Kombu algae vegan diet
Kombu algae vegan diet

Fresh organic kombu seaweed

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Fresh organic kombu royal seaweed, in bulk of 1kg.

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Fresh organic Kombu Royal seaweed 1kg

(Saccharina Latissima)

The power and freshness of the sea on your plate. Preserved in sea salt, it can be kept 6 months in the refrigerator. It can be eaten after two to three desalting baths.

Kombu also enables the making of a broth. All you have to do is to boil the water with fresh or already rehydrated pieces of kombu, herbs and vegetables. Let infuse for 5 to 10 minutes with heat off, then remove the kombu strips. This broth can be eaten plain with vegetables, it perfectly suits soups or replaces the cooking water of cereals or legumes.

Kombu is the basic ingredient of a traditional Japanese broth, called "dashi". This algae alkalinizes the dishes in general. Used in the preparation of tomato sauce, it neutralizes its acidity.

The bigger kombu strips can be used to surround other ingredients and be presented as papillotes or pouches. Kombu broths and infusions promote body detoxification and weight harmonization.

In the East, Kombu is considered as the medicine seaweed and the algae for health and longevity, kombu means "happiness" in Japanese.

This queen of the seas lives in a real forest. Brown in colour, it can reach 6 meters long.

Complete nutritional card

For its countless properties, kombu algae is sought-after since the Antiquity for its richness in iodine. The kombu contains 20 to 30% of mineral salts, which is 8 times more calcium than milk, 5 times more iron than spinach, very rich in potassium and sodium as well. A, B1, B2, niacin, B6, B12, C, E, F, K, PP vitamins. It also has nearly 10% proteins and 60% carbohydrates: guaranteed energy!

This alga is also known for its heavy metals chelating properties.

The kombu has an interesting property, which is the acceleration of the grains and legumes cooking, making them also more digestible. It also has glutamate of sodium, which is a natural taste enhancer.

To know more about our algae and where they come from, watch our two reports filmed in Roscoff in Finistère (Brittany), at our partner BRETALG, pioneer of fresh organic Breton algae. True to our values of transparency and integrity, we wanted to show you in video all this sector from the harvest to your plates.

- DMD: 6 months after the date of production

Delivery: the algae shipment is carried out in just-in-time production, sometimes a few extra days are necessary to process your order, depending on the day we get new fresh supplies. The algae support easily several days of travel outside the fridge, even during periods of hot weather, thanks to their packaging in salt bath.

You will receive an email on the day of departure of your package, then your tracking number the next day.

The algae can slightly give some water back during the transportation despite a double-wrapping zip. This rarely happens, but if your carton box arrives wet, it is not a major problem, please accept your package and contact us by email to take stock of it. In 10 years we have always found amicable agreements, but the refusal of fresh goods means that the goods are lost and we want to prevent these cases.

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