Quality at Biovie: our certificates and analysis

Quality at Biovie: our certificates and analysis

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Biovie quality control: at the ❤️ of our values!

We are regularly questioned about the quality of our products, which remains the heart ❤️ of our values, and that is why our 50,000 customers trust us.

My passion and respect for life have been revealed very early in my life.
From adolescence, I grew my own sprouted seeds, then became a vegetarian at 20 years old, I have always worked around organic farming, for almost 30 years. My studies in tropical agronomy at ISTOM (a school, which train agronomists since 1908) was already preparing me for this trip. I didn't make any professional shift after a career elsewhere, I didn't get any realization after an illness or an accident. Quality and organic are part of my DNA since a very young age.

Getting involved in fair, ethical and organic trade is a binding commitment, which requires a lot of resources in time, energy, and money.
We take it on personally to the extent of our possibilities, through direct selling with suppliers as committed as we are.

We just had our annual Ecocert certification control. Following this Ecocert control, an organic certification is produced, it is a document available publicly on the Ecocert website.

On the other hand, our products are also regularly and randomly analyzed by the French State through the DGCCRF (General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention) and DDPP (Departmental Directorate for Population Protection):

Finally, our suppliers or ourselves perform analysis by independent laboratories as self-testing:

Since the creation of Biovie, we focus on quality and work only with people or organizations in which we fully trust, with the shortest possible distribution networks to increase visibility, traceability.
Even our logistics platform is organic certified ;-)

Eric Viard

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