Testimonies on E3Live klamath algae

Testimonies on E3Live klamath algae

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  • Mother of two marathon races ( thanks to E3Live!)

In the spring of 2009, I had a one-year-old baby and an aspiration to run a marathon! The same month I decided to run a marathon, I found out I was pregnant with my second child! At that time, my sister told me about a product she had just discovered in her fitness center called E3Live. I had never heard of it and I was immediately interested. My sister kept telling me how her brain had cleared and the energy she had found. She warned me... "it's not a magic pill, you won't necessarily feel it immediately but you'll look back in a month and you'll say 'wow I feel good' or 'I feel better than a month'". With this idea in mind, I decided to look for some E3Live. I had some problems at first because I live in the rural Alabama. I made several calls to local natural food stores to describe the product and no one had heard of it. I decided to order directly on the website. At first, I was sceptical because you had to order a minimum of several bottles and if it didn't work? I called the company and spoke to a representative who assured me that I could return the E3Live if I was not 100% satisfied. The last step before ordering was to make sure I could take it during pregnancy. I consulted my midwife and, after some research, she came back to me to let me know that it was quite possible to take it during pregnancy. I ordered it and I never went back... And here I am, almost three years later. I still love E3Live. Now let's go back to the marathon... After giving birth to my second child in the winter of 2010, I set the date of my marathon, it was in November 2010. I had a long way ahead of me. I had two children under two years old and I was going to commit to a very vigorous training program. I ended up running the marathon and finished with a time of 4:37. It was honestly one of the most incredible experiences in my life. It was incredible to set an objective, to have little chance to succeed in the circumstances and to see the goal to be realized. I can probably say that without E3Live I couldn't have done it. There were times when I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning and go running 32 kilometers while running on 4 hours of sleep because of a new baby. I can't insist on how important E3Live is in our lives now. As soon as I drink it, I feel like the counters are reset in my head. It makes my mind clear, it gives me energy and I feel so good when I take it. I can certainly say when I don't take it. It's a product I'll take for the rest of my life. It replaces all the multivitamins I've taken in the past. I love it because I don't have to swallow a pill and I know it's all natural. I went from marathons to crossfit these days. It's a little more suitable to my busy lifestyle. I always feel fantastic by taking E3Live. I am the living proof that this product works and is worth every penny!

Gwen Tegtmeier

Marathon runner, mother of two children

  • Mom has more energy, a better view and got rid of coffee in her daily life

I am a single mother working 64 hours a week and raising the last of my 4 children who is a 13-year-old boy. I used to come back from work and collapse on the couch because of exhaustion. I was crawling in the kitchen to prepare dinner, usually leaving the dishes until the next morning or later, rejecting any call and interruption and feared when my son needed help with his homework. I was often irritable and grumpy until I was going to bed to turn and turn again for 2 or 3 hours before finally falling asleep. When I got up at 4:30, which is my habit, I was usually very stiff  and sometimes I had a headache.

It was before I started taking my E3Live. Exactly a week after starting the E3Live, I was amazed to realize that I could read the big and small characters of the city's water castle, in front of which I pass every day to go to work. For months, I was looking away at this tower and wondering what it was saying.

The second wonderful change that happened makes me a little ashamed to talk about it, but it has greatly improved my quality of life. Since I crossed "the change" that most women in midlife endure, I struggled with constipation. My friends laughed and said, "it's just part of old age." Now I laugh and say to them, "I am rejuvenating!" I haven't been as regular as I was in my mid-thirties. Which brings me to another point.

Since I take E3Live, several people have told me that they thought I was in my mid-thirties or that I am in the last few years of my thirties. It's more than 10 years younger than my true age. I was also told (since I take E3Live) that I "look in better health" and "that I have more radiance around my eyes. "

I think the best part of this story is that I now have enough energy to take yoga classes 2 nights a week in addition to going shopping, cooking, dog walking, helping my son do his homework, going to violin classes, orchestra rehearsals and auditions, visiting my daughter, granddaughter, doing the cleaning, etc.

I don’t want to write a whole novel here, but I want you to know that because of the vitamins and minerals of E3Live, I was able to stop the habit that I had to drink caffeine for 30 years, which enabled me to sleep better at night and have a lot less headache.

That's funny. I lived in Oregon and that's where I first heard of klamath. I also heard about the Klamath Lake but never about the two together. I had to move into Pennsylvania to try E3Live and I am delighted to have done it.

Now I consider my E3Live as the nectar of the gods and I drink it with gratitude at least twice a day.

Betty Martin

  • A real change for a better life

Before (left picture) and after (centre and right pictures)

"I'm from Akron, Ohio, 41 years old. 16 months ago, I hit the bottom. I weighed 206 kgs and suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, anxiety, depression, mood disorder, eating disorder, oesophageal reflux, irritable colon syndrome, abdominal hernia of the size of a bowling ball, the gout, a loss of 90% of the sensations in the two feet due to diabetic neuropathy, a loss of hearing of 25% in one ear and of 15% in the other one and many other morbidity states.

After doing all the things that all the doctors told me to do and only getting worse, I decided to make my spiritual practice my full-time job. After that, I connected to E3Live and started using their products. Thanks to a combination of energy work, meditation, faith, patience, training with experts, a highly vibratory raw/vegan diet and E3Live consumption, I lost a total of 97 kgs in the last 16 months and overcame all the diseases that had stolen my youth, vitality, health, peace of mind, mental health and well-being.

I now weigh 110 kgs and I am in the best shape of my life. I practice to be a professional athlete and I wrote a book, I work as a transformational lecturer and master of Kundalini. I cannot overemphasize the strength with which I approve the E3Live products! They have been an integral part of my healing and transformation journey and continue to help me demonstrate an optimal state of well-being and hyperform of the mind, body and soul.

I strongly advocate a lifestyle composed of a strong diet, rich in proteins, fibers, foods rich in vibrations / raw / vegan / organic, exercise, meditation, yoga, reverse osmosis, spring or deionized water, probiotic supplements, and prayer / affirmations, as well as a positive attitude, intestinal force and a state of perpetual gratitude.

The unlimited and abundant power of the superconscious mind, with my diet and the supplements provided by E3Live, and a lot of hard work, discipline, commitment, expert training, faith and patience, literally transformed my life and gave me an abundant, vibrant, healthy, young and prosperous life. I thank the staff of E3Live, my parents, my family and my friends, my coaches and dietitians, my cats Chewie and Han, and of course and especially, Gus, without whom I would simply not be here today.

Sincerely, in the solution to an abundant, prosperous and healthy life,

Mark A. Eisenhart

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