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Cherimoya from Spain - 4 kilos (moving towards organic practices)

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Cherimoya from Spain, moving towards organic practices - 4 kilos - end of the offer: 20th of October.

Storage: a few days at room temperature until ripening. Once ripe (slightly soft flesh): 7 days in the fridge.

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Spain Origin



The cherimoya (or chirimoya) has a creamy and sweet white flesh reminiscent of ice cream! It is eaten directly with a spoon, after removing the few large, clearly visible black pips. Its taste is completely unique, it is considered by many to be one of the best fruits in the world.

Harvested at physiological maturity by our new partner Iulian located on the Spanish Costa Tropical. To be able to withstand transport, the fruits are delivered still firm and will be ready to be eaten a few days after receipt.

They are ripe when they become slightly soft to the touch (like an avocado). Once ripe you can put them in the fridge for a week.

The advantages of cherimoyas:

1- Full of energy

The cherimoya contains 18% carbohydrates, almost as much as a banana. Its energy content of 75 kcal per 100 g makes this fruit a good energy booster, ideal for snacking or after exercise. Add a few slices of this magical fruit to your lunch meal, and enjoy it during your workout!

2 – C vitamin 

It contains 3x more than the apple for example! This vitamin is a real natural antioxidant capable of trapping the free radicals responsible for cell aging. It also helps support your immune system during the winter.

3 – Better intestinal transit

With its good fiber density, cherimoya activates the digestive system and helps reduce inconveniences such as constipation.

4- Potassium and magnesium

Our current eating habits are globally deficient in magnesium (between 30% and 50% lower than the recommended intakes) which induces general states of fatigue. It is interesting to know that this fruit is recommended if this is your case! Potassium, on the other hand, regulates the acid-base balance, intervenes in muscular contractions and limits the risk of hypertension.

5 - B6 vitamin and calcium

B6 is essential for the action of many enzymes involved in the metabolism of proteins and amino acids, essential in particular for the nervous and cutaneous systems. Calcium is well known for its actions on the bones, it is interesting to know its sources when you consume little or no conventional dairy products.

6 - A good friend for mums to be

Rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, cherimoya is recommended during pregnancy. It would reduce mood swings and alleviate early nausea, while protecting the immune system of the fetus.

Malaga direct industry

We can't do more direct from this Andalusian producer in Granada! Iulian Perseca has taken over the family business for 5 years now. 2 generations have followed one another to cultivate the fields of avocados, mangoes and cherimoyas in organic farming, sublimated by the sun of southern Spain.


The packaging of cherimoya is in 4 kilo boxes, with recycled cardboard buffers. All carriers can be selected except relay point depots

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