Freeze-dried pineapple from Thailand - 200g

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Freeze-dried Queen pineapple, 200g

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Ripe picked and freeze-dried pineapple

We are pleased to offer you pineapple, harvested when ripe, in Thailand and freeze-dried in small pieces in a 200g resealable bag.

After the success of Durian, we wanted to offer you other varieties of fruit in freeze-dried format. We were won over by the intense fruit flavor that this partner offers us, these are the best we have tasted so far! A real candy with a concentrated fruit flavor, just like its benefits.

The fruits are grown in a climate conducive to their growth (exotic fruits) and above all, they are picked at full maturity just before being freeze-dried. It is the guarantee of a quality product. Our supplier is not certified organic but the cultivation is and the fruits are certified "without pesticide residues".

Queen variety.

Discover the sour taste of pineapple in a crunchy version! A healthy alternative to candy for children - and adults alike.

If you want to know more about the freeze-drying process, watch this interview with Miguel Barthéléry:

This technique appeared in France at the beginning of the 20th century to dry food by sublimation: the product is first frozen, before proceeding to the evaporation of its water under vacuum. Thus, water passes directly from a solid state to a gas without passing through the liquid state! Because there is no heat intervention, freeze-drying retains the volume, appearance and all the benefits of the food.

¤ Inflammation and cardiovascular health:

Pineapple contains a special molecule, bromelain, which acts on the fluidity of the blood and its coagulation. This molecule reduces inflammation, edema, the risk of clots, phlebitis, thrombosis and stroke in people with significant blood clotting. It could break down cholesterol plaques and exert powerful fibrinolytic activity. (study here)

¤ Boost immune defenses:

C vitamin, well-known to counter the small ailments of winter, is essential to restore your tone and help your immune system. It also fights against infections and participates in the antioxidant power of pineapple.

Moreover, the bromelain of pineapple reinforces these effects. In Germany, children treated with bromelain from pineapple recover from colds more quickly than with conventional treatment (study here).

¤ Antioxidant:

Like most fruits, pineapple is an antioxidant and prevents cell aging. Bromelain (yes again!) naturally fights against cancer cells, directly by causing their death and indirectly by influencing the organism as seen previously. Research is very optimistic concerning the many benefits of this molecule, it even seems that it would make a very good dewormer!

One serving = 25 g of freeze-dried pineapple

Nutritional values for 100 g % RNI* for 1 serving
Energy 371 kcal  
Proteins  2,38 g  
Lipids  0,21 g 0%
included saturated fats 0 g
Carbohydrates  89,9 g 7%
including sugar 78,5 g  
Fibers 8,06 g 8%
Salt <0,04 g  
Calcium 60,4 mg 2%
Iron 0,71 mg 0%
C vitamin 35,9 mg 15%

*Recommended Nutritional Intakes, base for an adult (2000 calories per day). As part of a balanced diet.

Directly from Thailand

Originally from South America, pineapple is grown very well in Thailand.

A fruit is obtained after 14 to 20 months, from planting until harvest. The same plant can bear fruit 2 to 3 times.

The fruits are certified as "pesticide residue free", quite simply because there is no need for them during cultivation.

Packaging: 200 g resealable kraft bag

DMD: 18 months after the production date

Storage: Store in a dry place. Once opened, pineapple can regain some moisture and become less crunchy over time.


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