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sprout bag organic hemp travel sproutbag
bag to germinate organic hemp travel
sprout bag organic hemp travel sproutbag
bag to germinate organic hemp travel

Universal Sproutbag

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Sproutbag for all your seeds

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Universal Hemp Sproutbag

Sproutbag made of untreated hemp. Great for hiking, travelling, boating, camping, small kitchens. Hemp naturally lets air and water circulate.

Description: bag for germination made of hemp, which is grown on organic lands, without treatments. The weaving does not take place in an organic certified building, so the bag is not certified organic. Marketed in the USA since 1979.

  • Quick: Soak the bag under a faucet or in a container, drain, pour your pre-soaked seeds and hang the bag. Two rinses daily and that's all there is to it!
  • Strong: Hemp variety used for the strength of its fibers, strong as wet than dry.
  • For which seeds? All the seeds can be used, even the gelatinous seeds with a few precautions.
  • Pros: Portable. Robust. Lightweight. Sustainable. Economic. Recyclable. Remains moist but not soaked. Versatile: it can also be used to make raw nut milks.

Instructions for use:

1. Rinse your bag.
2. Soak your seeds for 8 to 12 hours (ideally overnight) before pouring them into the sproutbag.
3. Rinse your bag, insert your seeds inside, close the bag using the closing mechanism.
4. Hang your bag for draining by avoiding sun exposure. Do not put your bag down, it will greatly reduce air circulation.
5. Rinse your bag 2 times per day minimum (every 12 hours) the water flow must be clear. If there is hot and/or dry conditions, a third wash will be welcome. Rub very gently your seeds while rinsing to avoid that they take root in the fabric.

Care and cleaning: do not use neither a hard brush, nor detergents or chemicals. To clean your bag, flip it over and wash in warm water with a clean sponge. If you need to sterilize your bag (if the harvests go to waste every other time for example), place it for 3 minutes in a container with water, which has just boiled, but not directly in a pot.

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