BD When I'll Be Alone With The Sea... - Guyaux, Rossignol
BD When I'll Be Alone With The Sea... - Guyaux, Rossignol
BD When I'll Be Alone With The Sea... - Guyaux, Rossignol
BD When I'll Be Alone With The Sea... - Guyaux, Rossignol

Comic - When I'll Be Alone With The Sea... - Dominique Guyaux x Joachim Rossignol

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The autobiographical novel of Dominique Guyaux "When I'll be alone with the sea..." in comic book

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A testimony of life and inspiration - Comic book

25 years later... The comic book, in 96 pages!

After the novel, the 96-page comic book, illustrated by Joachim Rossignol.
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A young man full of life suddenly totters: he just learned that he has multiple sclerosis. This despicable disease will gradually amputate him, everything will turn out like in a horror movie, the enemy strikes anywhere, anytime. The guillotine is selective, he will never know which limb or vital function he will be deprived off tomorrow.

After a period of despair that takes him to the gates of nothingness, he decides to flee the eyes of others. He sells the little he owns to buy himself a small catamaran and go live his dreams in the Caribbean Islands before it's too late. He will no longer suffer pity, vague disdain and cruel ignorance. He then puts himself into orbit around the world, sailing from island to island, while juggling the crises.

Until he is hit by the one which, several times a day and wherever he was, made him collapse on himself, paralyzed and unable to say a word, helpless spectator of his long descent into hell. This time he was afraid of losing his life in the large swell of the sea. He was going to surrender, he knew it now but, before that, he had to find a deserted island and spend a few days there to engrave this dream in his memory, in extremis. Then, yes, he would surrender.

Except that he discovers living food and immediately embarks on the adventure. At first, he struggles to reconcile this way of raw eating with his functions as a lonely navigator. He actually flounders, so he fiddles, adapts and invents, and he soon discovers that by eating like this, the symptoms regress at full speed and the seizures disappear. He then leads a wild life, feeding on fishing and fruit picking during his stops while savoring his new life.

Dominique Guyaux has drawn from this almost initiatory adventure a poignant and hopeful story. With a disturbing frankness of sincerity, he relates the sudden burst of evil, his battles for survival and his retreats in childhood, with his Father, when life is too hard, until some talk to him about resurrection.

The comic book edition, superbly illustrated by Joachim Rossignol, who worked on the drawings by hand only, gives considerable depth to this poignant story.


Dominique Guyaux was born in 1956 in Marseille and comes from a lineage of sailors. He studied biology, which he interrupted for a degree in oceanography to learn sailmaking in order to earn a living by realizing his dream: to sail around the world. He set up his own sail-loft in 1981 but came up against multiple sclerosis in 1985. He sold everything he owned and cast off with a small catamaran heading for the Caribbean.

During his journey, which will last three years, he discovers raw food and his life changes. His remission, as unpredictable as it is brutal, upsets him. He doubts, tests and stumbles and publishes his first work: "When I will be alone with the sea". But this remission is not enough for him. He wants to understand: for several years, he spends time with raw foodists, teaches the practice of this unusual way of eating and publishes his second book (The Pleasureable Diet).

In 2006, he entered the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE) and graduated with an essay on raw and cooked foods, which he validated in 2013. Through this work, a whole section of the history of man's eating behavior, hitherto remained in the shadows, suddenly lights up. In 2015, he published a version for the general public of his work at Medicis: "The praise of raw food", how to reconcile food and health. Today, Dominique Guyaux gives conferences on the subject and teaches the practice of sensory raw food.

Two research projects are still close to his heart: setting up the first sensory dietetics hospital unit for therapeutic purposes, and studying the intestinal microbiota of current sensory raw food eaters. A dream too, to make a film (with Luc Besson?) telling the story of the diet of man's evolutionary lineage. Quite a story indeed, still very little known…

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