Detox and cell regeneration: our health vision

Detox and cell regeneration: our health vision

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Passionate about natural health for 20 years, I had the chance to follow the training of Robert Morse (US) whose captivating book is sold on the website of Biovie. This approach is, in my point of view, a true gift to the body. It is not interested in symptoms but in the symptoms' causes. It detoxifies and regenerates the tissues in depth and goes fully in the direction of Life.

Since I’ve been practicing, I’ve met people with fibromyalgia, hypertension, overweight, chronic fatigue, diabetes and other diseases that are difficult to live with on a daily basis. All have seen their symptoms improve in a few time in a very clear way. Cancer cases can also benefit greatly from detox and regeneration. If the person chooses to treat naturally or conventionally, detox and regeneration helps greatly. The side effects related to chemo are soothed.

In order to understand what happens during detox and regeneration, the body must first be understood in a simple way. The human body is composed of different organs and systems.

Intrinsically, all these tissues are composed of 3 elements:

  • Blood
  • Cells
  • Lymph

The blood represents about 25% to 30% of the body fluids. Its main function is to bring oxygen from the breath, and nutrients from the digestion, to the cell in order to "feed" it.

The cell, however specific it is, needs to “eat” and “eliminate”. It needs nutrients (glucose) and oxygen to produce energy (krebs cycle) and perform its "work". Once the cellular metabolism is performed, the cell releases its waste into the interstitial fluid (also known as lymph).

Lymph represents between 75% and 80% of body fluids, and is responsible for transporting waste from cell metabolism to disposal organs (colon, lungs, skin and especially kidneys) so that they leave the internal environment.

The man or woman who enjoys full health, certainly shows a good food digestion, a good assimilation and use of nutrients and finally a good elimination of waste.

We have seen that cellular metabolism leaves waste in the body to be eliminated. We will speak about acids because the chemical nature of these wastes has a pH inferior to 7 and not alkaline/basic (pH>7). When the body does not have the capacity to eliminate all waste from the cellular metabolism, there is storage of acids in the tissues. With time, the acids settle in more and more in the tissues, in the organs, in the endocrine glands (...). The tissues are acidified and dysfunctional. In an acidic environment, molecules tend to crystallize, solidify, coagulate. The circulation of fluids and all that they carry is compromised. The body works less well, the symptoms appear.

Finding the path of health is going through two concomitant steps:

  • bring an alkalinizing diet to the body
  • support the body with medicinal plants

An alkalineizing diet is a hydrating, living and full of electromagnetic energy diet. It is a diet that, once digested, assimilated and used by the body, leaves alkali-type (pH>7) by-products to be eliminated. This way of eating is a true gift for the body! Depending on the case, it is important to eat between 70% and 100% raw fruit and vegetables. The percentage of raw depends on the physical health of the person as well as his or her emotional and psychological state. We also take into account the eating habits. Things must go smoothly. It is not a matter of imposing too much rigor that generates stress and frustration, difficult and acidifying emotions for the body. We find together "the middle path"!

At the same time, it is essential to support the detox process and regeneration by medicinal plants. Thus, the lymphatic system, the intestines, the kidneys and the endocrine system hold our particular attention. Depending on the case, we also support the nervous system, the liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas... It is sometimes also necessary to use the plants to eliminate the micro and macro parasites present in the body. The choice of the plants is made after a thorough analysis of the condition of the person’s state, including an iridological analysis and a health questionnaire.

After a more or less long journey, depending on the case, the tissues, cleared from acids, rehydrated and filled with energy, find a better functioning.

I deeply believe in the intelligence of Nature, which, in its perfection, brings us everything we need. The intelligence of man lies in being conscious of it and taking care of it with good natural and unprocessed products.

I wish you all a good detox and regeneration!

For more information, visit my website. I offer you consultations in my office or by Skype, remotely.

Gaëlle Ellis

Institute Detox de Bretagne

tel. 07 72 38 22 94

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