Raw organic ginger energy ball

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Raw energy ball with ginger, vegan and gluten-free. Bag of 20 pieces.

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Energy Ball by Up'N Mind : home-made, organic and delicious!

The perfect treat! You asked for them, here are the raw, organic, gluten-free energy balls, home-made in France. So many good reasons to let yourself be tempted by these little balls full of energy and superfoods to satisfy your little hunger and your sweet cravings.

Energy balls are a staple of raw cuisine, many recipes are available online, almost any flavor is possible. But we don't always have the time to prepare them or the right ingredients, in the right proportions, the right mixer to have the right texture or simply, not always the motivation.

With our bags of 20 energy balls, you have them ready at any time and for the whole family. You fill up on a healthy snack with a tested and approved taste, which keeps well (at least 1 month in an airtight container).

Each little ball is rich in energy, it contains proteins, vitamins, fibers and the good fats found in cashews and almonds. Unlike commercial sugary snacks and bars, they have no added sugar, just the sugar naturally present in dried fruit, which helps regulate and limit blood sugar spikes. Be careful, however, not to abuse them, they remain high in calories ;)

Easy to carry, they accompany you everywhere: after sport, on a walk or hike, for yoga, in your muesli in the morning, at the office, after school, and always in your handbag/backpack in case of cravings.

In addition to their production "like at home", we were won over by the intense and powerful taste of ginger, which is impossible to feel indifferent about. Ginger reawakens your taste buds and will give you the boost you need.

composition energy ball au gingembre crue bio

Focus on dates: Medjool variety, very fleshy, particularly unctuous and melting, balanced in sugar.

Cultivated in the desert in the south of Israel, where the intensity of the sun and the sandy soil allow the production of soft, fleshy and gourmet dates, while being particularly balanced in natural sugars.

> And they are completely pitted in their workshop.

The energy balls, being raw, concentrate the characteristics of all the ingredients that compose them.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory and painkiller: its anti-inflammatory compound mainly helps to soothe the pain associated with this inflammation. It tones, strengthens, stimulates: its heat stimulates the body, it gives a boost in case of temporary fatigue and will boost our immune defences. Its powerful antioxidant effect strengthens the cells of our body and fights against the harmful effects of oxidative stress. And finally, it is an aphrodisiac!

Almonds are mainly composed of lipids, in the form of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These "good fats" are protectors of the cardiovascular system and therefore limit the onset of heart disease. Its good balance between omega 3 and 6 helps regulate cholesterol levels, thus protecting the arteries and ultimately the heart. Rich in protein, they are alkalizing. With almonds, you fill up with E vitamin. Antioxidant, they are essential for many mechanisms in our body. In addition, with omega 3, it makes the skin more beautiful, promotes its hydration and limits cellular aging. Finally, they contain many minerals, including a large  part of magnesium.

Cashew nuts are, like almonds, rich in unsaturated fatty acids which are protective of the cardiovascular system, unlike saturated fats. As a good source of minerals, copper and phosphorus are directly involved in the formation of collagen (proteins used in the structure and repair of tissues), hemoglobin and cell membranes. Magnesium helps maintain our energy and actively participates in the production of "happiness molecules" to keep our spirits up on a daily basis. And of course, they are antioxidants.

Dates are rich in fibers, so they regulate intestinal transit and relieve constipation. The potassium they contain ensures communication between neurons and other cells of the body, it is among other things a protector of the nervous system. Dates bring you many vitamins (C, B1, B2) but especially iron! Which is ideal for avoiding anemia and managing your production of red blood cells. Finally, they are the ones that will settle your stomach and quickly reduce the feeling of hunger.

To summarize :

  • Strong antioxidant power
  • Anti-inflammatory virtues
  • Relieves digestive disorders
  • Promotes cardiovascular health


Established under the sun of the Alpes-Maritimes, four kilometers away from the beach and surrounded by hills, Up'N Mind manufactures energy balls by hand in its workshop. The raw materials are carefully sourced: 100% plant-based, the nutritional quality is privileged for really nice superfoods and they only work with organic products. Very creative, the small team of Up'N Mind constantly tries new flavors which will be validated or not... by their son!

Indeed, the story began with the arrival of the little boy of Hafida and Yassine, the managers of the company. After a few health adventures, and 2 years fed exclusively with a tube, the parents had to think about a diet that was both rich and healthy and adapted to the needs of their child in order to avoid the surgical solution that was suggested to them, namely: a gastrostomy and anti-reflux surgery.

Fruit mixed with medjool dates, cashew cream or almond purée, sultanas and superfoods adapted to his health, this is how little by little, in part, they took up the challenge of removing him the catheter without any loss of weight or deterioration of his health. In short, energy balls mixed with fruit or vegetable purées...

Today, he is the first fan and first consumer of these balls! We tested them at home too, and the whole family loved them. We are convinced that you too, young or old, will devour them in no time and that they will quickly become regulars in your cupboards.

           THEIR VALUES:

► Protect the planet:

"Our products are vegan so we only use plant-based ingredients which are a significant alternative in terms of carbon footprint. We are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint by optimizing transport and finding eco-responsible partners who share our values. We are looking for alternatives to limit the use of plastic as much as possible.”

► Good for the body:

"Healthy ingredients, 100% organic, without cooking (raw), enable us to offer you products that retain all their nutrients and all the energy that plants have to offer us."

► Have fun:

"Every day, we put all our know-how and our love into our energy ball recipes! We carefully select our ingredients and our partners while respecting our ethics and our convictions."

Packaging: resealable kraft bag, 280 g

Ingredients: cristallized ginger*, Medjool dates*, raw almonds*, cashew nuts*, sultanas*, powdered ginger*, coconut*.
* ingredients from organic farming

Contains fibers, proteins and magnesium, without added sugar, without preservatives

DMD: 9 months after production

Storage: energy balls must be kept in a well closed bag or an airtight container, cool and dry.
Once opened, the balls can dry out and loose their moist. This s a normal process, they will still be good to consume.



for 100 g pour 1 ball (1,4 g)
Energy 412 kcal 57,7 kcal
Proteins  7,4 g 1,04 g
Lipids  14 g 1,96 g
with saturated fats 1,8 g 0,25 g
Carbohydrates 61 g 8,54 g
with sugar 50 g 7 g
Fibers 5,7 g 0,80 g
Salt 0,03 g 4 mg


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