sea water ibiza bottle glass 0,75
marine plasma odevie
ibiza biovie plasma seawater range
hypertonic marine plasma isiomer
sea water ibiza bottle glass 0,75
marine plasma odevie
ibiza biovie plasma seawater range
hypertonic marine plasma isiomer

0.75 litres Hypertonic Marine Plasma Bottle

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Marine plasma harvested in the high seas, glass bottle of 0.75L.

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Minerals for Maximum Vitality


Marine plasma is an excellent nutrient for the body because it contains all the minerals and trace elements in an organic and bio-available manner. 

This sea water is then packaged in 3, 11 and 20 litres bag in boxes, composed of litres carton+ high-density special food contact polyethylene (nothing to do with the water bottles PET plastic found in the stores, see the video above). 


The formula to get isotonic sea water from hypertonic sea water is the following :

  • mix 1/4 hypertonic sea water + 3/4 water source. 



Life has a marine origin, it has been scientifically proven. The sea water has a chemical composition very similar to the one of blood plasma, which is why it is so beneficial to living beings. In order to optimise the absorption of minerals from the sea water, the harvest is carried out in a very specific place : the sea water collect is carried out in the high seas, in places privileged by their high stability in the composition of minerals, in sites where ocean currents keep the sea water perfectly clean and with a continual salinity, where marine whirlpools appear. In these places, there are large concentrations of plankton, the second biggest link in the food chain of the Earth, with the plants.

By doing the harvest in these places, the sea water contains all the minerals and trace elements in an organic and bio-available manner. We are isotonic sea water, in other words, our blood plasma contains about 9 g / l. of mineral salts, compared to the sea water which contains about 36 g / l, it is in the same proportions than in the blood. The most obvious and the most interesting way of using sea water can be a direct and controlled ingestion in the cooking.


Minerals are the "fuel" mainly used by our body, necessary for our cells to perform their functions optimally. They are also essential to vitamins absorption and are responsible for the enzymatic processes of the cells. And so, for the cells to fulfill all their duties with the maximum vitality and the accurate ability of organic, bio-available and alkaline cellular nutrition. Thus, the sea water becomes the best mineral drink since it contains all the periodic table of Mendeleev elements.;
Another one of the great benefits of sea water is its pH. As said by Otto Warbürg, the father of cellular respiration, and dual-winner of the Nobel prize, "all diseases are acidic and where there is oxygen and alkalinity, there can be no disease." Because of the quality of our raw material, the hyperoxygenated waters of Posidonia meadows (recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1999) and marine currents provide purity and clarity. Ibiza and Formentera Agua de Mar has an alkaline pH between 8.1 and 8.4, which will help the body to maintain a neutral pH through homeostasis. The ingestion of sea water is recommended to control and maintain our pH, and is as well an exceptional supplement for alkaline diets. 
The antioxidant and anti-acidity power produced by the sea water is due to the alkalinity provided by the minerals. 
Drinking sea water in a direct and controlled way is very beneficial for the health, because sea water is an excellent nutrient, containing most of the minerals of the periodic table, and all dissolved in the best universal existing solvent: water. This is very important because the "fuel" that our body uses is mainly made up of minerals, without which cells would not be able to practise their function in an optimal way in the body.
In the kitchen, sea water enhances and improves the taste of many foods without masking the true taste. Thus, the food prepared with sea water keeps its original flavor and nothing else. Cooking with sea water provides all the minerals and trace elements in a healthy and natural way, making it up the best substitute for ordinary salt (sodium chloride). 
Sea water contains all the mineral elements from the periodic table in a bio-available manner. It is thanks to this that cooked foods from sea water are re-hydrated and remineralized to make foods with strong nutritional power. The problem today is that our consumption of minerals through food has significantly declined and, why is that ? The answer is very simple: the pollution, the depletion of soils due to intensive agricultural production and the pace of our stressful life have significantly reduced the quality of the food and its intake in minerals, reducing  drastically the minimum contribution necessary for the proper functioning of the body. 
Sea water also helps us to stay young, for a simple reason: in a regular and cyclical way, the body regenerates all of its cells, because their lifespan is limited in time. As we age, one of the first faculties the cell loses is the ability to hydrate itself. We know that the older we get, the less we drink, so drinking and ingesting sea water can help us to "reawaken" this capacity to hydrate ourselves we have naturally in our bodies when we are young. Sea water contains between 35 and 38 grams / litre of dissolved salts. This is why it is so important to have alkaline foods in our diet. If our internal environment becomes acidic, the first thing the body will try to do is to make its pH alkaline, and how does it do? It primarily uses its calcium reserves to extinguish this "fire", and this calcium can be found for the body more easily in the first available resource, the bones. It is easy to understand that this mechanism leads to fragilities. By ingesting sea water, we can control and maintain our pH, keep our bones healthy and improve our digestion. Different universities are currently studying the nutritional and therapeutic effects of sea water such as the University of Malaga, La Laguna (Tenerife), Antioquia (Colombia) and Nouatchot (Mauritania). The common features between the blood and sea water are homeostasis (self-regulation properties), the presence of specific and similar trace elements (chemical element essential to life) and we can also find in both an antibiotic and autoregenerative power. At the International Congress of Thalassotherapy in Cannes in 1957, La Farge said that sea water is bactericidal only for pathogenic bacteria. 


