avocado honey
avocado honey
avocado honey toast
honey avocado
honey avocado
Avocado honey from Spain | Rufino Andalousie
avocado honey
avocado honey
avocado honey toast
honey avocado
honey avocado
Avocado honey from Spain | Rufino Andalousie

Avocado honey from Andalusia - 1 kg

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Avocado honey coming from organic avocado trees of Spain. Glass jar of 1 KG.

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Rufino, who you surely know for his avocados and his exceptional mangoes grown in the sun, has placed a few beehives in his fields in Andalusia, Spain. We offer you avocado honey which comes from organic avocado fields. It is raw and without any transformation from the hive to the pot.

This runny honey is quite thick, it has a dark color and a subtle fruity taste. Very syrupy, it looks like caramel! We have selected this honey for its unique character which stands out from traditional honeys, with its aromas persisting in the mouth and its less sweet taste, it will be impossible to be indifferent about it ;)

Ideal to enhance your muesli, smoothie, pastry or toast. To give a sweet touch to your infusions. Or even to prepare delicious sweet and savory dishes.

Check out Rufino's avocado blossoms in this video from March 2022:

The 1kg jar enables you to never run out of it and offers you a super competitive price.

Avocado honey solidifies a little. However, it may happen depending on the storage conditions and this phenomenon is normal.

Honey is a natural sweetener composed of approximately 80% glucose and fructose. Unlike preserved sugar, it contains many properties that have made it a staple of "grandmother's remedies" forever. It is mainly known for its anti-bacterial and antiseptic effects, its benefits are numerous:

Calm the cough: a spoon of honey in a lemon tea, with a little cinnamon or ginger according to preference. The remedy that everyone knows when winter arrives and which has proven its effects for generations! Honey is soothing and antitussive. Take a spoon in the evening to soothe your throat, for example.

Heal wounds: on minor wounds or burns, the application of honey will relieve pain and help healing thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It creates a moist barrier and its viscosity helps prevent infections. To go further here is a study on the anti-bacterial activity of honey.

Prebiotic: honey would have a prebiotic effect by improving the growth, activity and viability of bacteria in the intestinal microflora. It therefore contributes to the good health of our "second brain": the digestive system.

Antioxidant: it contains flavonoids and phenolic acids which will help fighting against free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for strokes, certain cancers and even heart attacks. A study proves the antioxidant effect of different honeys and determines the complex of molecules responsible for it.

Reduce your sugar intake: honey is a fast carbohydrate source. Its glycemic index is lower than sugar and its sweetening power stronger: it therefore takes less to sweeten your preparations. To give you an idea, 70g of honey is enough to replace 100g of sugar.

Reduce cholesterol: in line with the previous point, compared to conventional sugar, it has been proven that honey can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and slightly increase HDL levels (the "good" cholesterol).

Do good to your body: it is composed of amino acids, but also trace elements such as potassium, zinc and magnesium. It is a living product because it contains enzymes and vitamins that are very easily assimilated by our body.

Salute Vestra

Rufino is a raw food producer with a passion for tropical fruits. He established his fields in Salobrena, near Malaga in Spain. Its distinctive characteristic, in addition to growing tropical fruits in Europe, is the fact that he leaves his fruits ripen on the tree, so that they can fully develop their aromas and vitamins.

If you don't know him yet, here is a report filmed during the organic avocado harvest in December 2021:

Packaging: 1KG glass jar.

DMD: 2 years after the date of production

Storage: Store at room temperature and in a dry place.

Ingredients: Avocado honey from Spain


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Mild and smooth

Mild and smooth honey. I got it at almost freezing temperatures but it didn't cristalize. It's viscous enough however so that it doesn't flow easily on it's own and off the bread. So yeah.. I like it.

Thank you for this sharing of experience, we are delighted that our honey and his taste has seduced you

Shop owner reply on 20 Feb. 2023

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