and the proper functioning of the heart and memory.

🪔 A custom-made blend of oils

- Oleic sunflower oil for omega 9
- Extra virgin olive oil for its taste
- Virgin flaxseed oil for omega 3
- Pumpkin seed oil for the prostate and urinary comfort
- Seaweed oil for DHA for the brain
- Borage oil for skin elasticity

Its taste is soft, it is very easy to consume it as your usual oil.

🪔 How to use it?

As a replacement for your main oil in your dishes, salads, smoothies, pestos, gratins and any other culinary creation.
Suitable for cooking (below 140°C) and the oven.
Not suitable for frying!
The ideal remains to consume it raw, if necessary by adding it after cooking.

🪔 Virtuous and 100% transparent manufacturing

The 50+ oil is certified organic, cold pressed and mainly of French origin (percentages available in the "In practice" tab), designed and manufactured in France. Quintesens makes it a point of honor to work with natural products, to enhance the human factor and protect the planet, they master their raw material sectors for impeccable quality.

To find out more about the stages in the manufacture of oils, click here: Quintesens has produced a clear and very relevant diagram.

50+ oil brings you:

90% of Omega-3 ALA requirements, essential for the regulation of cholesterol and for good cardiovascular function. A study also shows significant benefits in reducing cognitive decline.

Omega-6 support, in their gamma-linolenic (GLA) form, for skin hydration and beauty.

100% of E vitamin requirements to protect the cells from premature oxidation.

64% of needs covered in French plant-based DHA. DHA or docosahexaenoic acid belongs to the Omega-3 family, it can be synthesized from Omega-3 (ALA). However, it is recognized that with age, the conversion of ALA into DHA no longer occurs. We must continue to provide this essential fatty acid through food.

DHA intervenes on the good cerebral and cardiovascular functioning, but also on the maintenance of the vision.

A deficiency in DHA would lead to depression and Alzheimer's disease.

An ideal Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio of 1.8, which corrects current imbalances.

Virgin pumpkin seed oil, recognized for its benefits on the prostate and urinary comfort. It would also have effects on the health of the male sexual organs.



This company aims to unite taste and health, with mainly French organic products. It was obvious that their products would find a place of choice in our shop!

Created in 2017 by Sébastien Loctin, a former executive in the agri-food industry who began to question himself when his children were born and to worry about the evolution of food over time. He saw from inside the transformation of the food supply towards standardized, uniform, rationalized and above all very profitable products. He notes that we have gone from a diet that nourishes to a diet that fills in...

Why should we choose between eating organic, eating healthy, eating well or eating French? Quintesens was born and the revolution is underway to enable everyone to make the best choice of products for their health and the one of their family.

Today, each new product they develop meets the same commitments:

 * Health: recipes developed with experts (nutritionists and naturopaths), ingredients sourced in relation to their nutritional potential, no additives even those authorized in organic. You are sure to choose the healthiest products on the market.

 * Pleasure: taking care of yourself is easier when you don't have to force yourself! Gourmets from the start, the Quintesens team offers us an uninhibited healthy alternative. The recipes are developed with culinary creators and chefs.

 * Organic: and much more. Their specifications are stricter than the classic organic label: no additives even authorized in organic, taking into account the human/animal/earth relationship, building solid and lasting links with producers and rigorous selection of raw materials.

* Traceability: products from quality terroirs and of French origin when the sectors allow it. When this is not possible, they carefully select partners who are mainly European.

"Feeding people is a responsibility that cannot be compromised!"

Ingredients: Organic Oleic Sunflower Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Virgin Linseed Oil, Organic Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil, Marine Oil rich in DHA (natural oil extracted from the microalgae Schizochytrium), Organic Virgin Borage Oil

*98 % Europe origin (with 68% France)
*2 % non UE

- DMD: 15 months after production date

Packaging: tinted glass bottle, capacity 50 cL

Storage: at room temperature, between 5°C and 25°C

  For 100g  For 30g
Energy Kcal / Kj 900 / 3768 270 / 1130
Fats  100g 30g
whose saturated fats 9,1g 2,7g
whose monounsaturated fats 69,4g 20,8g
whose polyunsaturated fats 21,4g 6,4g
Omega-3 ALA 7,2g 2,2g
Omega-3 DHA 530 mg 160 mg
Omega-6 LA 13,6g 4,1g
Omega-6 GLA 0,1g 0g
Ratio Omega-6 / Omega-3 1,8 1,8
Carbohydrates 0g 0g
whose sugars 0g 0g
Proteins 0g 0g
Salt 0g 0g
E vitamin 56,4 mg 17 mg

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