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guide to food dehydration...
Raw Vegan Recipe Book
guide to food dehydration...
Raw Vegan Recipe Book

E-book - Healthful Cuisine - Clement & Serbonish

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Healthful Cuisine

Healthful Cuisine is an e-book of Raw Plant-based and Living Cuisine to download.

Healthful Cuisine is the most comprehensive cookbook and guide book to raw and vegan cooking in French. This book guides you step by step in the development of delicious raw recipes, full of vitality, that will improve your health and personal energy.

Co-written by Dr. Anna Maria Clement and Kelly Serbonish (respectively co-director and former "raw chef" of the famous Hippocrates Health Institute in the United States), it reviews - pictures to back up - the main basic preparations of living food and their variations (vegetable pâtés, raw milks, marinades, sushis, wraps, pies and raw pizzas, salads etc.) as well as the best utensils and devices to preserve the "vitality" of nutrients (blenders, dehydrators, juice extractor).

• More than 150 raw and living food recipes
• 20 new recipes from the famous chef Chad Sarno
• 40 pages of illustrated culinary techniques
• More than 50 photographs rolling out step-by-step instructions
• Basic rules of food combinations to optimize the assimilation of nutrients
• Supply guide book for your kitchen, complete glossary
• Hundreds of useful tips and expert suggestions

Living food guide book: basic recipes for raw pies, pizzas, vegetable turnovers, sushis, pâtés, fruit crêpes, nut milks, sauces and seasonings, crackers, fruit and vegetable chips and many more recipes!

Dr. Anna Maria Clement, author and co-director of the famous Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, as well as former chef Kelly Serbonich share with you their favorite and proven recipes, foundations of the nutritional program that has allowed many people to regulate their weight, rebalance their energy and hormonal activity, regain youth and vitality, reverse and even eliminate diseases such as cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, various cardiac pathologies, allergies and many others. Find more information about the Hippocrates Health Program on https://hippocrateswellness.org/

As the paper version is out of print, it is now available as an e-book in pdf format. The download link is sent by email to the order. Please respect the copyright, and do not distribute the file.

E-book. When you order it, you receive an email entitled "virtual product to download" with a direct link. Please check in your spam if you do not find it in your email. Please order e-books alone and separate them from a physical item order (make 2 orders in this case), otherwise the processing of your order will be delayed by 48 hours because it will require special manual processing to dissociate virtual items from physical items.


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