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Hygienism and living foods, Eric Darche

Book - The Hygienism And The Living Food - Eric Darche

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Eric Darche shares more than 25 years of naturopathic practice.

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The Hygienism And The Living Food

The new reference on hygiene & living food - the sharing of more than 25 years of naturopathic pratice

To restrain the downward spirals we can see in our society on the nutritional, ecological, environmental level, it seems useful to resort to real scientific knowledge, but also to experience, common sense, observation and wisdom... Real hygiene, through its knowledge, concepts and values, promotes respect for all processes related to the expression of life in all its forms; whether it concerns humans or their environment such as flora and fauna.

To promote the best answers, it may be useful to analyze the various causes at the origin of the difficulties encountered by humans, especially at the start of this century. Then, as the hygienism suggests it, it is imperative to replace the wrong behaviours with more appropriate ones. Such a reasoning may seem obvious, but, in fact, it appears more difficult to implement it because we are in the presence of various forces of which the interest of the greatest number does not seem to be the priority, on the contrary.

The real changes that humanity so badly needs will only come through individual awareness combined with the ratical application of new behaviours more correct as much at the personal level as at the collective level. But for that, it is essential to acquire new knowledge. It is for all these reasons that this book initially offers all kinds of information on the scientific, physiological, nutritional, behavioral, economic, cultural, environmental, political, societal, spiritual, etc. level. The hygienism being interested in all factors contributing or opposing to health, that is why this book focuses on the study of individual and collective mechanisms encouraging the status quo or immobility such as psychological, neurochemical, behavioral, semantic, ideological, political manipulations, etc. It is good to stick to an idea ; it is better to put it into practice...


"Eric's book is an extra and important addition in the sharing of health knowledge. It does not only focus on a specific theme, but it defines with wisdom, humility and openness the fundamental principles of human health. Even today, we know very little about it; or, at least, very few people have the correct information. Defining it well is the starting point so that everyone can become the architect of their own health. We also have enough distance now to know that we cannot trust industries and their allegations. We absolutely have to reconnect with ourselves and our environment to be able to cope. This book is very accessible, very well written and very complete. If you are new to the subject, this is for you! In addition, I particularly liked all the Internet links, videos, addresses, authors, biologists, doctors, etc. that are shared by the author. What a great research job! Beyond a book, it looks a bit like an encyclopedia including summaries, anecdotes as well as an insightful and relevant reflection on our health. It explores all the basics of nutrition, through nutrients, food, to digestive physiology, without forgetting the link between the physical and the mind, the energetic and the vibratory. I really appreciated the variety of the topics covered, the simplicity, the openness and the relevant links between all the topics. "The hygienism and the living food" is definitely the book that I will recommend to all my clients as well as to health professionals such as naturopaths, etc. We have here, thanks to Eric, a complete book to learn the essence of life.” – Jean-Claude Dosseto – Naturopath

"An exceptional reference book that Eric Darche, naturopath, took over three years to write and refine. A real health encyclopedia! This book provides us with a complete vision of the causes and solutions available to concretely optimize our health capital while empowering us in our choices of consumption and daily hygiene of life... with everything to avoid and what must be privileged. This is the future 2018 naturopathic bestseller to have on your nightstand right now." – Ghislaine Gerber 

“I bought myself the book. A book of infinite richness. Practical advice, scientific data. For those who wish to deepen their knowledge, to have a quality instruction. This book is true source.” – Founder of "Mon Sport Mon Assiette"

“This book is a killer! It is accessible to the neophyte and very well written.”  – Sami Brucelee 

“This is a great book. Very rich, I love it. And I share it around me.” – Nadia Baehr 

“Eric Darche's first book 'The Hhygienism and the living Food' is the must-see of the year. Congratulations for this selection.” – Simon D’Orlaq 

“Simply great! Very complete and I go through it carefully .... Congratulations to you again! I also really appreciate the testimonials and "other than food" topics...” – Bene Bleriot

“Yes, excellent book” – Caroline Chanal

“A book which enabled me to revise my diet and open my eyes on other subjects...”– Sami Brucelee

“Wonderful!” – Anne Lipari

“ Thank you for this beautiful work.”– Marlène Lebrun 

“Rewarding reading, interesting words, assured learning: mandatory recommendation !” – Julie Ki

“This book is a real gem.” – Olivia Eva

“I attest... Very good educational book.” – Quiles Maryse 

“Back to basics or how man takes control of his life…” – Innâ LiLlâhi Wa InnâIlayhirâjiûn  

“Claire Severac, I will not forget your thesis. You are an extraordinary woman of courage as well as Mr. Darche who allows us through his book to see the excesses of this system. At my level, I help relay information.” – Sami Brucelee 

“Magnificent book, to read immediately !” – Caro Dernoncourt 

“I bought it when it came out! A really good book, although I haven't finished reading it ... I highly recommend it!” – Djamila Kah 

“Excellent reading, a real bedside book ... I found it at REGENERESCENCE. Thank you for your work."– Mimie Caroff 

"It is just to bring my testimony : I have 'The hygiene and the living food' book, and honestly I highly recommend this book, which is a mine of very precise, very clear and substantiated information. I already know quite a lot about hygienism and living food, so I do not discover everything, but what is very interesting is the scientific argument; moreover, this book is extremely comprehensive, so much so that one inevitably discovers a lot of things that one did not know. In short, amazing and well done for this work.” – Valerie Moncan

