Eric, founder and creator of Biovie

Eric, a Franco-Dutch national, is a tropical agronomy engineer and graduate of the Institut Supérieur Technique d'Outre Mer. He has worked in the organic sector since 1994.
The father of 4 children, he is passionate about different cultures, the foreign languages he speaks on a daily basis, travelling, discovering other civilisations, and... sprouted seeds, of which he has become the European specialist over the decades. ✊ Since the age of 15, Eric has been involved in environmental protection, practical ecology, social justice and forgotten health practices.

After organising two training sessions in France with the Hippocrate Wellness Institute, Florida, in 2005 and 2006, Eric created Biovie with the initial aim of publishing the first book on raw food in France.
⚡ The company didn't stop there, and since 2007, Biovie has become a key player in the living foods sector in France, uniting around food, publishing and training, with numerous international projects. Together with Aurélie, his wife and professional partner, they work with passion and commitment to transforming mindsets around food and everyday well-being.

✍️ Author of "Algues au quotidien", lecturer, teacher at the École d'Alimentation Vivante et Durable in Brussels, European representative of the Californian training school for raw chefs "Living Light Culinary Institute", editor for the professional naturopathy magazine "Hippocrate", committed publisher, Eric, born in 1972, is happy to pass on his 20+ years' expertise in living foods.

🎤 As a brand ambassador, he enjoys speaking out in the press, on the radio, in podcasts and on television to raise public awareness of the health and environmental implications of a more plant-based, living food diet.