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Online training: types of ferments, techniques, and tips to mimic the flavors and textures of cheeses in a healthy, tasty plant-based version. the program includes:

- Cashew crottin with rejuvelac
- Almond log with thyme and miso
- Buckwheat fauxmage (fake cheese)
- Sunflower and almond ricotta
- Marinated beet ravioli with pickle juice, filled with sunflower ricotta, orange, timut pepper, and sprouted buckwheat crispies

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Want to learn the secrets of fermentation, discover this incredible transformation of living things, or go beyond the stage of simple lacto-fermented vegetables in jars? There are plenty of reasons to dive into the ShiraBio trainings, a culinary creator of the living who masters fermentation like the back of her hand and shares this art with passion.

Training details:
- 1 to 1.5-hour video
- theoretical part
- step-by-step recipe walkthrough
- other variants and applications

You can contact Shira at any time by email.

Creativity, technique, simplicity, original uses, pedagogy, flavors always on point: ShiraBio's trainings help you experiment with the living. She draws inspiration from ancestral traditions to imagine new culinary horizons that meet today's challenges and techniques.

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Meet Shira Benarroch, your guide on the path of the living things:

"I work with plants to experiment and create innovative recipes, seeking taste, nutritional balance, and meaningful aesthetics.
In an approach to eating well, focusing particularly on the health of the microbiome, I have constructed educational courses around key topics of fermentation and living cuisine that I offer online or in private training.

My approach is sensitive, instinctive, and empirical but framed by an orderly and synthetic mind. An approach that constantly broadens knowledge, sharpens expertise, and fuels passion..."

She assists top chefs in enriching their plant-based menus, like Claire Vallée (the first Michelin star for a vegan restaurant) and Nicolas Conraux, and future chefs at Ferrandi cooking school.

If you want to know more, her Instagram account is an ode to the beauty of the living: @shirabio

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