The therapy of inclined bed

The therapy of inclined bed

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????The engineer Andrew K. Fletcher discovered this method more than 20 years ago, and since then, he has dedicated his life to experimenting and sharing its benefits on a wide variety of health issues.

????The principle of the inclined bed therapy came to him by observing the trees: according to him, the fluids of the body circulate like the sap! As a reminder, the root-captured sap is largely composed of water loaded with nutrients (98%). Despite gravity, it will go back inside the trunk and evaporate partly at the level of the leaves, thus becoming more dense, which then bring it down again.

↗️Fletcher has transposed the circulatory mechanics of the tree to the one of the human body: raising the height of the headboard of 15cm would thus make good use of the gravity to change the density of the fluids of the organs where the water is excreted or evaporated (lungs, kidneys, skin). We therefore greatly promote the organic cleansing that takes place during the night!

????The engineer validates his method by obtaining resorptions of varicose veins in only 4 weeks. Bad venous return, water retention, tinnitus, frozen feet and hands... The inclined bed therapy facilitates circulation. But not only! Here are some of its benefits:

????accelerated detoxination by promoting lymph circulation, which discharges toxins
????enhanced immunity
????improves digestion by promoting the circulation of the bolus and preventing stagnation, which could particularly reduce the risk of intestinal cancer
????contributes to better sleep and recovery, especially in case of convalescence
????reduction of respiratory and skin ailments, as well as pockets under the eyes
????increases vitality, flexibility, and back health
????beneficial impact on neuro-vegetative impairments, but also on hyperactivity!

❣️The inclined bed can easily be DIY, at less cost, with 15cm thick wooden boards, parpaings or even books placed under the feet of the bed, or by getting a bed block to place under the mattress (the inclination must be 5 degrees). In the absence of a barrier at your bed base, placing a large pillow at the foot of the bed can avoid any risk of slipping. The first week, it is possible to experience the symptoms of a detoxin crisis (headaches, nasal discharges, skin rash). No worries! It is sign that the method works ????

✨ For the story, Fletcher was reaffirmed in his vision by a visit to the museum and the realization that the headboard of Queen Hétep-Hérès 1st, mother of the Pharaoh Khéops, was raised by 15cm!

????Anne Laure is naturopath and reflexologist

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