BocUp - cloche for vacuum packing - manual system

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Exclusive system to vacuum pack your jars, ideal for preservation.
2 cloches + 2 seals + 2 lids.
Made in France, eco-friendly and resistant.

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Do the vacuum in your jars!

Low-tech system, produced in France, biobased materials

It's a living food UFO, a talented inventor and a committed human being that we have met. And from this meeting a very great desire to share the BocUp with you was born. It's a revolutionary little object!
You don't know it yet but you won't be able to do without it soon: increased storage time, preservation of nutrients, more convenient transport, saving rehydration time, avoiding waste, killing moths... are just some of the uses for vacuum sealing glass jars.

Thanks to the BocUp system and with the help of a manual vacuum pump, you can remove the air (therefore the oxygen) present in your shouldered glass jars in a few seconds. No special equipment to buy extra, works without electricity, infinitely usable, resistant for years, it's one of the best low-tech* investments in the kitchen and when travelling.
Very easy to use, you only need a few seconds to secure your jars.

>To buy the whole kit with the BOCUP + the PUMP click here, we offer a kit <

Find all the interesting information and a multitude of ideas for uses in the interview with Pascal Béhar, the inventor of the BocUp:

📍 Extend the shelf life and vitality of products

Keep products fresh up to 5 times longer by keeping the texture, taste and aromas. For example, a vegetable soup can be kept for 8 to 10 days under vacuum, compared to 2 days normally!
Enjoy more flavor and crispness for dry foods that are protected from air, moisture and parasites. Ideal for small dry cookies for example or your dehydrated crackers.

📍 Simplify the organization

Save time by preparing more quantity without being afraid to throw away.
Prepare fresh dishes in advance or rehydrate them for future meals.
BocUp is mobile, does not take up space and works without electricity (simple, light and easy to use).

📍 Improve culinary preparations

Speed up marinades: 30 minutes is enough for your vacuum sealed foods to take on the aromas of the marinade.
Express rehydration: the awakening of dried fruits and legumes is accelerated.
Vacuum cooking at low temperature: a chef's cuisine that retains minerals and nutrients to enhance exceptional tastes. And yes, water boils at 60°C under vacuum!

📍 Make transportation easier

Move your preparations serenely: no spilled liquid or crumbs escaping. Very useful for transporting your dishes to the office, or to be peaceful on the road with your van.
Re-sealing ad infinitum (re-vacuuming in no time and anywhere).

📍 Save money and ecology

Buy in larger quantities at the best price, without losing quality over time. Teas, herbal teas, coffees, buy in bulk without fear of losing their aromas.
And it also works for your home cosmetics and cleaning products!
Recycle jars, move away from plastic, use the mechanical energy of your arms rather than electricity.

📍 Offer more hygiene

Reduce odours, dirt (therefore cleaning less) and bacteria (the air vacuum eliminates 80% of them).
To not forget :
- Conserving under vacuum does not replace refrigeration or freezing.
- Take care of the hygiene of your work surface, your utensils and your hands, clean your jars with hot, soapy water after each use.
Vacuum does not sterilize.

Works on common commercial jars with shoulders, that is to say with a bulge below the lid.
Suitable for 84mm or 65mm diameter lids.

*Low-tech is a set of technologies that are useful, durable and accessible to everyone. With an approach respecting the planet and people, it aims to go back to basics, as opposed to high-tech. Low-tech, a real current of thought, must enable everyone to be tomorrow's change.

BOCUP, an inventive, enthusiastic, lively duo

Behind BocUp, there is Pascal the creator of this unique object, animator for social cohesion by profession and Flore, artistic director, yoga teacher and the creator responsible for the BocUp image.
Together they launched the BocUp project with a concern for economic and ecological proximity to bring ever more meaning to their approach.

Following his workshops, Pascal noticed people's loss of meaning and reality in relation to their diet. He then looked for a totem to rekindle our relationship with our plate: the jar made perfect sense. The glass jar is a marker of authenticity and quality. It is also recyclable and reusable ad infinitum, which corresponds to the values of more and more French people who are aware of environmental issues.
After a fulmination of ideas, multiple tests, and hours of pumping, the BocUp cloches were born.

It brings together the permaculture principles: spend less energy and do better around an object that fulfills several functions.
We transport what we eat in a jar, we avoid waste, we store in the same jar thanks to the vacuum pump, we extend the shelf life.
This allows you to eat local and fresh every day by preparing your meals in advance, cleaning and storing what is perishable in the air when you return from the market and shopping.

BocUp is perfectly local. A clever mix of innovation and recycling, the BocUp cloches were designed in Ligugé (86) in New Aquitaine and are manufactured less than 50 km away with a 100% recyclable biobased ecological material. All the elements contained in the kit are manufactured as close as possible to their workshop.

The kit does not contain a jar, a vacuum pump or a cosmosmurf!

  • Cloches :

- Dimensions : large cloche 63 x 120 mm (for 84 mm jar)
small cloche 63 x 88 mm (for 65 mm jar)
The interior diameter at the top of the cloche - for inserting the vacuum pump plug - is 17.5 mm.

- Materials: biopolymer cloches of vegetable origin + mineral loads (based on castor oil, mineral and vegetable powders). 0% petrochemicals, 50% biobased, 100% biodegradable.
Recyclable - Manufactured in New Aquitaine.

  • Seals:

Thickness 4 - 4.5mm
Yoga mat material. Two non-slip textured surfaces. Wear and creases resistant. Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
Machine washable.
Material made in Germany. Emission-free and energy-efficient manufacturing, 100% industrially recyclable.
Cut by hand on a French press in Ligugé (86).

  • 2 new lids:

One 120mm lid and one 88mm lid

Includes an instruction manual and recipe ideas.

- The prints are made with vegetable inks in a traditional risograph method on premium eco-friendly paper.

- Works for shoulder jars = with a bulge under the lid.

- Requires the purchase of a vacuum pumpe > SEE OUR COMPLETE KIT

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