“It’s a huge book! I like the original form with the interfering notes in the text. This knowledge you share puts a lot of things into perspective and gives me a big picture I was far from having! What happiness!” – Charles Gabaude

“Congratulations Éric for this beautiful book that I enjoy daily!” – Stéphane Barraz

“Your book is a mine of information and a real help in understanding our mistakes.” – Quiles Maryse

“I received your last book, very nice book; the real reality. But as Coluche says - we must not fight alone but en masse - good luck and thank you for your knowledge.” – Lucien Humblet

“A very informative and well detailed book. And autographed by Eric. .. It is the best!” – Quiles Maryse

“I recently read your book which is always by my bedside! It contains a mine of precise information with links and concrete paths to explore. Although I have read a lot about food (since my recovery from cancer) I still learned a lot from your remarkable work, for example about the fact that the acidity of fruits can - depending on one's own particular naturopathic state - be neutralized at the pulmonary or at the bone level , through spite, with a risk of demineralization. It is very clearly explained. Your work deserves to be widely disseminated to enable everyone - freely and in conscience - to make relevant CHOICES and to become an actor in their health.” – Roxana Prenveille

“Hello, thank you for your "synthesis book" that I am devouring! Each page contains a mine of information which, I hope, will become knowledge, it's up to me.” – Nicolas August

“I bought your last book, it's great. I have type 2 diabetes and have changed my diet as you recommend, it works for me! Thank you !” – Alexjandrouti

“I discovered your book. I had put it aside to focus solely on my naturopathic course, but I gave in. A marvel this book! Thank you, it helps me a lot in understanding my course among other things.” – Dominique Englebert

“Thank you very much, well done for your book that I have skimmed through. It is very well explained, the explanations are simple; It is very intuitive.” – Kraw CrudiVoros

“Thank you for your BOOK : a Bible!” – Karine Lopez 

“Hello, a big thank you for your book "The hygienism and the living food". I can't believe how rich it is. Thank you for the hidden topics, too. I intend to buy a second one that I would lend around me. We need people to become aware of how our world works and to acquire good health. Thank you again and thank you for your generosity because to give this much information, you have to be generous!!! I wish you a nice day.” – Catherine Maillet

“I am immersed inside : it's a real bible!! Thank you !!” – Valérie Angelvin

“Hello Eric, I'm starting your book and I really appreciate it !!! It is very detailed, thank you! I find it really good to have included quotes, humor ... Have a nice evening and good luck! Thank you !!" – Sonia Djelassi

“Hello Eric, we don't know each other but I'm reading your last book which is a huge book, but a great one. I have turned to page 250 and find it very good. But I read it bit by bit to assimilate all the information it contains. I wanted to thank you for all this!” – JUANCITO

“It is a rich educational book. Without dogmas or preconceptions. Just scientific facts and principles of life that help us to nourish ourselves better on all levels. The chapter on youth guides us on food choices for our children.” –  MonSport MonAssiette 

“It is because your book is excellent!!! It is therefore very difficult to part with it!! In any case, I don't want to get rid of it. I love it too much!!!! I recommend it to everyone…” – Catherine Maillet

“I bought the book on Regenerescence e-shop. Perfect order, fast delivery time and perfect receiving. And indeed a super interesting book, very dense, a lot of information... In short, I keep it preciously!” – Anne Lizot

“I just ordered 2 of them I will offer as a gift. I think that from all the books that I got, it is the one that I recommend the most.” – Catherine Maillet

“Amazing your book, I read it in small doses to better integrate. It helps me anyway… Thank you!” – Sophie Godefroid“Super ton livre, je le lis à petites doses pour mieux intégrer. Ça m’aide en tout cas…Merci !” – Sophie Godefroid

Eric Darche

Eric Darche has been a Naturopath-Hygienist for 25 years. In addition to his basic training and his experience acquired through his consultations, he has continuously amplified his knowledge by studying numerous research works as well as by regular and fruitful exchanges with various scientists. For many years, he has also been leading workshops, conference-debates, internships, training, courses, in order to raise public awareness of the major impact of nutrition on health and has written numerous articles in the press on this subject.

We have had the pleasure of working with Eric Darche at Biovie for several years. Eric has a long practical experience of Naturopathy, which he especially recorded in his last book. We followed his long project of creating a school of hygienic naturopathy. After 27 years of experience and the writing of 9 books on health, the Naturopath-Hygienist Eric Darche, opened on January 1, 2021, the ENHED school (School of Naturopathy and Hygienism Eric Darche).

This school offers training in connection with the fundamentals of hygiene and naturopathy, cleared of its "dogmas" or obsolete, fuzzy or wrong information; all associated with the most recent scientific knowledge, which are not compromised due to conflicts of interest.

On the other hand, this school wants students to develop real common sense, authenticity in all things, the correct, the beautiful, the noble or what is high, the harmony, the balance, the integrity and respect for living things in its broadest sense, as well as a critical sense.

At the same time, this school is also aimed at anyone wishing to show openness of heart, empathy for others and for life, but also seriousness and rigor in their work of learning naturopathy and hygiene. 

This item is not for sale on Biovie, but here

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