Seaweeds on a day-to-day basis - Aurélie & Eric Viard - Gallimard Ed.

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A comprehensive and accessible book on 13 varieties of seaweeds that explains their production methods, nutritional benefits, culinary and cosmetic uses, and environmental advantages. Followed by 40 exclusive recipes to easily incorporate them into your daily life. By Aurélie and Eric Viard. Gallimard Alternative Editions.

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Seaweeds on a day-to-day basis - Aurélie & Eric Viard - Gallimard Alternative Editions

Dive into the depths of edible seaweeds, learn where they come from, how they are "cultivated", their benefits, and most importantly, how to use them daily in our meals and cosmetics.

Seawater macro-algae (wakame, dulse, nori, etc.), freshwater micro-algae (spirulina, klamath, etc.), it's all covered! Explore the 13 most common varieties of seaweeds in Europe page by page, and become an expert on these precious treasures of the sea.
Eric, who has been consuming seaweeds for over 20 years, has put his scientific and curious mind to work to find new and surprising information about these plants, still too little known in France. Aurélie has put her culinary creativity to work to deliver 40 original, simple, and oceanically flavorful recipes.

At a very affordable price, these 140 pages will transport you to the world of the most promising food of our century. Rich in plant proteins, vitamins, minerals, especially iodine, seaweed farming requires very few resources for a very high nutritional density. It's time to put seaweed back at the heart of our plates!

Our goal with this book is to inspire you to embrace seaweeds so that they become a real part of your diet, allowing you to enjoy their exceptional nutritional qualities and richness with delight. As a bonus, you will also discover their uses and benefits in cosmetics through a dozen recipes for skin and hair.

Recipe highlights include:
Tapenade, miso soup, plant-based cheese, sea lettuce granola, and even chlorella chocolates!

Aurélie and Eric Viard

Aurélie, passionate about the gastronomic universe of raw food, experiments and designs custom recipes. Every new food listed on Biovie is an opportunity for her to explore new flavors. For Aurélie, who has been practicing living foods since 2014, it's a colorful and varied universe that brings joy to meals and allows for infinite creativity. Aurélie is keen to share a daily raw cuisine that is family-friendly, straightforward, but always full of flavor.

For her, seaweeds are a world unto themselves. The diversity of varieties, textures, colors, and especially their incredible nutritional richness, have convinced her that these sea vegetables deserve a place in our everyday culinary life. You can find even more recipes in her first book on seaweeds, "Cuisiner les algues", in partnership with Elsa from Bretalg.

Eric, on the other hand, has a background in agronomic engineering. His scientific mind constantly drives him to seek new innovations, new modes of consumption, and to understand them deeply. He has written numerous articles for the blog as well as for scientific journals like "Hippocrates," the magazine for naturopathy professionals.

A vegetarian since his teenage years and a convinced raw foodist for more than 20 years, seaweeds are a staple of his daily meals: not a day goes by without a sea vegetable on his table, even when traveling! For him, it's one of the keys to vitality in plant-based eating.

aurélie viard, auteure du livre "algues au quotidien"Eric Viard, auteur du livre "Algues au quotidien"

- 144 pages

- 16,5 x 22 cm

- FSC paper from responsible forest management

- Alternative editions (Gallimard), "Tout beau, Tout bio" collection

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