Organic frozen fresh spirulina

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Fresh frozen organic spirulina, certified organic. Made in France.

6 tablets of 70g each, totaling 420g = 3 months of cure.


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French and organic frozen fresh spirulina

1 square = 2 daily doses

Have you tried spirulina powder but found its taste really not to your liking? We have the solution!

Fresh frozen spirulina, made in northern France, is a culinary revolution. Cultivated and harvested with the utmost care, this microalgae is immediately frozen after harvest to allow you to enjoy it whenever you want, in its purest form.
Its taste is neutral, allowing you to incorporate it into your daily meals effortlessly.

Jamy explains everything in his report at Xavier's, our producer:

🐢 What sets it apart from other spirulinas?

We were won over by the ease of use of these tablets and truly surprised by its neutral taste: spirulina acts as a flavor enhancer, bringing an "umami" flavor to your dishes but with a very gentle, imperceptible taste of its own. It's ideal for adding a beautiful green color to both savory and sweet dishes and providing you with all the benefits of spirulina without altering the taste. On the contrary, your cooking will be enhanced by it.

Since it hasn't undergone any dehydration, compression into tablets, or transformation into capsules using unknown industrial processes, it's much richer in minerals, vitamins, and especially retains all its enzymes for maximum effectiveness.

🐢 How to use it ?

The spirulina square melts in 2 minutes at room temperature. It creates a velvety green liquid that blends very well with smoothies, yogurts, guacamole, vegetable pâtés...

For a cure: you can simply let it melt in your glass of fruit and/or vegetable juice every morning.

In cooking: add some melted spirulina squares to give color to your hummus, spreads, yogurt, vinaigrette, sauces of all kinds. We recommend always pairing it with a vitamin C-rich food (citrus fruits, lemon) to facilitate nutrient absorption (especially iron) by the body. Do not heat the spirulina to enjoy its nutritional properties.

Recommended quantity: 6 to 12g per day per person (half a square to a square).

🐢 The benefits of consuming fresh spirulina

Fresh spirulina is frozen very quickly, and the cold acts as a "pause" for the food, so it does not alter its compounds at all. It retains all the trace elements and especially its enzymatic activity, which is THE key to better absorb micronutrients.

There is an average of 664 mg of phycocyanins in one square, which is about 3 times more than the average dose of ampoules sold in pharmacies. One square costs you €1.97, which is less than €2 for your daily dose of benefits. And on top of that, you can cook with it!

Some official claims:

- Helps support the immune system,
- Helps you feel more energetic,
- Source of antioxidants that help the body protect itself from the consequences of oxidative stress,
- Helps with fatigue
Of course, as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

🐢 Delivery

Price including transport costs by Chronofresh.
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Delivered to your home on Saturday morning for orders placed before Wednesday.
Delivery in FRANCE only.

To learn more about using spirulina, check out our blog article: How to consume spirulina?

8g of fresh spirulina = a nutritional dose equivalent to 2 grams of powdered spirulina or 4 tablets. This is the recommended quantity for a cure.

Spirulina is now well known for its effects on our bodies at several levels.

    Rich in iron: it's not enough for spirulina to contain iron; it also needs to be absorbable by the body! Its bioavailability is remarkable because spirulina is covered with a polysaccharide envelope rather than a cellulose one. In plants, this cellulose envelope contains phytates, which can trap iron and decrease its absorption by our bodies. This is not the case with spirulina. The bioavailability of iron in spirulina is comparable to that of iron provided by meat. It does not contain substances that inhibit its absorption.
Furthermore, in addition to being well absorbed, the iron provided by spirulina is not aggressive to the digestive system.

   Packed with vitamins and minerals: spirulina stands out for its high content of minerals and trace elements (iron, zinc, selenium), as well as vitamins (A, B, D, E). It contains 60 to 70% amino acids, which is three times more than lean meat! It's also rich in copper, zinc, and magnesium, which strengthen immunity and improve the body's resistance and endurance. It's a true anti-fatigue weapon.

    Antioxidant: The antioxidants it contains in large quantities (its blue pigment, phycocyanin, superoxide dismutase, and beta-carotene mainly) strengthen hemoglobin. Numerous studies have shown that white blood cells (T lymphocytes, macrophages, B cells) are greatly increased by taking spirulina! Spirulina thus provides powerful reinforcement to the immune system and truly helps eliminate free radicals. Its antioxidant power is even greater in fresh form compared to dehydrated.

