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Organic lactofermented gazpacho

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Cold lactofermented tomato and celery gazpacho, 500mL glass bottle

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"Gaga Spacho" cold lactofermented and organic raw tomato soup

New product in your fridge! Are you a fan of cold soups? Or do you want to extend the summer flavors even when the weather gets cooler? Or to integrate more fermented foods into your daily life?

Our partner Cruckles has invented the first lactofermented organic gazpacho for you. This cold soup of raw vegetables originates from Spain, served chilled or even frozen, it is one of the emblems of Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. Here it is revisited with 100% French organic vegetables and gently lactofermented.

Composed mainly of fresh tomatoes, this gazpacho combines celery, cucumbers, peppers and basil. Its refreshing taste is intense in tomato with a fairly present celery flavor.

☀️ Tip: pour into a bowl, add diced peppers and cucumber, a spoon of olive oil and enjoy it as a starter to invite the sun (and probiotics!) into your meal.

Unpasteurized, you take advantage of the benefits of lactofermented raw vegetables, with a much longer shelf life than a classic raw soup. It is advisable to keep the bottle cool.

Fermented foods are highly recommended for the well-being of your digestive system. In addition to improving digestion, providing you with probiotics, fermentation improves the bioavailability of certain nutrients.

We advise you to consume a small amount of fermented products each day to get the most out of their effects.

Lactofermentation reveals the flavors of the foods and promotes the balance of the intestinal microbiota. The vegetables stay alive, are digested more easily, are detoxifying… and delicious!

  • Balance of the intestinal flora: the main advantage of a lactofermented soup is its concentration of probiotics. Good bacteria that enrich, regulate, rebalance your intestinal flora. Thanks to them, you will find good intestinal health and we know that the digestive system is our 2nd brain! Taking care of it with probiotics improves many functions of your body.
  • Strengthens the immune system: already in the first century BC, Greek medicine recommended, for example, fermented cabbage against infectious diseases. Today studies have proven that probiotics stimulate the production of antimicrobial compounds, that they reduce the effect of pathogens and prevent autoimmune reactions. They are also effective in combating antibiotic resistance. In short, a cocktail of benefits to boost our immunity cells!
  • Reduction of inflammation: thanks to probiotics, fermented vegetables influence the increase and regulation of cells that control the body's inflammatory pathways and take action against infections, and against food allergic reactions.
  • Cognitive protection: the intestine and the brain are closely linked, they both regulate the production of hormones in our body and act in synergy. The bacteria will have a modulating effect on the production of nervous messages, in one direction as in the other.

As for the tomato itself, it is not to be outdone and has many advantages.

  • Low in calories, rich in flavors!
  • Antioxidant: the tomato is rich in lycopene (which gives it its red color), an ally against cancer, in particular thanks to its antioxidant power. E, C vitamins, beta-carotene fight against free radicals responsible for oxidative stress.The tomato provides many vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc or even magnesium. Source of C vitamin, it contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • Good for the skin: it maintains the tan (thanks to beta-carotene), contributes to the hydration of the epidermis and can even help with acne problems thanks to lycopene. By taking care of your skin, you also reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

CRUCKLES, the new generation fermentation

Cruckles was launched in 2019 by 2 young people from Marseille. There's Julien, a cook by training, he's the creative genius of Cruckles: he made us test more than fifteen recipes for sauerkraut with algae! And there's David, a double graduate in neuroscience and business management, he's the thinking head who takes Cruckles ever further. The adventure is off to a good start for our two high-quality cooking enthusiasts who wish to become the reference in lactofermented, gourmet and surprising products. We can only encourage and support them!

How did they get started? Coming back from a trip in South America, Julien became very interested in plant-based cuisine and in particular fermented foods. As for David, he let himself be seduced by entrepreneurship after a year as a student-entrepreneur. The pooling of their skills and their values ​​has led them to answer to real societal challenges. They want to democratize this natural preservation technique by putting all of Julien's culinary expertise into fermented vegetables. And because taste is not enough, they undertake a positive impact approach: the products are designed and manufactured in France, in their workshop based in Marseille, and they participate in supporting the local and French organic sector in the sourcing of vegetables.

We met them at the Natexpo show and were immediately seduced by their energy, their ambitious state of mind, like their fun and colorful jars.

Packaging: 50 cL glass bottle.

Ingredients: Tomato*(78%), Celery*, Cucumber*, Red pepper*, Basil*, Salt**.

*ingredients from organic farming.
**sea salt with the Nature & Progrès label.

DMD: 4 months after production. To consume within the 3 weeks after opening.

Storage: in the refrigerator before and after opening. It isn't sensitive to a few days out of the fridge.

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