Fushi, Emperor of China, creator of writing, and the father of the sea medicine, has recommended sea water 5000 years ago for the prevention and treatment of the diseases. 
Plato said "the water of the sea cures all the man ailments". 
René Quinton, a French physiologist, took back and promoted studies about the use of sea water in 1906. 


Sea water has a so varied chemical composition that it can not be artificially synthesized, what does that mean exactly? 

Sea water cannot be manufactured, because it contains many elements in trace amounts, which actually make the "industrial" or "domestic" synthesis, that is to say mixing water with salt, to a production state, which is not the same as sea water. Such a mix is simply salt water which does not contain the specific properties of the sea water. 
The salt we usually can buy does not contain all the mineral salts already dissolved in the sea water. The majority of the salt found in shops loses a large part of the components contained in the sea water during the transformation, the drying and the refining, leaving only sodium and chlorine and the addition of additives, so ordinary salt, even from marine origin, doesn’t look like sea water, because it is simply sodium chloride, NaCl. 


In these sites, the marine currents maintain the sea water perfectly clean and with a continual salinity, these are also places where marine whirlpools called vortex, favourable to plankton blooms appear. There is a large concentration of planktons in those areas, which benefit as well of an important oxygenation thanks to the Posidonia meadows, classified as a UNESCO world heritage since 1999, in the sector. These seagrass beds, located in rocky areas, are able to transform, by a process called marine biocenosis, the non bio-available mineral elements in bio-available elements, that is to say perfectly digestible by our body. The Mediterranean sea has a more important mineral concentration than in the oceans. 

The region of Ibiza, which enjoys an image of paradise, is particularly protected and has an exceptional environment where marine life is a great diversity throughout the year. The capture and extraction procedure, associated with a 4°C ultrafiltration and the non-usage of materials capable of modifying the chemical composition of the water, make it the highest quality sea water, only cold-ultrafiltered, without any other intervention. Our suppliers, in addition, use four analysis methods analysis of the water quality: 

  • Water crystals (Masaru Emoto) 
  • Dark-field microscopy 
  • Moratherapy (Jean-Marie Danze) 
  • Bio-Well technology (Korotov) 


Here are all of the interactions between minerals and trace elements in sea water, illustrating the complexity and the unique character of sea water as the matrix liquid. The arrows pointing to each other show a synergy, the arrows in opposition show an interference or antagonism.

The internal body environment and sea water fulfil the same functions, one in relation to the cells, the other in connection with the micro-organisms of the marine ecosystem. In both cases, it is the maintenance of the physical and chemical conditions in accordance with the development of life. Both are, therefore, mineral environments of which homeostasis and the chemical structure are the result of biological regulation. In addition, the analysis shows that their respective compositions are identical. 

However, composition alone is not sufficient to demonstrate the tangible therapeutic properties of marine plasma. Indeed, the study of the living world shows that the simple nature of an element does not determine its biological properties but the form and the structure in which it is present. Biochemistry differs from mineral chemistry, not by the nature of the atoms studied, but by the nature of the structures specific to living matter in which their atoms are combined. Biochemistry reveals that molecules activity mainly depends on their spatial configuration, to quote only one factor in which the importance is decisive in the study of enzymes, hormones, nucleic acids, etc.

