Sustainable yogurt maker kit

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Kit for making your own yogurts: glass jars, thermometer and insulated bag

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Low-tech kit to make your own yogurts

Make your own yogurts easily at home or on the go with this Kilner set. The perfect companion for making plant-based yoghurts anywhere. Inspired by the traditional methods of our great-grandmothers, who let their yoghurts ferment near the stove, it works without electricity: the insulated bag maintains the ideal fermentation temperature (between 40°C and 45°C) for the 10 hours required for the formation of yogurt.

The set contains:

- 2 glass jars with lid = a large 0.5 L for fermentation and a small 0.25 L for serving
- 1 needle thermometer
- 1 large isothermal bag.

📍 Handy
This super economical "yogurt maker" does not take up space and can be used in any conditions. It's up to you to take it on vacation, at the office, with your friends, to prepare your breakfast the day before, which you can take on the train, for example.

📍 Ecological
Resistant and sustainable, we chose this kit because it is made to last over time and to limit energy consumption.
Glass is the perfect material for food, it does not release any chemical or toxic product, it can be reused and recycled endlessly. By making your yogurts, you drastically reduce the amount of plastic pots used when you buy them at the supermarket. A real zero waste object that does not clutter up your cupboards.

📍 Appropriate for plant-based milks

Making your own yogurts will now be child's play! And no need to invest in devices that take up space and are expensive when they are used infrequently. We also offer organic vegan ferments specially dedicated to plant-based milks, to make oat, almond, tigernut blended yogurts, etc. Plant-based milks do not react in the same way as cow's milk, so it is important to choose the right ferments if you want to make your desserts successful.

> Find here the discovery pack with the yogurt kit + 1 batch of "Embrace life" vegan ferments <

📍 Stimulate your microbiota
Fermented foods are a good source of assimilable probiotics: "good bacteria" that promote the diversity of the microbiota, stimulate immunity and help digestion. Allies you can count on to maintain good health!
In addition, you control the quality of the ingredients in your recipes: no more overly sweet desserts or creams full of additives. You can deploy boundless creativity and invent all the yoghurts you dream of.

Thoroughly clean all parts with soapy water before each use. Does not require sterilization of the material.

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