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Ecocert frozen fresh spirulina

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Fresh frozen spirulina, Ecocert organic approach. 4x10 palets or 440g.


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Fresh frozen spirulina certified by Ecocert

1 palet = 1 daily dose

Have you tried spirulina powder but the taste is really not for you? We have the solution!

Fresh frozen spirulina, made in the south of France, is a culinary revolution. Cultivated and harvested with the greatest care, this micro-algae is immediately frozen so that you can enjoy it whenever you want, in its purest form.

There is an average of 390 mg of phycocyanin in a frozen palet, which is about 35x more than the average dose of vials sold in pharmacies.

We were won over by the ease of use of these palets and really surprised by their neutral taste: spirulina acts as a flavor enhancer, bringing an "umami" flavor (also known as the 5th flavour) to your preparations but with a very mild, imperceptible clean flavor. It is ideal for bringing a magnificent green color to your savory and sweet dishes and providing you with all the benefits of spirulina, without altering its taste. On the contrary, your kitchen will be sublimated.

The spirulina palet melts in 2 minutes at room temperature. It gives a velvety liquid, which mixes very well with smoothies, yogurts, guacamole, vegetable pâtés...

A preview of the result in this video:

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Each palet represents a nutritional dose equivalent to 2 g of spirulina powder, or 4 tablets. This is the quantity usually recommended for a cure.

Spirulina is now well known for its effects in our organism on several levels.

    Rich in iron: it is not enough to contain iron, it must also be assimilated by the body! The bioavailability of this one is quite remarkable, because the spirulina is covered with a polysaccharide type envelope and not a cellulosic one. In plants, this cellulose envelope contains phytates, which can trap iron and reduce its absorption by our body. This is not the case with spirulina.
The bioavailability of iron from spirulina is comparable to the one of iron provided by meat. It does not contain substances inhibiting its absorption.
Finally, in addition to being well absorbed, the iron provided by spirulina is not aggressive for the digestive system.

   Full of vitamins and minerals: it is distinguished by its high content of minerals and trace elements (iron, zinc, selenium) but also vitamins (A, B, D, E). It contains 60 to 70% amino acids, 3 times more than lean meat! It is also full of copper, zinc and magnesium, which strengthen immunity and improve the body's resistance and endurance. A real anti-fatigue weapon.

    Antioxidant: the antioxidants it contains in large quantities (its blue pigment phycocyanin, superoxide dismutase and beta-carotene mainly) strengthen hemoglobin. Many studies have proven that white blood cells (T lymphocytes, macrophages, B cells) are thus increased tenfold by taking spirulina! Spirulina thus enables a powerful reinforcement of the immune system and really helps to eliminate free radicals.
Its antioxidant power is also much greater in the fresh version compared to the dehydrated one.

   Detoxifying: rich in chlorophyll, which is an excellent detoxifier, particularly hepatic, spirulina improves digestion and regulates the bacterial flora. It has the ability to absorb heavy metals, which is why it is important to know where it comes from, to be sure that it is not already completely loaded with pollutants before entering your body.

   Good for all: nutritional intensity, immune reinforcement, contributor of vitality and tone, participation in good eye health or cardiovascular function; spirulina should be part of everyone's daily diet, including seniors!
Spirulina also promotes weight loss and helps lower blood sugar levels: a great help for diabetics.
Finally, it is an undisputed ally for athletes: improvement of oxygenation thanks to iron (helping in the production of red blood cells which transport oxygen); better muscle recovery due to its protein content; spirulina contains essential fatty acids, pigments and enzymes, which will destroy free radicals and oxidative stress released during sustained effort, thus preventing inflammation; it promotes muscle gain too...

   In cosmetics: its content of vitamin, zinc and selenium enables it to fight against oxidative stress, with visible effects on the radiance of the face and skin regeneration, as well as on the regrowth and solidity of hair and nails . It stimulates hair growth and strengthens it, especially thanks to essential fatty acids and beta-carotene, in addition to all the minerals and vitamins it provides.

To make the most of its benefits, you can integrate it both into your diet and in your external care.

This cyanobacterium has benefits for the planet as well, since it practices photosynthesis. And yes, it captures CO2 from the atmosphere and releases oxygen. Each kilo of spirulina requires nearly kilos of CO2! Something to help decarbonize our environment ;)

UMAMIZ, an artisanal and modern farm in Hérault (34)

Umamiz aims to democratize the use of spirulina in our kitchens. And no longer to see it just as a simple pill to be taken every day.
Committed to promoting French know-how in aquaculture, they support an economic model based on cooperation between small production structures, enabling the pooling of both economic resources and the technical knowledge of each of them. This approach, and the operational grouping of several farms sharing the same vision of their activity, should make it possible to create one or more groups of French players capable of meeting the growing demand of French people, with sufficient volume production capacity and a controlled quality.

The Umamiz's ecological approach, certified by Ecocert, goes even further: waste management whether produced by the construction of the ponds, by the raw materials used or those produced by the ponds themselves, everything is thought out for being recycled or reused; reduction of the energy footprint by choosing low-consumption devices; cleaning water treated with a phyto-purification system; reusable packaging made of natural and/or recyclable materials; spirulina in sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming to use just the right amount of fertilizers. To discover all of their actions, I invite you to consult their site, all the documents are at your disposal! Transparency guaranteed!

Discover their manufacturing secrets here:

The values which lead Umamiz:
  - Total product quality and full traceability,
  - Transparency of the production activity,
  - Global ecological consideration from the pond to the plate,
  - Openness to innovation through attentive listening to consumer needs,
  - Enhancement of production through the creation of value-added products,
  - Promotion of spirulina as an everyday food.

Packaging: carton boxes of 10 palets. Sold by 4 or 8 boxes

Ingredients: fresh spirulina 100% frozen

DMD: 12 months after harvest

Storage: in the freezer at -18°C

Delivery: dispatch by Chronofresh once a week from the place of production (separate package from your Biovie order), you will receive your spirulina at home on Saturday morning.

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