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Coco pomegranate yogurt recipe

Coco pomegranate yogurt recipe

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?Did you know ?
If we know the yogurt maker or the refrigerator, a dehydrator can also help you make delicious homemade plant-based yogurts!
? Mix until a smooth paste is obtained:
• 135g of fresh coconut flesh (about 2 coconuts)
• 30cl d'eau de coco
? Mix in 1 tbsp of powdered probiotics.
? Place in resealable glass jars and dehydrate at 40 ° for 6 hours. Keep them cool.
? Add fruit, here pineapple and pomegranate.... And why not 1 CC of fresh chestnut pollen: a natural probiotic with a tangy flavor and a real boost for digestion, immunity and mental health! ?
? Thanks to www.rawfoodrecipes.com for the inspiration!

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