When we study the chemical structure of sea water, which we don't know a lot of aspects, two constants emerge : 

- On the one hand, the salts making up the salt matrix of marine water have a solubility result different from the one of the same salts which are dissolved in distilled water. Therefore, hydration of sea salts is not only due to its specific nature, but also owes its special properties to the transformation of these elements within the cycles of the ecosystem. You can talk about the revitalization of marine elements. In fact, the salt matrix of marine waters is a unique natural environment which is almost impossible to reproduce artificially. This specific salts hydration determines the physical characteristics of the water itself, the foundation of the metabolism.

- On the other hand, as in its composition, the salts nature and the way in which the various elements are present in the salt matrix of sea waters are close to what we find in the internal environment. 

From a therapeutic point of view, it is precisely the specific form of the oligo-elements and mineral salts which interests us because we are looking for the action they induce. It is the basic theory on which is based the whole of the study of the marine plasma concept and which was exposed for the first time in 1897 by René Quinton: "There is an physiological identity between marine plasma and human plasma", which means marine plasma has the same ability than human plasma to be used as mineral support for cellular life. It is not only a simple salt solution in which the composition is close to the one of the extracellular fluid, but a genuine physiological serum in perfect osmosis with the internal environment, which fully satisfies the minerals needs of the cells. 


Here is a video of the encounter with our suppliers from Ibiza, who collect sea water by boat in the best possible conditions, in my sense which are close to the recommendations of René Quinton. From a quick look and unless refuted, only three companies in the world harvest like that by boat. Moreover, they use the most state-of-the-art technologies in terms of "sensitive" analysis of the water, being the representatives in Spain of Masaru Emoto Foundation and the only ones in Spain to have a dark-field microscope. Concerning the process : The water is captured at the right time on high seas, in an area between 40 and 200 meters deep, the harvesting is between 15 and 25 metres deep, in areas privileged for their high stability in the minerals composition. 


After our encounter with the suppliers, we have been very surprised by the different existing practices of harvesting sea water in the world. We are looking for the best international suppliers for all our products and we travel the world to see how they work and when it doesn't suit us, we impose our own specifications (such as for olive wood plates, the dehydrated algae at a temperature below 40°C, the coconuts, etc) in order to have an optimal quality. In this way, we try to change the practice of the producers to ensure that quality standards evolve to higher quality for all and old standards are gradually replaced by new ones, such as the dehydration at 40°C for example. According to our information, many European companies pump water from the ports, the beaches, the coast, units of sea water desalination, even salt wells in solid earth. 

Our supplier harvests the hypertonic marine plasma by boat in areas where plankton activity is maximum and where the Posidonia meadows provide an excellent oxygenation, that being said, the harvest in a vortex, which is the icing on the cake, is not 100% guaranteed, it can be partial or absent at the time of the boat arrival in these very intese marine life areas. The reason is a material reason, the vortex being of variable length, ephemeral and random, they do not enable to collect water during a very important time and in too large volumes. The arguments that you can find here and there on the harvest in the vortex from the coastline (not by boat) deserve an in-depth review... 


Here is a very simple question to ask to your usual supplier of marine plasma to see it more clearly:

 "How and under what conditions sea water is collected at your place, do you have any pictures or videos of your boats and your harvests?"

The harvest of of the best quality marine plasma must be done on specific sites with the presence of high plankton concentrations (blooms) which spontaneously appear after a few days of good weather without wind and at certain seasons (not in summer, the water is too hot) in specific locations where water currents are favourable to the formation of movable vortex (such as cyclones). The vortex and the plankton blooms are natural and ephemeral phenomena occuring at certain locations only when these specific conditions are met. It must be in the right place at the right time. A boat seems to me to be the only serious possibility to be able to harvest like this. 

We always find a lot of information on the localization, the transformation sea water and its multiple uses among the companies which market it, I have never seen a single photo or video of a harvesting boat and the accurate and precise methods of harvesting are very rarely discussed, while it is for me vital and essential points. 

Being an agronomist, these are the points that I am interested in: a sourcing of the highest quality. 

- DMD: 3 years after the date of production

Packaging: the sea water is packaged in glass bottles. Ultrafiltration enables other uses.

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