Klamath, the algae of regeneration

Klamath, the algae of regeneration

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Like spirulina, klamath is a hypernutritious cyanobacteria: 115 nutrients, including 60% of easily assimilable proteins, and a high concentration of copper, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium, A, B (including B12,) C and K vitamins, chlorophyll and essential fatty acids. Its blue pigment (phycocyanin) and the carotene beta it contains reinforce the hemoglobin by multiplying the white blood cells, giving it powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties.

It also has specific actions on immunity and cell regeneration, in relation with the very particular environment in which it grows: at altitude, under a strong sunlight and the permanent arrival of volcanic sediments, in direct connection with deep ground fresh waters. Besides detoxifying the organism, especially heavy metals, the seaweed will repair it in depth by stimulating the migration of stem cells.

Especially, klamath is a natural antidepressant! It contains a molecule (Phenyl-Ethyl-Amine), which acts in neuronal transmission, with a direct impact on our mind. It, thus, improves concentration, which makes it a very useful supplement in case of hyperactivity or during exams. This molecule also acts directly on our mood by liberating dopamine, the hormone of pleasure, making klamath the perfect ally in case of depression, fatigue or addictive behavior.

Crater lake

This wild algae was selected by Eric during a journey in Oregon. Indeed, the "green gold" only grows at Crater Lake, the deepest volcanic freshwater lake in the United States. He has selected the most serious and formerly established harvester: E3LIVE. In European exclusivity, the klamath is imported in a fresh frozen form: a taken up technical challenge so that you can enjoy the algae in its purest and most effective form! Sanitary processes are very rigorous and the algae cooled on site.

Recommended daily consumption: 3-5 grams

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