Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and the study of the human energy light system

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and the study of the human energy light system

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Konstantin Korotkov is a computer science and biophysics professor at the University of St. Petersburg (Russia) and a research professor at the Academy of Physical Culture of the same city. He published more than 400 articles in leading journals on physics and biology and holds 15 patents on biophysical inventions. He gave lectures, seminars and training sessions in more than 50 countries, hosted presentations and workshops at more than 100 national and international conferences. He is the author of 10 books translated into many languages.The latest are "The Energy of Health" (2016) and "The Energy of Space" (2017). For him, chemical and alternative medicines should complement each other and work hand in hand. Indeed, as a pioneer in quantum medicine, Dr. Korotkov insists that an important branch of modern medicine and science is not related to chemical phenomena. Quantum medicine, using light, electromagnetic fields, sounds or music, has also enabled many discoveries in the treatment of psychological disorders and psychosomatic pathologies, including stress, burn-out, depression...

Dr. Korotkov has been working for over 30 years on the mechanisms of the influence of light on the biological structures at the level of the organs' molecules. He has worked on the method of electro-photonic imaging (also known as the gas discharge visualization – GDV,) developed in Russia in the 1990s by a group of Russian scientists that he directed, and has used this measurement system in the development of the Bio-Well camera, a tool of therapeutic and personal assistance now essential for many health practitioners, sportsmen, coaches.

GDV method 

The GDV method is based on the stimulation of photons and electrons emissions from the surface of the mesured object, when it receives short electrical pulses. In other words, when the object is placed in an electromagnetic field, it is mainly electrons and, to some extent, photons, which are “extracted” from the surface of the object. This process is called "electronic emission". The discharge causes a glow due to the excitation of the molecules in the surrounding gas: this GDV is measured by the GDV method.

The Bio-Well camera

Bio-Well highlights the energy field of an individual using the powerful GDV technique. A high-intensity electric field stimulates the emission of photons and electrons on the surface of the skin. This low electric current is applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The body’s response to this stimulus is the formation of an “electronic cloud”, composed of photons and electrons. This technique is based on what is more widely called the Kirlian effect.

Thanks to Kirlian photography, it was learned that each living being was surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field. This field of electromagnetic energy teaches us about our qualities, our faculties, our thoughts, our feelings, our problems. It can be modified by external factors such as the quality of the environment, the air we breathe, the state of our environment, the people around us, a harmonious or tense atmosphere...

Depending on the principle of acupuncture points, different areas of the fingertips are connected to the energy state of various organs and systems of the body. Thus, from the images provided by your 10 fingers, it reconstitutes your electronic aura, that is, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by your body, in all directions. Therefore, the uniformity, quantity and energy of the electrons emitted by each zone are directly related to the energy and stress of an organ or system associated with it.

The Bio-Well software handles the images obtained and provides the user with many parameters and visual content on the energy and the level of stress for the whole body, the energy centers, organs and systems. This software is connected to the Bio-Well server: it is an internet server hosting the code for the processing of scans and data made by the Bio-Well device.

The latest-generation software and programs enable a precise state of play for the patient in less than 2 minutes.

the Bio-Well camera

Use of the Bio-Well camera

Bio-Well software transforms the image of the 10 fingers' field into different graphics to evaluate:

  • the overall energy level of the individual,
  • the functioning of the organs (in excess or in default),
  • the psycho-emotional and environmental impact,
  • the medical supervision of the patient,
  • the assessment of the state of energetical health,
  • the perception of the quality of the individual’s relations with his environment,
  • the real-time detection of changes and pathological conditions,
  • the prediction of future development of pathological processes,
  • the identification of the body’s reaction(s) with respect to applied treatments,
  • the monitoring of the patient’s condition during treatment,
  • the monitoring of rehabilitation acquired during treatment until healing,
  • ...

It is also possible to test the potential effectiveness of treatments, to determine intolerances (e.g., food intolerance, gluten intolerance, etc.) or electromagnetic wave sensitivity, at the origin of certain health disorders not detected by the usual examinations (blood test, radio, scanner...).

Scan analysis

The camera of Dr. Korotkov is thus part of an integrative approach allowing to unite different forms of therapies, from both conventional and complementary medicine, in order to promote the best care through a holistic understanding of health. This measure is approved by the Russian Ministry of Health and is part of the arsenal of computer diagnostic aid methods.

It is used in the largest international congresses as part of numerous scientific studies and currently used in more than 70 countries.

Dr. Korotkov has implemented extensive clinical tests in Russia and the diagnostic accuracy of the Bio-Well camera has been measured to more than 95%. The system was approved by the Russian Academy of Sciences for unlimited use in medicine. As a result of obtaining a European certificate of conformity, this technique can now be used throughout the European community without restrictions.

According to Dr. Korotkov, the Energy of Health is based on 4 pillars:

  • the endocrine system (especially the adrenal glands and thyroids),
  • the digestive system (in close connection with the immune system),
  • the autonomous nervous system (neuro-vegetative),
  • emotions and mind

The optimal correction of imbalances is done both by managing emotional and mental stress, regulating the autonomous nervous system, detoxification-regeneration of the digestive system and supporting the endocrine system.

Once the energy field analysis with the Bio-Well device is carried out, it is possible to perform energy rebalancing using natural techniques (regulation of the emotions, heart coherence, healthy and balanced diet, optimised complementary nutrition, manual energy care...)

A "Sputnik" extension has also been created: it is a system of sensors and fixation that connects to the Bio-Well device, allowing to measure the energy of an environment. It is possible to measure the energy of a room before, during and after a meditation session to see how energy levels change.

Bio-Well Sputnik sensor

Bio-Well Sputnik sensor

Today, Bio-Well will give access to this exciting and almost unlimited approach to investigative opportunities.

Whether we accept ideas or reject them. I don't care about the critics. I draw a new line of research: the one of the science of consciousness. For 20 years, mathematics, quantum physics, neurosciences converge towards a new paradigm. In a few decades, we will be able to prove the influence of consciousness on the environment.» - Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

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