Organic activated buckwheat seeds

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Soaked then dehydrated (=activated) buckwheat seeds, 2 sizes available

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Organic whole buckwheat seeds activated by Version Crue

Do you like buckwheat? But you don't really know how to bring it into your everyday kitchen? Are you looking for a way to consume it without cooking it? Or don't you have time to germinate it yourself?

We offer 350g and 1kg bags of buckwheat activated with very pure water - certified of the same quality as spring water that comes out of the mountains - then dehydrated at 40°C.

You get small sprouted and still crunchy grains, to slip everywhere - sweet or savory.


It is the fact of soaking the dried fruits or seeds, which will revive all the dormant enzymatic activity to start their germination and therefore make the vitamins and minerals that compose them bioavailable. Activation also eliminates phytic acid and the enzyme inhibitors they contain: these compounds can harm digestion and reduce the absorption of trace elements by our digestive system.

Home-activated seeds, however, can be stored in the refrigerator for only a few days. We therefore offer activated buckwheat seeds dehydrated at low temperature: the combination of the power of activation, optimal preservation and a crunchy texture.

Activated buckwheat is therefore an revived seed, on its way to germination, which makes all its compounds available and multiplies all its benefits for our organism.

- stored lipids are broken down into easily assimilated fatty acids

- stored proteins are broken down into amino acids that are immediately bioavailable

- complex sugars in reserves are broken down into simple sugars that are easy to assimilate

Buckwheat (or "buckwheat") is not a cereal! It is the seed of a flowering plant, of the sorrel family. Originally from Asia, it has been used for millennia in different regions of the world, in various and varied forms: buckwheat pancake in Brittany, Soba noodles in Japan, kacha in Russia or even beer in China.

It is a plant whose cultivation is beneficial for our soils, in organic farming it is used to eliminate weeds and to enrich the soil with phosphate, one of the three essential elements for plant health.

Our buckwheat comes from the town of Soudan in Loire-Atlantique.


Process: original water bath for 6 hours then dehydrated for 20 hours at 40°

To find out more about Eauriginelle, see the "sector" section.

Benefits of activation:

Enzyme inhibitors are compounds that enable the seed not to develop, not to germinate until the external conditions are ideal for its growth. This is what enables you to keep your nuts, beans, seeds of all kinds for several months, or even years. However, when we eat them, they also have an effect in our stomach: they block certain enzymatic functions.

We are all born with a capital of enzymes. As we age, the amount of enzymes decreases in our body, which decreases our digestive power. The ideal is to overcome this problem by regularly providing our body with new enzymes that will do the work of digestion in harmony with all the other components involved in the digestive process. By soaking oilseeds to eat them raw, you maintain your enzymatic capital!

Phytic acid binds with important minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and copper, which counteracts their absorption. It would also limit the bioavailability of proteins and make digestion difficult. It is therefore necessary to eliminate it through soaking so that our digestive system better absorbs these compounds essential to our well-being.

The main benefits of buckwheat:

• Very good quality proteins: buckwheat contains most of the essential amino acids in good proportion. It is also richer in arginine, aspartic acid and lysine with levels almost three times higher than those of other cereals (study here). Proteins make up 10% to 12% of its dry weight, placing it just above wheat.

• Naturally gluten free

• Antioxidant: it contains phenolic compounds in large numbers, including caffeic acid, ferulic acid, hydrobenzoic acid and coumaric acid. They are involved in the prevention of cancers and certain cardiovascular diseases. It also contains six flavonoids: rutin, orientin, vitexin, quercetin, isovitexin, and isoorientin (study here). Rutin, in majority in the buckwheat seed, is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and could relieve the symptoms of venous insufficiency (including varicose veins and heavy legs).

• Regulates blood sugar: buckwheat contains a part of resistant starch, i.e., which is not digested by the intestine and therefore fermented in the large intestine. It thus contributes to colon health and may have beneficial effects on glucose metabolism (source). This is also what gives it a low glycemic index.

It contains various phytochemicals (such as various polyphenols and inositol), which have been shown to have a positive effect on glucose or insulin metabolism in animal models.

• Cholesterol regulation: rich in fiber, especially insoluble fiber, consuming buckwheat helps regulate transit time in the small intestine. A diet high in this type of fiber is known to lower blood levels of total cholesterol and glucose. Ideal for countering diabetes or reducing cardiovascular risk factors.

Version Crue is an artisanal company from Nouvelle-Aquitaine, which already manufactures dehydrated wraps with vegetables and fruits grown within a radius of 15 km around their workshop. Committed to reintegration, to eating better, to the planet and deeply human, it is a company that has everything to succeed.

For activated seeds & oilseeds, great care has been taken in the selection of producers and varieties.

The Version Crue production site has been equipped with a water filtration and dynamization system so that all their products are made with the best possible quality water:

It is the Eauriginelle system, when you open the dedicated tap (and only then!), the filtered water is remineralised using lithothamnium, an algae very rich in minerals and trace elements (biocompatible, because of vegetable origin), energized using a triple vortexer, restructured with an informed rock crystal (with the words "love", "gratitude", "benevolence") but also protected from electromagnetic waves with 2 stones: a shungite and a labradorite. The latter also brings energy to the reverse osmosis water. This means that we have, at the exit, some water that fully meets the criteria of Vincent's BioElectronics (BEV): in the analysis results, it is qualified as perfect water, that is to say in all points identical to unpolluted spring water.

The local green electricity supplier that runs their dehydrators is Énergie d'ici.

The packaging also required extensive research to offer you packaging that respects the environment, made of natural material and 100% recyclable - while ensuring optimal conservation.

DMD: 12 months after the production date

Storage: cool and dry. In the tightly closed bag or in an airtight jar.

Packaging: 100% recyclable kraft bag

Origin: France (44110 Soudan)

- The label mandalas were created by Lucie Yonnet, painter, illustrator and graphic designer, who creates energetic and vibratory images:

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