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Coconut water and its benefits

Coconut water and its benefits

- Categories : Heart centered living
The many benefits of coconut water ?
? Coconut water is a natural drainer! Its potassium concentration also helps to combat water retention.
? Coconut water allows good digestion. The presence of bioactive enzymes in this water helps to combat digestive disorders (e.g. constipation).
? It's a very effective moisturizer! Drinking coconut water regularly promotes the shine and suppleness of the skin.
The ORGANIC coconuts come from a trusted producer in Thailand and are carried by boat. That's it! We offer you the most direct circuit possible from the producer to your table.
Coconuts are picked there when they are green and young in order to enjoy a maximum of coconut water (and a minimum of flesh).
➡️ INFO: The next departure is scheduled for 29 December! The opportunity to start the new year in full shape or to introduce coconut water to your relatives.
Have you ever tasted coconut water?

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