   Detoxifying: rich in chlorophyll, an excellent detoxifier, especially for the liver, spirulina improves digestion and regulates bacterial flora. It has the ability to absorb heavy metals, which is why it's important to know where it comes from to ensure it's not already heavily loaded with pollutants before entering your body.

   Beneficial for all: spirulina's nutritional density, immune system strengthening, vitality and energy boost, contribution to eye health, and cardiovascular function; spirulina should be part of everyone's daily diet, including seniors! Spirulina also promotes weight loss and helps lower blood sugar levels: a valuable aid for diabetics. Finally, it's an undisputed ally for athletes: improved oxygenation due to iron (which helps in the production of red blood cells that transport oxygen); better muscle recovery due to its protein content; spirulina contains essential fatty acids, pigments, and enzymes that destroy free radicals and oxidative stress released during intense exercise, thereby avoiding inflammation; promotes muscle mass gain...

   In cosmetics: Its content of E vitamin, zinc, and selenium allows it to fight against oxidative stress, with visible effects on facial radiance and skin regeneration, as well as on hair and nail growth and strength. It stimulates hair growth and strengthens them, especially thanks to essential fatty acids and beta-carotene, in addition to all the minerals and vitamins it provides. To maximize its benefits, you can integrate it both into your diet and into your external care routines.

This cyanobacterium also benefits the planet because it practices photosynthesis. Yes, it captures CO2 from the atmosphere and releases oxygen. This helps decarbonize our environment ;)

ETIKA SPIRULINA, between committed NGO and urban farmers

The Non-Governmental Organization: yes, Etika Spirulina is primarily an NGO fighting malnutrition in Asia! Xavier and Shilhi, the founders, discovered the power of spirulina during a humanitarian mission to the Philippines: local and sustainable agriculture for a nutritious and healthy food that could be managed by women and directly benefit children in disadvantaged communities. Shilhi manages the Etika Spirulina Philippines NGO, which offers the establishment of micro-spirulina farms, low-tech and sustainable, and training for local communities to democratize access to this super-nourishing food.

Ecological production in Northern France:
Xavier, on the other hand, the son of organic farmers, has always wanted to advocate for sustainable food transition and organic agriculture that would return to the heart of cities. Upon his return to France, he experimented with low-tech basins of this green cyanobacterium on his parents' farm before joining an urban farm in Roubaix to launch larger productions and refine their techniques: they managed to increase the shelf life of fresh spirulina from 2 days to 10 days, completely naturally, thanks to strict production hygiene. A small revolution for the sale of this precious green paste!

Knowledge transmission:
after successfully producing quality spirulina in Northern France, sustainably and ecologically, which preserves its nutritional properties, Xavier launched his own urban spirulina farm through a participatory project, and went even further: he built an educational farm to transmit all this know-how. Cooking workshops, harvest workshops, but also training in low-tech family culture, everything is done to spread to as many people as possible the secrets and benefits of this extraordinary superfood.

What does a micro-urban and local farm involve?
Waste management (everything is designed to be recycled or reused), reduction of energy footprint by choosing low-consumption devices, solar panels, compost, wooden construction, ecological packaging (compostable or reusable), natural cleaning products, bicycle delivery for the Lille metropolis...

Etika Spirulina has also forged partnerships with artisans in the region to bring spirulina where it is least expected: soap, honey, beer, and even spirulina mochis! A real democratization of spirulina as a daily food is underway.

Packaging: recyclable vacuum-sealed packet containing 6 tablets of 70g each.

Ingredients: 100% 100% Fresh raw frozen Spirulina, certified organic agriculture.
Cultivated, harvested, frozen, and packaged in France.

DMD: 24 months after harvest.

Storage: store in the freezer at -18°C (do not refreeze after thawing).

Delivery: shipped by Chronofresh once a week from the production site (separate package from your Biovie order), you will receive your spirulina at your doorstep on Saturday morning.

Average nutritional values per 100g:

Energy 402 kJ / 95 kcal
Fats 1,5 g
Saturated fats 0,8 g
Carbohydrates 2,8 g
Sugars Traces
Proteins 17,6 g
Salt 0,51 g
Iron 16,9 mg
Magnesium 51 mg
Beta-carotene 70 mg
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