Measuring spoon in wood

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Double measuring spoon for superfoods and spices. In boxwood.

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Double-headed spoon for measuring

This spoon is designed for quickly measuring various powders, from spirulina to barley grass, pollen, or even ginger, for example. You have requested it for a long time, and it has finally arrived! It's an ideal tool to simplify your daily routine. No need to bring out the scale every time you start a regimen, and it will also save you from the question, "a tablespoon, leveled or heaping?"

Its double-headed design makes this spoon versatile and allows you to measure two different volumes. It's up to you to experiment and determine which side corresponds to your daily dose!

Made in France from boxwood, it is very practical, made of neutral, natural, and elegant material.

Dimensions: 16.5 cm in length.

To assist you, here are the measurements we have achieved with Biovie products:
(small head / large head)

Chlorella: 1.1g / 3.5g
Spirulina: 1.2g / 3.2g
Barley grass: 0.6g / 1.8g
Barley grass juice: 0.7g / 2.1g

(These are approximate measurements; it is recommended to conduct your own tests at home to determine the ideal quantity/capacity for your usage.)

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