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Organic Fuerte avocados from Spain - 5 kgs

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Organic fuerte avocados from Spain - 5 kilos

Direct shipping from the producer. Shipping costs will be automatically added to your cart = €10.95 regardless of the number of boxes ordered. Mixed boxes of fresh fruits are possible.

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South of Spain origin


NEW: shipping directly from the supplier, offering more speed, fresher products, and less damage from transportation!
Delivery fee of €10.95 regardless of the number of boxes.
If you order additional Biovie products, you will also have to pay the standard shipping fees for your Biovie products: arrival in 2 separate parcels.

Avocados of the highly appreciated FUERTE variety, large fruit, harvested at physiological maturity by our partner Iulian located on the Spanish Costa Tropical. To withstand transportation, the fruits are delivered still firm and will be ready to eat a few days after receiving them. Once ripe, you can store them for up to 15 days in the fridge.

Benefits of avocados:

1- Avocado contains good fats:
The monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado play an important role in lowering bad cholesterol levels, thereby positively impacting the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.  

2 – Avocado enhances the properties of other foods:
Adding avocado to a salad allows your body to absorb three to five times more carotenoids, pigments present in certain plants, rich in provitamin A and antioxidants.

3 – Avocado is a fighter!
Mexican researchers have found that oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acids helps the body self-regulate and function more efficiently. These benefits are similar to those of a Mediterranean diet based on olive oil, whose nutrients are similar to those of avocado.

4- Avocado is an excellent appetite suppressant!
Eating half a fresh avocado at lunchtime can reduce the feeling of hunger by 40% for hours.

5 - Avocado helps you eat healthier:
People who regularly consume avocados have a lower body mass index and tend to eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber, and K vitamin .

6 - Avocado regulates your sugar levels:
Rich in K vitamin , avocado reduces the risks of developing diabetes. Mixing vegetables with your fresh avocado allows you to load up on minerals and vitamins.

7 – Avocado gives you energy:
Do you usually take energy supplements before going to the gym? Know that avocado gives you the same boost, naturally. So, add a few slices of this magical fruit to your midday meal, and enjoy it during your workout!

Direct sector from Andalusia

We cannot get any more direct from this producer in Andalusia, in Granada! Iulian Perseca has been running the family business for 6 years now. Two generations have cultivated fields of avocados, mangoes, and chirimoyas using organic agriculture, enhanced by the sun of southern Spain.


The packaging for the avocados is 5 kilograms. Shipping is done directly from Malaga, at the producer's location, by GLS.

If you order boxes of fruit and other products, one package will leave from Marseille and another from Malaga.
If you order just one box of fruit, shipping included, no additional shipping costs will be added to your order.

No relay points. No delivery to Switzerland.

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