Biovie in partnership with Yssé, an artisanal oil factory from Brittany

Biovie in partnership with Yssé, an artisanal oil factory from Brittany

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Biovie is very proud of this new collaboration with Yssé, a small oil factory from Brittany, which stocks up mainly from local industries and presses its small-scale organic seeds artisanally with a knowledge of all stages of the process. Seeds origin: France and mainly western regions.

Yssé trades with the organic actors of the sector to have an balance between crops and needs and works in partnership with organic farmers’ groups for the financing of studies for the relocation of certain crops in Brittany. On the traceability level, for hemp and flax, Yssé can go back to the number of the plot of the organic farmer.

Production process in 1st cold pressure with a French manufacturing screw press.

The traditional workmanship enables to:

- adjust the manufacturing according to the needs in order to limit stocks

- adjust the manufacturing parameters according to each seed in order to perform the best productions without the pressure of the production rate.

The storage tanks are equipped with a floating hat system (like the wine conservation system) to limit oxidation during storage.

For the packaging, Yssé uses recyclable white iron cans made in France.

In order to guarantee the best quality, the oil is conditioned very quickly after pressing.

Filling is done with nitrogen injection to reduce oxidation during the can storage.

Seeds and oils are analyzed by an external laboratory according to a monitoring and audit plan (microbiology, mycotoxin, heavy metals, acidity, fat content, allergen, dioxin, PAH...). The fatty acid profiles (including omega 3 and 6) are made on each type of seeds according to the monitoring and audit plan. It enables us to confirm the values indicated on the labels.

Biovie offers the "super oils" of flax and the hemp seeds of Yssé.

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