Organic fermented nut paste

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Fermented raw nut paste, 275g jar

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Organic fermented nut spread

It was in a trade show in London that we met this Spanish SME. We were surprised by the idea and won over by the multiple possibilities of use that this paste format offers. Organic fermented paste can be used everywhere, sweet or savory, to provide the touch of probiotics your body needs on a daily basis.

Their very pronounced, slightly acidic taste instantly enhances your preparations with a truly unique touch:

on a salad, in any type of sauce, vegetable cream, soup or in a smoothie, homemade ice cream, pastry or mixed with your yogurt and muesli in the morning. For the more adventurous, they can also be used spread on bread, crackers or pancakes.

The paste is NOT pasteurized, so it contains all the probiotics from fermentation, while eliminating microorganisms that are potentially dangerous to health. Fermentation (about 48 hours) improves their nutritional content, making the proteins and fibers of the nuts more digestible and providing more micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) than a classic nut puree.

- Source of protein.

🥄🥄 Recipe idea with the fermented nut paste:

Mushroom soup
- 1 handful of fresh mushrooms,
- 1 handful of dry mushrooms,
- 1 big spoon of fermented nut paste,
- 1 onion,
1 garlic,
- warm water,
- shoyu,
- pepper.

Fermented foods are highly recommended for the well-being of your digestive system. In addition to improving digestion, providing you with probiotics, fermentation improves the bioavailability of certain nutrients and reduces anti-nutritional compounds like phytic acid.

We advise you to consume a small amount of fermented products each day.

bienfaits des noix et graines fermentés

Lactofermentation reveals the flavors of food and promotes the balance of the intestinal microbiota. Seeds and nuts stay alive, are digested more easily, are detoxifying… and delicious!

Dietary probiotics are better and more durably assimilated than supplements. It's more fun to add a spoon of fermented paste once a day in one of your meals, than taking pills, right? ;)

Balance of the intestinal flora: thanks to probiotics. Good bacteria that enrich, regulate, rebalance your intestinal flora. Thanks to them, you will find good intestinal health and we know that the digestive system is our 2nd brain! Taking care of it with probiotics improves many functions of your body, including your mood.

Better digestion: amylase, protease, cellulase, lipase, pectinase do the work for us; the textures are softened and the nutrients more assimilable. It is therefore strongly advised to eat lactofermented products for people with an easily irritable digestive system, especially because of the fibres.

Anti-toxins: fermentation reduces the presence of anti-nutritional compounds. Certain compounds such as phytic acid, cyanide, saponins and phytates (naturally present in food) are neutralized and destroyed.

Strengthens the immune system: nowadays numerous studies have proven that probiotics stimulate the production of antimicrobial compounds, reduce the effect of pathogens and prevent autoimmune reactions. They are also effective in combating antibiotic resistance. In short, a cocktail of benefits to boost our immunity cells!

Even more vitamins and minerals: the nut is rich in magnesium, E and B vitamins, as well as iron and calcium. Certain bacteria resulting from fermentation trigger a phenomenon of biosynthesis of vitamins (B, C, K), minerals and amino acids, which makes the dough richer than raw nuts.

Reduced Inflammation: probiotics influence the growth and regulation of cells that control the body's inflammatory pathways and take action against infections, and food allergic reactions.

Cognitive protection: the intestine and the brain are closely linked, they both regulate the production of hormones in our body and act in synergy. The bacteria will have a modulating effect on the production of nervous messages, in one direction as in the other.

Very good lipid intake: the nut has a high rate of polyunsaturated fatty acids (over 70% of its total lipids), of which almost a fifth is in the form of alpha-linolenic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, and particularly omega-3 fatty acids, are considered good fats for cardiovascular health, given their positive impact on blood lipid levels.

The nut contains the ideal proportion of omega-3 fatty acids (compared to omega-6 fatty acids) to have in our diet (source).

VARIET, a Maria Diet's brand

Following a long family tradition, Maria Diet has been producing organic food based on dried fruits and seeds from certified organic farming since 1997. They embarked on the path of research and development of innovative products for the improvement of health and today their technical team is the reference for many wholesalers and retailers in the sector.

Their experience of production processes and their ability to select raw materials, led them to create the VARIET range, which raises the nutritional qualities of dried fruits and seeds to a level that no one has yet managed to reach.

Currently their areas of activity are:

   - Functional diet
   - Certified organic foods
   - Dietary supplements

Their objective: to promote the health and well-being of consumers through quality products.

They use the best raw materials and the best active ingredients to manufacture safe, effective and high quality products, in order to achieve complete consumer satisfaction.

logo maria diet, variet

Packaging: Glass jar of 275 g

Ingredients: Raw nut* and plant-based probotic ferment (Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium et Entérococcus).
*ingredient from organic farming

48h fermentation.

DMD: 1 year after production.

Storage: storage at room temperature, cool and dry. Can be kept for several months after opening.

Nutritional information for 100 g:
Energetic value: 2738 kJ/654 kcal
Lipids: 63,8 g
incl. saturated fats: 6,1 g
Carbohydrates: 7 g
incl. sugars: 2,6 g
Fibers: 6,4 g
Proteins: 14,5 g
Salt: 0,01 g
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